At Her Side


"My Princess Luna!" I scream, but its too late, her sister… her sister has banished her. Though I fought hard and I fought for her, it seems I have failed my Princess Luna. Celestia turns to me. She must have heard me. There is nothing I can do. Even though I knew of the corruption of anger within my Princess, I sided with her. Even though I knew, one way or another, we would lose, I sided with my Princess. The victor is indeed Celestia, although I am sure it does not feel quite like victory to her. She does not hate her sister. Celestia's heart is too big for that. I look up at her.

"Can.. can you bring her back?" I know the ridiculousness of my question, but I cannot help myself.

"I'm afraid not. This is.. the way it has to be." Celestia speaks sadly. Her large eyes are full of tears. She turns and walks away.

"Wait! I am no true alicorn; I cannot merely wait for her to return! How can I protect her when…I'll be dead when she comes back. How can I protect her when I am six feet under solid ground, dead and gone?" I am a stallion, tough and strong and yet… I feel tears welling up. My heart is thrumming and it hurts. I am not sure what I am asking for..

"I understand, but I cannot grant you immortality. When Lunis- When Luna-" She stumbles on her words. She swallows before continuing. "When she comes back she will find a new guardian." Celestia says heartlessly, turning away.

"Who will want to protect her after a thousand years of hate and prejudice? No, I must be there for her!" I stomp the ground angrily.

"What would you have me do? I cannot change death itself; nopony can."

"I-I do not care. But please, Celestia, somehow I must be there for my Princess!" My words echo through the once glorious castle. It's in ruins now. Completely trashed from the battle. A battle… that I was not able to witness. I came too late. Far too late.

"Perhaps… perhaps I cannot change death, but I can change life. Unfortunately, the way I have in mind may completely destroy your memories as they stand now. If this works, you will only have the desire to protect Luna, once she returns, but you may not know why. In addition, you as an individual pony may change. It is not desirable, but could you accept this?"

"If it is for my Princess Luna, I will do it. Nothing can stand in the way of my duty… my feelings…" Tears stain my face painfully. They are full of magic; they sting unnaturally.

"It means leaving this world behind. All the ponies you know will be dead long before you and Luna return."

"I am adamant. For my Princess Luna, I will do anything." I am willing to sacrifice everything to be there for her. My friends, family, the Lunar Guard and all my companions… they will live long happy lives without me, but Luna… I am the only one who will brace her return, the only one who can.

"As you wish." I don't know what she's planning but she's going to send me to Luna. That's all that matters…right? Too late to second guess. Celestia raises her horn and works her magic. I close my eyes as I feel my body disintegrate...What is happening…I can not…..Luna….