Star Crossed Lovers


In the fair city of Lima, Ohio, there were two feuding families; the Andersons and the Hummels. No one knows how or when the feud started, but it was too ingrained in their blood to forgive. All is known is that pride and wealth played a part. To this day, the feud is still intact. Lima was split into East and West Lima. The West favoring the Andersons and the East favoring the Hummels. In between sat neutral ground, choosing not to favor a family. The In-between was where exiled peoples were banned, or those who fell in love form opposing sides ran away to love freely without the fear of execution.

Burt Hummel, head of the Hummel family, was an Automobile Baron. He owned automobile businesses all over the country by the time he was Twenty-Three. Despite all the wealth, he was not consumed by greed or power; he remained true to his roots. Elizabeth came from old money dying out; despite her wealth she took a job at a nearby shop as a phone operator. There she met Burt. At the time, she did not know Burt was The Burt Hummel, of Hummel Tire's and Lube. All she knew was that he was kind, had a pure heart, and did not let wealth consume him. They both fell hard and fast. At the ripe age of Twenty-Five, he married the young Elizabeth Mason. Soon after, Elizabeth found out she was pregnant with a son. Months after, she gave birth to a beautiful, pale, wide sky blue eyed boy. The birth of the boy was a complicated one; she was not expected to live. She laid eyes on her son, with her remaining breath, she whispered,

"Beautiful. My little Kurt. My baby boy."

Eyes locked on her baby boy, Burt saw the life leave her bright eyes, the same eyes as his only son. Burt was left to raise his only son alone, in an empty house that once breathed life. He held his son bundled in blankets closer to his chest and vowed to raise him with all the love and understanding he could give.

Everett Anderson, head of the Anderson family, was President of the Anderson Corporation. His Great-Great-Great Grandfather started the company using his family money as investment. Now, years later, it was the biggest Corporation in the United States. He became President of the company at the age of Twenty-Five. He was arranged to marry Valerie-Anne Stanton ever since he was twelve; making the perfect power couple. They married for name and status, along with her, Everett got her dowry and her estate. He had a taste of wealth, he wanted more.

Valerie-Anne soon became pregnant with a son; she considered how having a son could up the family's social standing and how she could give the family an heir to the company. Everett could care less, too focused of how to expand the company. Months after, Valerie-Anne gave birth to a son with olive skin, thick curly dark hair, and wide honey hazel eyes. Her first thought was, Yes this gorgeous child will definitely up our social standing. My son Blaine. After prancing him around for a few years, she grew tired of him and left him under the care of a nanny.

This is the tale of two star crossed lovers. One shown what love is, the other looking for the love he needs. They go against all odds to be together in a society that chooses to remain ignorant on the meaning of love.