This story carries on from A Honeymoon in Argentina.

A Homecoming Chapter One.

Marcus watches as the plane lands bringing Stevie and Alex home. It's been 2 months since they left on their honeymoon. He's missed them and is glad they're home to help with the workload.

"Alex, how are you?" Marcus says.

Alex grabs him in a bear hug and says "I'm great mate couldn't be better."

"Hi, Stevie you look well. How was the honeymoon?" Marcus says as he hugs her.

"Honeymoon was wonderful and I'm very well." She grins and glances at Alex.

Marcus notices and says "Did I miss something?"

Alex places his arm around Stevie and says "Stevie's pregnant Mate! You're gunna be an Uncle!"

Marcus laughs as he hugs them and says. "Congratulations, obviously the honeymoon was a great success!" they all laugh.

As they drive towards Kilarney they chat about all sorts of things and catch up on what's happening around the farm. Marcus enquires about Nick, Tess and Clare and what time their flight arrives tomorrow.

Alex speaks "They'll be here the day after tomorrow around 5 pm if all goes to plan. We're having dinner on Kilarney Saturday night so keep it clear. Nick's got a few plans he wants to tell us about so we thought we'd have dinner."

"Sounds great." Marcus says then adds "It will be nice to meet them all in person rather than on Skype or the phone."

"You'll love them Marcus they're very easy to get along with." Stevie offers.

"Righto" Marcus says "its Drover's first and then Kilarney. I've been given strict instructions to bring you both to the girls before you go anywhere."

They all laugh when Alex says" We don't want to upset the girls."

Moira, Grace Kate and Taylor have all finished early and have excelled themselves with the feast they've prepared for the homecoming. They've invited Patrick and Riley as well. Everyone is so excited to see Stevie and Alex again it's been very quiet without them around.

"Do you think Stevie will work tomorrow?" Taylor asks.

"I don't know." Grace says.

"I'd say probably not they may have jetlag."Moira adds.

"It would be great if she does, we start crutching tomorrow an extra pair of hands would be handy." Kate quips.

"God they'll be so unfit. Sounds like, all they have done is eat, sleep, ride horses and drink lots of beer!" Grace says.

And they all laugh.

Patrick and Riley have finished up early as well, showered and dressed and headed over to Drover's. Moira and the girls are sitting out on the veranda with a beer when the boys arrive. The boys have brought beer with them so they settle down with the girls for a drink. Talk soon turns to work.

" So you're crutching tomorrow."Riley states.

" Yeah we are." Grace responds.

"Oh it'll be good to have Stevie back then." Riley adds.

"Well we think they might have jetlag." Moira offers.

"Oh, yeah." Patrick says "Knocks you around for days."

'Plus they'll be bloody unfit." Laughs Grace.

"Well they won't have done much exercise." Kate says then she smirks and says "Then again they've been on their honeymoon they probably exercised all the time."

Everyone cracks up until a voice booms

" Bloody hell Steves we leave em for 5 minutes and they all slack off and drink beer."

Everyone is up on their feet hugging and kissing and welcoming the newlywed's home.

"So is someone gunna get me a beer?" Alex laughs.

Riley jumps up and grabs three beers he hands one to Marcus and one the Alex and as he's about to hand one to Stevie when she says "Oh, no thanks."

Riley hesitates and puts the beer back into the esky. Moira looks straight at Stevie and grins. Stevie grins back and then looks to Alex who says "Righto you lot we've got a bit of news for you."

Everyone quietens down.

"Tess, Nick and baby Clare fly in the day after tomorrow at 5pm."

There is great excitement at this news.

Alex smiles and adds "Plus there is a new baby on the way!"

Everyone erupts with chatter at the news of a new baby for Drover's. Alex and Stevie grin at each other and wait for everyone to calm down.

"No, the baby won't be on Drover's." Alex says.

Everyone looks puzzled except Moira.

"Tess and Nick are coming back to Drover's aren't they?" Kate asks.

"Yeah that's right. But Stevie and I think it would be better if our baby lived with us on Kilarney."

It takes a second for everyone to register then they're up and hugging and kissing the couple all over again.

Riley chirps up and says. "I thought it was funny you didn't want a beer Stevie."

"Moira twigged straight up." Stevie laughed.

Moira laughs and says. "Stevie, refusing a beer that's big."

"You know me well Moira." Stevie says hugging her friend then adds "Apparently I can have small glass of wine with dinner that's it"

"Righto dinner." Moira says.

As they sit around the dining room table they all catch up on what's been happening around the farm.

"So Stevie we start crutching tomorrow." Kate says.

