Disclaimer: Sorry to all you people who thought I owned Young Justice. But I don't so yeah...

Any way, on to happier things. When I was on this cruise (Royal Carribean I 3 u) to go to these places. I was in the buffet about the entire time and all the resturaunts below us were free (but I gained only 2 lbs on a five day cruise?) And I just thought oh god Wally would SO love it here! Oh, and Artemis would probably slap him in the back of the head! (btw I seriously ship Wally and Artemis!) Then it hit me! I had been working on this and then epi 19 came out and I'm just like "Oh great now I have to put Zatanna on the team!" (btw Zatanna I feel ya! This happened to my friend's dad. Yes, he was possessed by a helmet. ;) Even though that was probably the best epi of YJ ever!) So I had to rewrite everything. Good thing I wasn't too far into it. Also, should I put Babs in it?

I think in YJ time they've been together a year so yeah...

Enough with my ranting. Onward to the story!

Chapter 1:

Everyone was doing something. Zatanna was sulking, following Superboy's lead on watching the static channel. Her expression was blank but on the inside she was screaming.

M'gann was baking cookies with Artemis because she had threatened to cry.

Wally was flirting with M'gann, earning either a slap on the head from Artemis, a death glare from Superboy, or everyone roling their eyes and groaning.

Robin was reading the English language, every once in a while he would leave with a meniacal laugh and returning a minute later with another book and laugh.

Kaldur was reading War and Peace.

"Rob! Can you please stop with the ninja thing it's so creping me out!" Wally said.

"What you mean this?" Robin asked a monent later finishing his dictionary. "Look over there!" Robin pointed behind everyone.

"Hey there's nothin-" Wally had started.

"Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!" Robin's laugh echoed through out the room, sending goosebumps to everyone.

"Curse you Rob!" Wally yelled waving a fist in the air.

"Excuse me?" Robin said behind him.

"Rob! How the-" Wally screeched.

"Kid Flash, please refrain from any cursing." Batman said holding a hand out in a stop gesture, still in his monotone voice.

"I was going to say heck. Do you do that?" Wally screeched again.

"A good magician never reveals his secret." Robin said.

"My dad was a magician!" Zatanna said and burst into tears. Again.

Robin slapped himself in the face.

Artemis and M'gann rushed to her side with cookies, chocoate cookies. Artemis gave Robin dagger eyes and he even shivered a bit. She was good at glaring.

"Zatanna if you would please be quiet for a moment, the League has something to tell you in the mission room." Batman said. He turned and left, Robin not far behind.

The rest of the team followed.

When they had reached the mission room they found their mentors, including Black Canary and Superman, and Roy. Roy. What the ("No cursing.") heck was going on over there?

Roy was being held by his arms on his back by the Man of Steel himself, using some very colorful language that I don't think I am legally allowed to write in this.

"Why the-" Batman gave Roy the Bat-glare then pointed to Robin and Zatanna. "heck, am I here? I am not joining this team!"

"Roy, we just thought that since your a hero too you would want to go with them." Green Arrow said.

"Yeah, well maybe. But you could have asked instead of getting Ironsides over here to grab me from behind, then drag me all the way here!" Roy said shaking out of Superman's grip and pointing at him. Superman thought that he might not make it long enough to find out the answer to his question.

"If you remember we did." Black Canary said crossing her arms over her chest.

"Yeah... well ... still... You didn't have to death grip my arms!" Roy said finally thinking up an excuse.

Everyone rolled there eyes. "So... what did you call us here for?" Wally asked.

"Yeah and what did Green Arrow mean by 'Going with them'? Wher are we going?" Artemis asked.

"On a vacation."