The sunlight reflected the side mirror as Oz adjusted it slightly. Checking to make sure he could see properly behind him he waited for Toby to get into the rig.

"I really hate it when Ryder moves this mirror!" he said looking into the other side mirror to make sure it was adjusted correctly. "Why can't he put it back when he's done."

"Come on Oz, he doesn't get to drive the rig that much anymore." Toby buckled his seatbelt smiling.

"I guess, but really? Does he have to mess with MY rig?" Oz turned out into the opening of traffic as they began their shift.

It had been a slow day for them; several minor calls with a few tramas brought them back to the ER. Both enjoyed visiting with Olivia and Sandy while there. Simple days always seemed few and far between for the pair.

"So, you know," Oz began, "that bartender at the Lincoln was hot. I bet she was into me." Oz paused slightly, not allowing Toby to respond. "It's got to be the power of the Turkish. We attract some really gorgeous women!"

As Oz rambled on about how he was the best thing since sliced bread, Toby starred out the window only slightly listening to his friend. His thoughts began to wander, always leading back to his memories of his mother. He still could only remember a few fragments of his past.

"Hey, Toby!" Oz said abruptly, "you with me man?"

"Yeah, sorry." The sun seemed brighter than usual today. "I heard you. You said that you were sure she was flirting with you."

"Well, she was. I know flirting when I see it, and that was definitely flirting. She was about to give me her number when you said we were ready to take that drunk in for stitches."

A voice came over the radio requesting them to assist with a possible heart attack. Retrieving the information from the dispatcher, Oz hit the sirens and headed for the call.

The sunlight became unbearable for Toby. Closing his eyes only helped the growing burn under his eyelids slightly.

"You okay man?" Oz questioned his partner.

"Yeah, sun's just bright today." Toby responded holding his hands in front of his face to help shield his eyes from the sun. He couldn't believe how bright it was.

"Dude, the sun's behind us." Oz looked at his friend. "You sure you're okay?"

Lowering his hands, Toby looked at Oz. He could see his friend only slightly. He tried to refocus attempting to see him clearly. He turned his focus in to Oz's mind, trying to hear his friend's thoughts. To his disappointment he heard nothing. He heard nothing around him. For a moment the world was quiet in his mind. No voices, no one calling out for help, no one laughing, no one contemplating their self-worth, nothing.

Oz found a place to pull the rig over. Picking up the radio he notified the dispatcher of the impending situation, they would no longer be able to answer the call they were on.

"Toby?" Oz unbuckled his belt as he turned to face Toby. "Come on, man. What's going on?" He watched his friend's face flush with blood. Placing his fingers on his friend's neck he found his friend's pulse to be racing. "Toby!" With no response from his new patient, he started checking him over.

As quickly as it started, it was gone. The quiet turned into whispers in Toby's head. He could hear voices again. He struggled to tune them out, but failed. He knew something was wrong. The light became bright once again in front of him. As the light got brighter the voices became louder.

"Come on Toby! Answer me!" pushing at Toby's shoulder he received no response. Toby sat staring at nothing, his face began to return to his normal color. Oz smiled slightly, hoping that what he thought was a seizure was over. "Look at me Toby."

Toby could finally hear Oz talking to him. Tilting his head upward he managed to raise his eyes slightly. He could see the worry in his friend's face as a wave of bright light overcame him once again. His face went pale.

As soon as his face went pale Oz radioed the dispatcher advising her that he was bringing in a new patient. Toby seemed to be looking at nothing. There was no response from him. It was time to get him in to find out what was wrong.

As he rounded another turn he saw Toby slump in the seat. His head hit the window with a slight thud.

"Crap!" he exclaimed. Come on Toby, I know you can hear me.

It seemed like eternity to Oz to get to the ambulance bay at the ER entrance. Automatically, he shut the siren off and shut down the rig. Jumping out the door he rounded the rig to Toby's door. As he was opening it, Olivia rushed to them along with two men and a gurney.

"What happened Oz?" She questioned him.

"I don't know. He just collapsed."

Quickly the group got him into the ER to be examined.