"Well I'll give it a go Kate but I'm a bit unfit." Stevie replies.

Kate smirks and said "Well we all thought you two would have had lots of exercise."

"Yeah, but the exercise we got wouldn't help with shearing." Alex says and they all laugh.

"Well I'll give it a go Kate I don't know how I'll go with this though." Stevie pulls her shirt tight to reveal a round tummy.

"How far are you?" Moira asks.

"12 weeks give or take a day." Stevie replies grinning.

" Nice you've been married what a bit over 8 weeks?" Riley quips.

"Well we wanted a head start on the Ryan breeding program." Alex quips and they all laugh.

"Maybe you shouldn't crutch then Stevie." Kate offers.

"I'll tell you all now; I'll know my limits and I'll set them so just let me decide, Ok" Stevie says sternly.

"Righto boss." Kate replies.

Alex laughs. "Hey I tried to stop her riding a horse in Argentina and she threatened not to make love to me for the rest of the pregnancy. So let her do as she pleases"

Everyone laughs and laughs and laughs. God it's great to have them home.

As the evening draws to a close Stevie starts to feel a bit sick, so she quickly moves outside for some fresh air.

Moira follows and arrives just as Stevie begins to throw up. Moira holds Stevie's hair back and then offers some water when she appears to have stopped vomiting.

"Thanks Moira. How did you know to bring water?"

"I saw the colour drain from your face Stevie. I've had children myself. So are you sick much?"

"Yeah, every day and sometimes at night too."

Moira Hugs her. "It gets better Stevie."

"Yeah I know I just wish it would stop."

" Stevie what's up mate?"

Alex asks as he walks outside.

"Just the usual." She smiles.

He walks to her and wraps his arms around her

. "You're probably tired mate; we shouldn't have stayed so long." He says kissing her forehead.

"I'll just let Marcus know and we'll head off."

"You're a lucky girl Stevie." Moira says.

"I am and I know it Moira I waited so long for him but every day since has been perfect." They head indoors.

Stevie stretches and rolls over and realizes Alex isn't there. Sunlight is pouring through the window. Crutching today this should be interesting she thinks as she rubs her belly.

She is about to rise when the bedroom door opens and Alex brings a breakfast tray in.

"Morning beautiful" he grins.

She smiles at him and says "What's all this. It's a work day Alex."

"Yeah I know but I googled morning sickness and it says it sometimes helps if you have something to eat and a cuppa before you get out of bed."

She places her hands on his face and says "What did I ever do to deserve you?"

He leans in and kisses her and says "Come on eat up. Times a wasting and we've got some farms to run."

Stevie walks out onto the veranda and Marcus is passing and greets her "Morning Stevie!"

"Morning Marcus, Where's Alex?"

Just then Alex pulls up in the Ute and says "Hop In."

"What are you doing Alex?" she asks.

"I'm driving you to work?"

"Now that's just silly. I can drive myself."

"Yeah I know but I thought I'd come to help."

"No Alex, Stop it!" She says angrily.

He looks hurt and cross.

'"You can't follow me around all day! You have a farm to run and so do I once Tess gets back and is organised I'll slow down a bit."

"Stevie you have to take care of yourself and the baby. I'm just trying to help" he growls at her.

"I'm a grown woman Alex I think I can take care of myself." She yells back at him.

He gets out of the car and walks towards her and tosses her the keys "Fine, bloody drive yourself then." He says gruffly as he briskly walks away.

"Oh go to hell Alex." she yells after him.

He hears her drive off.

Riley, Marcus and Patrick are yarding cattle when Alex storms over and starts yelling orders.

They take it for a little while and then Riley jacks up "Bloody hell mate did ya get out of the wrong side of bed or what?"

Alex stands still and he looks like he's fuming then he says. "I had a fight with Stevie. She told me to run Kilarney and to let her run Drovers at least until Tess gets back."

"Well what brought that on?" Marcus asks.

"I was going to drive her to Drover's and help with the crutching." He says.

"Geez Alex how long has you known her?" Marcus asks.

"About 15 years." He replies.

" I've known her a year and I could have told you that would piss her off! She's pregnant mate not crippled. Stevie's a smart woman I'm sure she'll let you know when she needs or wants help." Marcus offers grinning.

"I should go and apologize hey?" All three agree.

As he leaves to walk away Riley yells "It might help if you wave a white flag before you get close enough for her to throw something at you."

They all laugh.

Alex pulls into Drovers and spots Stevie's Ute at the house but he continues up to the shearing shed knowing they'll have started crutching.

