"It was three years ago when the Ultranationalist leader Vladimir Makarov, had spread chaos around the world. On this day we remember the millions of men and women that fought and protected America. We also have to give a big thank you to, Captain John Price of Task Force 141 and Sergeant First Class Davika Singh of Delta Force, they were the great heroes that stopped Vladimir Makarov and where are they now? Captain John Price is now commanding Task Force 141. Sergeant First Class Davika Singh, it was said that she went missing two weeks after the death of Vladimir Makarov. Her whereabouts now? Is still unknown..." The News reporting said.

"Turn off that T.V," Price stated, in his office chair looking over some files.

Melody actually wanted to hear the rest, but did as he said. She walked over to the T.V and turned it off, she then looked back over at Price.

"Price, where do you think she went?" Melody asked.

Price did not answer the question right away, he just kept looking over the files that were on his desk. He then opened his left side drawer on his desk, he then saw a silver dog tag. It had.

Davika H./ Diamond
Delta Force. Team Metal.

Price just looked at the dog tag, one of the last things Price had to remember Diamond. He then remembered one of the last things in Diamond's letter that had been in his head for a while.

"You were like a father to me."

Those words burned in Price's head, he just wished Diamond didn't have to leave and he is worried of her whereabouts if she is even alive anymore. He then took in a deep breath, then looked up at Melody.

"Don't know, but lets just hope she's alive." Price answered.

It's April 26, 2020.

Executive Agent Ricardo Sanchez has been called for an emergency meeting with the rest of the board. Agent Sanchez is in charge of his own division that holds forty lower class agents, and a few elite agents.

Once Agent Sanchez got to the meeting room, he saw Executive Agents Alison Wilson, Grant Beckham, Ford Peterson and Chief Agent Jonathan Syndicate. Agent Sanchez took his seat with something in his hand.

"So you guys know that the new Ultranationalist leader is Anatoly Baskov and we've been trying to get intel on Baskov's next move for about a year now. Not even our Elite agents came back with any intel on him," Agent Syndicate stated.

"So what's our move on this?" Agent Beckham questioned.

"Well we're going to have to wait till he makes his first move to get anywhere," Agent Syndicate answered.

"No we don't," Agent Sanchez said, as he got a confused look from the others.

"And you say that why?" Agent Syndicate questioned.

"Because one of my low ranking agents, found some useful intel on Baskov's first move." Agent Sanchez answered, as he stood up and tossed a file across the table over to Agent Syndicate.

Agent Syndicate then reached over to the file and opened it, he read a few papers and skimmed a few pictures. Once he was done he looked up at Agent Sanchez.

"Who is this low ranking agent you have?" Agent Syndicate questioned.

"Agent Metal 141, sir." Agent answered.

Four weeks before, Agent Sanchez had just came back from the monthly Executive Agent meeting. Once he got into his office, he walked over to the back of his desk and over to his black leather chair and plopped himself on it. He then heard a beep from the comm.

"Yes?" Agent Sanchez asked.

"She's here, sir." His assistant replied.

"Tell her to come in," Agent Sanchez said.

Agent Sanchez was noted a few hours before, that one of his low ranking agents had found some sort of intel on Anatoly Baskov.

A few seconds later, the agent had walked into his office, she stayed standing and she had a file in her right hand. Agent Sanchez then analyzed her from toe to head.

She was wearing black and white Nikes, black sweat pants, a grey tank top, with a black jacket that was half way zipped up. She then took off her hood, showing her metal mask hollowing out her eyes, and she let her black and blonde wavy and curly mixed hair show in the back of her head.

"So what did you find Metal 141?" Agent Sanchez questioned.

She then threw the file on his table, Sanchez then began to look through the file. He then heard her deep but feminine Russian accent say.

"I found Anatoly's first move and if I do say so myself, its pretty interesting." Agent Metal 141 said.

"Back in Russia I heard a few men say that Anatoly was going to target a crowd of people, maybe children to strike fear in people...So to make sure it was true I investigated, and I found a location, date, time." Agent Metal 141 added.

"So where is the location?" Agent Sanchez asked.

"London, sir." Agent Metal 141 answered.

"Hm.." Agent Sanchez said.

"So sir, what are we going to do about it?" Agent Metal asked.

"Well you're going to London to meet somebody for me," Agent Sanchez answered.

