Chapter 2: Annabelle's death

Over the past 5 years Lakita told Annabelle about life,death and the afterlife Annabelle decided from a young age that she would stay a virgin forever and have a pure soul she would also be a pacifist. One day after Annabelle got a big and juicy T-bone steak from helping the butcher shop catch a robber a stray dobermain came up to her and said "give me the steak or I'll kill you!" "No! its not good to threaten and to mug someone!" Annabelle said "so be it!" boomed the dobermain Annabelle accepted her death she was torn to peices by the large dog she then was going through a cloud tunnel with a light at the end


"Am I in heaven?" Annabelle said "that is correct!" Gabriel said "who are you? *gasp* are you God?" Annabelle asked "*chuckle* I'm Gabriel I'm a dog's version of god!" Gabriel said "oh really?" Annabelle said "oh yes! I was the one who created you" Gabriel said "My mom did allways tell me something about a Gabriel..." Annabelle said "yes have a porpose up here in heaven Annabelle!" Gabriel said "really! What is it?" Annabelle asked "your porpose is to be heavens new archangel!" Gabriel said "you mean greet dead dogs?" Annabelle asked "yes and you are somewhat in charge of heaven kinda like a manager of a company!" Gabriel said "wow thats wonderful!"
Annabelle said "I'm glad your happy with your new job!" Gabriel said "oh! And heres your life watch!" Gabriel added as he presented a pink heart shaped locket with a purple string so she could put it around her neck "I gave it heavenly powers so you can use them when you need them!" Gabriel said "got it!" Annabelle said "And also we have a very important rule up in heaven! And that is: You can never go back to earth if one winds their watch and goes back to earth they are condemed to hell once their watch stops again!" Gabriel said "I will be sure to enforce that rule!" Annabelle said "I just hope no dog ever gives you trouble!" Gabriel said "I hope not too" Annabelle said

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Annabelle is voiced by Melba Moore