Here's my new Jessie story, and this is more of a sad story, because I thought of this as a little "what if": what if Jessie got in an accident saving Luke, and then he had to leave it all behind to stay with her?

Hope you enjoy this story, and no, I don't own Jessie =]

Luke's POV

It was already been a few days after Jessie Prescott- the girl I liked so much- has been lying on the hospital bed. She saved me, but she in turn was in a big coma.

That would have been me instead.

Why her? Why not me?

As I see her being unconscious, I can't help but to think that it's my entire fault. I kept thing, 'Why Jessie? Why'd you save my life? I could have been the one that's lying in bed now, not you!' but it's too late to complain, she did it, because we all know it's a nanny's duty to protect her client's children, whatever the cost. The cost in this one was my beloved was bed-ridden, and her waking up again being unknown.


I've done nothing to save hers.

So make up for it, I decided to stay by her side for the rest of my life until she wakes up again. Why? It's my fault, and this is the only thing I could do to let her know I loved her so.

If it didn't happen…

Flashback- 5 days before Jessie's accident

It was a nice day on Central park. As usual I'm with my break dance buddies, and Jessie is watching me. It was good day to be alive, until it happened…

A thief sneakily stole Jessie's purse, and I happened to see it, so I shouted "THIEF! THIEF!" Jessie was worried because it's her personal purse that has her belongings I won't allow such a person to take it away from her.

I ran towards his direction and tripped him. I even held him and said "How dare you steal my nanny's purse!" but he was so strong and I fell, by that time Jessie arrived and stopped him.

By then she got him distracted and took the purse from him. Jessie goes "Run Luke, run! I'll handle him!" but I wasn't willing to leave her- she's a girl, but what if she can't handle him?

"Luke! GO! NOW!"

So I did run to the cops who happened to be passing a few miles away from where Jessie's stopping the crook. As I told him the details, a bang was heard…


Me and the cops ran over to the site, and found Jessie a bit injured, and I was furious I ran to the thief and bit his arm dropping the gun, but he swatted me hard.

"You will pay for this kid. You'll pay!"

As he got his gun back, he was going to aim it at me and all of a sudden-

Jessie blocked the shot for me.

The cops then managed to stop the crook after that, but Jessie…

"Luke, I'll be fine."

"No you're not! We have to get you to a hospital!"

"I'll be fine, it's just a gun wound…"

"Jessie, don't say that! You're badly injured!"

"I'll be…"

She fainted, and we both fell in the ground. Jessie was unconscious. I managed to get off her, but she was still there and I tried to carry her and shout "HELP! ANYONE HELP US! MY NANNY'S BEEN HURT, HELP!"

Luckily someone called for an ambulance.

As she has been carried off to the emergency room, I all I can do was look at the closed door, hoping she would be alright.

Someone who knew the family told Bertram and my siblings about it, and later the news came to my parents.

Later on as she was transferred to a ward, the doctor asked me a few questions. He found out I was the son of the Ross couple, and told me the full report.

"Mr. Ross, I'm afraid I'll have to tell you this- the bullet was removed from her chest, and she's fine now, but since she got two shots- one from her arm and the one I told you a while ago, she ended up in a high-end trauma. The shock ended up making her go into coma, so who knows when she'll wake up."

"You mean?"

"Yes. Jessie Prescott might not wake up yet…"

As I heard the bad news, the doctor left me for a while and I went inside the room. As I saw her in bed, I began to cry because I might not be able to see her awake again.

That's when I started to blame myself for what happened to her.

Minutes later my family came and hugged me because I was ok, but I told them Jessie isn't… and might not wake up again.

Zuri told me, "You mean she's dead?"

"No Zuri… she's still sleeping… She might not wake up."

Zuri hugged me because I know Jessie is one of the people she mostly was with almost everyday.

My mom and dad were a bit disappointed because they knew how heartbroken I was about it.

"Son," my dad said, "I know it hurts she's there, but I'm glad she kept you safe when that happened. I'm proud of her."

"You are… Dad."

My mom said, "Luke honey, we should go home. She'll be fine. The doctors will take care of her."

"Mom… I'm sorry, but I'm staying."

My family was like 'what are you thinking Luke' and Emma told me, "But Luke, you'll miss school!"

Ravi goes "and I won't have anyone to hang out with!"

And Zuri went "and no one would play pony princesses with me!"

My parents told me, "Luke… are you sure?"

I took a deep breath and told them, "I'm sorry… It's my fault she's here. I will stay by her side until she wakes up."

My dad said, "Ok Luke… it's your decision, and we will not argue with it. I know you're growing up, and me and your mom think it's nice for you to stay with her. I know you're the closest to her right now, so Luke, good luck."

"Thanks dad."

As my family left the ward, I took a chair and put it near her bed and I said, "Jessie Prescott… I will stay by your side. Until you wake up, I, Luke Ross, will not leave your side."

As I held her hand, a tear came out of me as I whispered, "I love you Jessie…"

This is the beginning of Luke's care for Jessie until she's out of coma. What happens next? Stay tuned and comment!