"Meet somebody, sir?...No offense sir, but we've, I've been getting or trying to get some kind of intel on Anatoly for what a year now...So now that we got this why don't we end the bastard before he makes a mark on the world." Agent Metal 141 began to argue.

"Hm...Davika, you're not in your precious Delta Force or Task Force anymore. This is not the military we can't just jump in and do anything," Agent Sanchez argued.

"I told you not you call me that, she doesn't exist anymore." Agent Metal 141 said.

"Maybe if you stop trying to relive your past, I wouldn't." Agent Sanchez replied.

Agent Metal turned her head the other way to not face Sanchez.

"Remember Metal you came to us," Agent Sanchez said.

"I came to you! You're the one that called me Sanchez!" Agent Metal argued.

"You could have denied, couldn't you?" Agent Sanchez questioned.

Metal 141 then cussed under breath when she then realized he was telling the truth, she could have denied but why didn't she? She then thought back to that day and began feeling everything she was feeling that instant.

Two years before.

Diamond was moving country to country never staying one place for too long, to get recognized. She entered the countries with a different identity and she always used cash. She dropped all connections with the military, and Price, Melody and Frost back when Makarov had died.

Diamond thought running away from her memories and past would make her forget them, she didn't want to remember anybody she had worked with or called family. If she did, she would break herself away slowly, traveling helped forget all of the painful memories of losing her teammates, friends, her love.

While Diamond was in a hotel in California, she then heard the hotel room phone ringing. She was suspicious of who was calling her, she then pick up the phone.

"Hello?" Diamond answered unsure.

"Hello, this is Sergeant First Class Diamond?" A man asked.

Diamond then arched her eyebrows, she was then started asking herself.

'Did I leave a track behind me or something?' Diamond thought.

"Who's asking?" Diamond questioned.

"I am Executive Agent Ricardo Sanchez from the C.I.A," Agent Sanchez answered.

"C.I.A? What the hell do you want?" Diamond questioned.

"Well I've seen your record of being in the military. Special Air Service, Task Force, Delta Force..." Agent Sanchez got interrupted.

"So what the fuck do you want?" Diamond questioned once again.

"Well I've been wanting to offer you to come work with me in my division in the C.I.A, but I have to say your pretty hard to find." Agent Sanchez answered.

"Well somebody not wanting to be found, I guess I didn't do a pretty good job." Diamond replied.

There was a bit of a long silence between them.

"So will you come work with me?" Agent Sanchez asked.

Diamond then thought for second, could she really say no to this offer? It was a second chance for her to start working again and being in the action, out all of the things Diamond was really killing to be back in the action. Diamond saw this as a chance she could take, but she had to take care of one thing first.

"Under one condition," Diamond stated.

"Fine, anything." Agent Sanchez replied.

"Davika "Diamond" Singh is gone, I want to recreate myself." Diamond said.

"Is that all?" Agent Sanchez asked.

"Yes," Diamond answered.

"It will be done," Agent Sanchez stated.

Metal then came back from her memory of that day. She then took in a deep breath.

"You're right, sir. I could have denied" Agent Metal 141 confessed.

"Good you realize that," Agent Sanchez said.

"So who am I meeting?" Agent Metal 141 asked.

"Unknown of who he is or what he looks like," Agent Sanchez answered.

"Then how in hell am I supposed to meet him?" Agent Metal 141 questioned.

"He will be at this bar between seven and eight P.M. You be there, he will find you," Agent Sanchez answered, as he handed her a piece of paper that had a address.

"Fine, so what is the objective of meeting him?" Agent Metal 141 asked.

"You have to talk to him, determine if you can trust him, if we can trust him. If you can trust him, take him back to your hotel room and contact me. I want you to work with him..." Agent Sanchez began to say but got interrupted.

"Wait a fucking minutes. Is this another test, I swear I was done with those about five months ago. I also told you I don't want a partner, I work alone." Agent Metal 141 stated.

"This is not a test Metal, we need to determine if we can trust him. He could be a possible informant and if so we need to know how he works, he won't be working with you for long." Agent Sanchez replied.

"Fine I will go, I'm leaving right now should be there tomorrow morning." Agent Metal said.

"Good. Wish you luck Metal," Agent Sanchez replied as she walked out of his office.

So this is like a bit beyond you guys were probably thinking, but yeah I wanted to go out the box literately. So this story is a little out of my comfort zone, but it will be a great challenge for me. So guys tell me what you think of this idea of Diamond/ Metal 141 being a CIA agent? R&R Please and Thank You!