She Said…

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Chapter 1

It had been two years since they last saw Konoha. Jiraiya stood on the hill looking at the distance where his home village rested. From here he could see the Hokage Monument and he could see a fifth face had been added.

"Sensei are we going to camp for the night or push on?" his apprentice asked. Her cloak and hood shielded her from the rays of the setting sun.

"If we push we'll get there shortly after sundown." Jiraiya said stroking his chin. He looked at his apprentice and knew the last two years had been hard on her. Away from her family, friends and her team.

"Although, if we wait till tomorrow, we'd make a bigger entrance and there is a chance you'll see someone special and you'll get another kiss."

Jiraiya made a puckering and kiss kiss noice.

"Ero-sannin." His apprentice growled and stormed down the hill ignoring her sensei's laughter as she pulled her cloak tightly about her to hide the blush that would put Hinata to shame.

Jiraiya watched her go and chuckled to himself. "What a difference two years make." He said, his eyes going towards his home and he hoped the Hokage wouldn't beat him too badly.


(Main Gate)

Jiraiya chuckled as he slowed his pace and his apprentice matched it with a growl, urging him to walk faster.

"Come on, Master. Or has old age finally caught up to the great Jiraiya?" came her mocking tone and she skipped ahead avoiding the head slap with a laugh.

"Old." Jiraiya grumbled. "I'm in phenomenal shape." He said.

"Pear shaped." His apprentice taunted.

"Brat." He fired back as they reached the main gates. He spotted the same Chunin there that were there the day they had left.

"Izumo? Kotetsu? Are you still Chunin?" he asked.

"Master Jiraiya!" they chorused.

"It's been a long time since you passed through here." Kotetsu said.

"Two years, fifteen days." Jiraiya said. "My apprentice and I are checking in here and we'll report to the Hokage's office later."

The two eternal Chunin looked at the cloaked figure that stood just inside the gate and seemed to be vibrating with an excited energy.

"She's grown." Izumo said.

"Gonna be a real heartbreaker." Kotetsu said with a leer. The three men shared a laugh.

"If your done leering at a my ass, can we go in?"

Jiraiya winced and the two Chunin straightened up, Kotetsu took the travel papers and made notations on them and then in the logbook.

"Your both good to go. And welcome back."

The cloaked apprentice was off like a shot, the two chunin lost her in the crowd. Jiraiya gave a chuckled and a wave over his shoulder he walked at a sedate pace, an idea where his apprentice was heading. He whistled a jaunty tune, actually happy to be home.


Anko Senju groaned as she squinted in the sun. next to her Kurenai gave a chuckle. "Getting old Anko?" the red eyed Genjutsu Mistress asked with a chuckle.

"I'd say bite me Nai-chan, but I know where your mouth has been." Anko fired back.

The two continued to banter as they walked the streets.

"You came in late last night." Kurenai said.

"Yeah." Anko said with a jaw-cracking yawn. "Fucking ass hats decided that they were drunk and going to start Fight Club. If one more idiot yelled at me that the first rule about fight club, was to not talk about fight club I was going to paint the village red with their remains."

"I can't believe the Hokage put you in charge of the Police forces." Kurenai said.

Anko grunted. "I'd say favoritism, but this job sucks."

Kurenai shook her head. "Well your team is on hiatus. Each of them is being taught by a sannin."

Anko grumbled about that. "I was hoping to go back to T&I. My new loving mother however gives me the remains of the police force and tells me to clean it up and make it operational again. Its taken me nearly two years and a lot of ass kicking."

The police force had fallen into disarray after the Uchiha massacre. Anko had to weed out the corrupt and useless cops that remained after the massacre. The police force which had never recovered with the loss of the Uchiha which had made up the bulk of its forces took a bigger hit as Anko had sent many of them to Ibiki and never returned.

Anko had permission to take Genin and Chunin who hadn't advanced and rebuild her force and she even had civilians. But her biggest additions had been branch members of the Inuzuka, Hyuga and Aburame clans. The Inuzuka with their dogs, the branch Hyuga with their Byakugan and the Aburame and their insects had made the police force better than when the Uchiha ran it.

Anko mentally laughed as she recalled the first time a member of the council tried to influence an investigation.

Anko had him in chains and a session with Ibiki. The man actually thought that because he was a council member that he was above the law.

And Ibiki found a laundry list of crimes. Slavery, child prostitution, drug trafficking…and that was just one councilman.

With the Hokage's permission she had rounded up the co-conspirators. It made Konoha a quieter place. She thought. But she thought of the failure in that Danzo had managed to escape and with him he'd taken Sasuke Uchiha and Kabuto Yakushi as well as a dozen of his remaining Root forces while the rest threw their lives away covering his escape.

Hearing a bark, Anko turned to see Eurekamaru running down the street, people getting out of the dogs way.

"Who the hell let her out?" Anko asked as the dog vaulted a pedestrian and ran along the side of the building.

"I think Hinata did." Kurenai said as she spotted her female student now turning down the street, looking flustered.

Anko shook her head. "That girl of yours." She started and when Eureka was even along the building, Anko reached out and using chakra, anchored herself to the ground and grabbed the dog collar under the hitai-ate wrapped around its neck and with a grunt stopped the dog and brought it to the ground in front of her.

"I thought I told you to stay home." Anko said.

Eureka looked up with big eyes.

"Anko…" Kurenai said looking down the street.

"Give me a moment." Anko said looking at her sisters companion. "I told you to stay home today. Kurenai's student was to let you out to do your business but this is not staying in the yard."

Eureka gave a whine and tried to look pitiful.

"Your getting too big and too old to pretend you're a puppy. Five years old is considered an adult."

"Anko." Kurenai said.

"What?" Anko asked turning to see Kurenai looking down the street. She followed her friends' gaze and spotted the mane of white hair.

Anko smiled. "Jiraiya's back. That means…"

She scanned the crowd and didn't spot who she was looking for. She looked at the Sannin and saw him looking up.

Anko followed to where he was looking where the obvious cloaked female was standing atop a light pole. Anko felt a smile form. "She's back." She said. Eurekamaru gave a happy bark.

Hinata finally skidded to a halt before them. "I so sorry. I don't know how she got out of the yard." The Hyuga heiress said.

"Its okay Hinata." Kurenai said. "Eureka does that to Anko once a while. Takes after her master."

Hinata smiled and squeaked when Jiraiya appeared before them. "Ladies! Its been far too long."

"Master Jiraiya!" Hinata said in surprise. She looked around. "She's back."

Hinata's answer came in the cloaked figure landing in front of her.

"Hey Hinata!" the cloaked figure said pulling Hinata into a hug.

"Oi! Aren't you forgetting someone brat?" Anko said.

The cloaked figure turned and the hood dropped. Emerald green eyes and long pink hair framed the smiling face of Sakura Haruno.

"Hey Anko sensei! How've you been?"

AN: And thus begins She Said. And in case you haven't figured it out, Sakura was the one who went on the two-year training trip. We'll see Naruto next chapter. Yes, they are eighteen now, if you remember they were fifteen or sixteen in the last story. So begins another adventure.