As he pops his head in the door the girls yell "Hi!"

Stevie isn't there.

"I thought Stevie was up here her utes at the house" He yells.

"She might be having a coffee before she comes down" Moira calls back.

" Righto I'll see you all latter." He replies.

He heads back down to the house as he walks in the back door he hears her sobbing.

His heart drops, he's done it again, hurt her, made her cry.

As he walks into the kitchen he sees her with her head on her arms leaning on the table she hasn't heard him.

She's sobbing like a little child.

"Stevie I'm so sorry." He says in hushed tones.

She turns and his heart breaks .

Her face is wet and her eyes are red she's been crying for a long time probably from when she left home.

He moves towards her "Oh god Stevie please don't cry I'm so sorry."

She stands and looks at him and then moves quickly into his embrace "Oh Alex I'm sorry too I'm too quick to anger. You were trying to be nice and I was just horrible to you. You didn't deserve that and you'd made me breakfast she sobbed after that, unable to say anymore."

"Was my breakfast that awful?" He laughs.

She hugs him tighter.

He picks her up and carry's her up to her room and they lie on the bed together just holding each over and gradually fall asleep.

"Hello Drovers run Moira speaking. Oh Hi Marcus. No his Ute is still here. No Stevie didn't show up but her utes here too. Right, Yep, Righto, will do. " Moira grins.

"I'll ring you back when I find them."

"Stevie!" Moira calls as she opens the bedroom door.

"Alex!, Hello."

She steps in and finds them fully clothed boots and all, entwined around each other and asleep.

" Stevie! Alex wake up!"

Alex stretches and opens his eyes blinks and looks around.

"Oh Moira."He exclaims "What time is it?"

"It's almost midday."

"Oh bloody hell we're in trouble aren't we?"

Moira laughs as Stevie shows no sign of waking. " Well Marcus rang to find out where you were."

She smiles "He wanted to know if you'd waved a white flag!"

"We had a fight!" Alex says sheepishly.

He moves slowly and walks to the door and closes it behind himself and Moira.

"Come on Alex I'll make you a coffee."

Sitting at the table with their drinks Moira speaks "Alex she's going to be more emotional from now on, she'll be really teary, it goes with the territory."

Moira spots Stevie sleepily come to the doorway but Alex has his back to her. Moira makes eye contact and Stevie smiles at her.

"Moira, she cried so much this morning. I held her until she fell asleep. I hurt her and made her cry I felt like such a bastard. I was going to drive her to work and help with the crutching!" He says sadly.

"I should have known she's independent. She probably thought I wanted to wrap her in cotton wool but I just didn't want to leave her, we spent 8 weeks together every day and night and I just didn't want to be away from her. Selfish aren't I?" He states.

Moira stands and winks at Stevie and excuses herself telling Alex "No, that's not selfish Alex."

As Moira leaves the room he drops his head into his hands then he feels a hand on his shoulder. As he turns he realizes its Stevie .

He wraps his arms around her and says "Hey you."

She smiles and says "Hey you"

"Hello Marcus? Yeah found them it's all good they were asleep. Yeah, all good. We'll feed them and send them home. Yeah No worries will do. Bye" Moira walks into the kitchen and begins to prepare lunch.

"Righto you two, Marcus says take the rest of the day off and tomorrow as well you guys can pick up Tess and Nick tomorrow arvo then work the day after that, they are under control over there and Marcus , Patrick and Riley are coming over to help finish the crutching here." Moira tells them.

Taylor, Kate and Grace come in for lunch and the normal chatter resumes.

"Riley, Patrick and Marcus will be here soon to help with the crutching; Alex and Stevie are going back to Kilarney until after Tess and Nick get back Ok!" Moira states.

"Righto" Kate says.

Two utes pull into Kilarney late in the afternoon. As they walk into the house Stevie says. "Would you like a hot Chocolate Alex?"

"Yeah, I'd love one. I'll find a DVD for us to watch."

"That would be nice."Stevie says.

They snuggle up together and Stevie says "Alex I heard what you said to Moira. I don't want to be away from you either. Do you think when Tess and Nick get back you could find some work on Kilarney for me?"

He hugs her and says "Always Cowgirl Always."

"So, Alex that was our first fight as a married couple."

"Sure was "He replies.

" So have you thought about make up sex?" She grins.

"Settle Mrs Ryan, Rhonda's in the kitchen preparing Dinner and Marcus will be home soon. You'll just have to wait!"

"Oh, Ok" She says snuggling back into him.

" But I'll make it worth the wait." He whispers, as he moves in to kiss her.

She responds and his kiss deepens.