Annabelle's story

Chapter 1: The archangel is born

"we need a new archangel!" Gabriel said "but who sir?" a basset hound said "and what breed?" a labrador said "how about a german shepherd?" the basset hound said "nah!" Gabriel said "how about a dashund?" the labrador said "nah!" Gabriel said " about a whippet?" a shiba inu said "and who are you?" Gabriel said "I'm Vinnie!"
the shiba inu said "very well Vinnie we will take your idea into consideration!" Gabriel said "really? Oh yay!"
Vinnie said and Vinnie walked away happily "a Whippet eh? hmmmm...I like it!" Gabriel said

3 days later

New Orleans,Louisiana,1753,future site of 402 maple street

"Honey I'm pregnant!" said Lakita a white female whippet "oh thats great news dear!" said Erik a red male whippet "but um..." Lakita began "what? Is something wrong?" Erik said "well...I have a feeling this is a "special"
pregnancy" Lakita said "what do you mean?" Erik said "you'll see!" Lakita said

5 months later

"what should we name her?" Erik said looking at his newborn daughter who was a pink whippet with white hair on the top of her head "I like Annabelle!" Lakita said "hmmmm...Annabelle...pretty name!" Erik said "but..." he added "where are the other pups?" Erik said worried "I told you this pregnancy felt "special" didnt I?" Lakita said "yeah you did..." Erik said

Do you guys like it so far? I wanted to do a story of the origin of Annabelle and this idea came to my mind! Kind reviews please!