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Now that's out of the way… Chapter 5. It's back to Luke's POV in this chapter.

After a long time of spending time with the Prescotts, they bid farewell because they have things to do back in Jessie's homeland.

"Well nice to meet you Luke."

"Take care of my precious daughter."

"You can count on me, Mr. and Mrs. Prescott."

Finally they left the place, and Tony decided to leave too.

"Well Luke will you be ok here?"

"I'll be fine here Tony."

"Ok. I'll go now. I still have unfinished work back in the place."

"Thanks Tony."

Then he left the place and I was alone again.

"Jessie… I've yet to see you awake. Give me a sign that you're still here. Just a stir. Anything. Just let me know you're not dead…" then I cried.

But I know I can't just lose hope and all, given my love for her was what drove me to stay strong in this time that she can feel my sadness over her being bed ridden.

After that I fell asleep without knowing it.

(At this point, the POV is back to Jessie's)

I don't know why I'm still here, waiting for it. I begin to worry whether I still will be able to get back to earth or just stay stuck there.

I begin to think of a way to get out of here… oh wait- I forgot I can't even get out of there, until…

I saw a path… but where will this take me, so I just walked on it, hoping it'll help me get out of this endless void.

Looks like I am ready to go back, Tell Luke what I want to tell him, unlike awhile ago when I just told myself I wasn't ready.

I wonder what lies in the path… the exit, I guess?

(Luke's POV)

I woke up to the beeping in the machines stating that Jessie might not make it. At that point I became afraid and scared that Jessie might die, so I had to cry out for help.

"Anyone! Help me! Doctors! Nurses! Anyone! Help please!"

A doctor and 2 nurses came to aid and found out Jessie's vital signs are dropping so they had to open her robe and do a life-saving procedure to keep her alive.

The doctor went "Ok 1, 2, Clear!"

Please Jessie, fight! Don't give up!

At the same time Bertram was notified of what was happening, so the whole family was on the way to the hospital, however the arrival might be a bit late before anything else can be done.

After many tries of trying to wake up Jessie, the worst has happened- the pulse was gone. At the same time, my family arrived.

"Mr. Ross… we're sorry. She's gone."

Tears were falling in my eyes, and I thought, No, this can't be true, tell me there's still a chance left!

I walked slowly to her bedside and I finally let it all out… the sadness, the loss, all of the hurt I'm feeling right now, all drowned out because she died.

"Jessie! You promised me! You won't leave me! No… This can't be happening… JESSIE!"

I sobbed at her now lifeless body and cried so hard with my head on her bare chest even my siblings and my parents can't help but cry too.

My mom and dad came to me and hugged me and my mom told me, "I'm sorry this had to end like this."

"Luke… stay strong. Me and your mother will never forget all the good things She did for us."

I lost her. I can't bear the thought of that alone, like you've been robbed of something you love. Why this, of all things, happen to me?!

(Jessie's POV)

As I got there, there was a door that said:



I mean really, do they have to say the other one aloud in a sign?

I wonder where the key is? But then I remember that the other me told me only a True Love's Kiss will bring me back to where Luke is. But who's going to do that?

But then I heard cries from the other door. Those cries belong to… Luke! Why is he crying at the other side of the door? As I look in the keyhole, I saw nothing but what looks like a white, swirling vortex in slow-motion.

"That's odd… if I can hear Luke cry, when why do I just see a slow-moving vortex?"

Then it hits me- those were the sounds from back in earth.

"Am… I really… Dead?"

I dropped on my knees thinking about it. Looks like I can't go back there… unless-

Luke's POV

I then remember the movie Enchanted where the lead guy from the real world kissed the girl he thought he didn't love, who was in a coma. Maybe it could work, considering I love her truly.

I then let go and held to her.

Emma was like "Luke! What are you doing?"

"I will wake her up… if it's the last thing I do."

I cupped her face and whispered to her:

This is forever yours… and always will.

And I kissed her on the lips, and they just all looked at me. My dad was like "Maybe it'll work."

Jessie's POV

I got up, about to shout into the door, until all of a sudden, the door opened, and I went in. before I can even step on the vortex, The other me came to me and said, "Looks like the door opened for you. Luke truly went to all the trouble just to get you out of the in-between."

"So… Luke opened the door for me?"

"He did. Now go. Or you may never get a chance to come back to the Ross family."

"Thanks… me."

She then vanished, and I took a step in the vortex. I hope this will lead me back to where he is…

(Luke's POV)

As I let go of the kiss, I was to finally leave her side, until I heard a faint voice, calling my name. Not to mentioned the heartbeats were active again and showing on the monitor.

As I heard it, I went back to her and she opened her eyes, and the 1st thing she saw was… me.

"Luke… I knew it was you…"


Afterwards I hugged her again and I said to her, "Thank goodness Jessie, you're back, and I thought I will lose you!"

"I'm happy I got back Luke… I can't thank you enough. I…"

"You what?"

"Love you, Luke."

"I love you too!"

Everyone was happy as we kissed again and the doctor saw it and then asked, "How was this possible?"

My dad replied, "Never underestimate the Power of love."

The same time Jessie's parents came in (because my mom told them about it) and the rushed to hug Jessie. They too, can't believe it happened. They even hugged me for it!

At least… she's back here in this world… and that's all that matters.

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