Title: Driven
Author: Sage SK
Date Started: 3/23
Date Finished: 3/23

Comments: There's a reason why the driving age in Amestris starts at eighteen.

"Brother, you almost killed us."

"So? It's not like anybody died."

"The Colonel is going to be angry."

"It was an emergency, Al. We had no choice."

"But, you don't even know how to drive yet, Brother!"

"I had to learn sometime! This was the time!"

"But if we had waited... Brother, I've never seen or heard that many people screaming and diving for cover."

"I didn't hit anybody, did I?"

"No, but... then you ran into that light post and..."

"The car was still in one piece!"

"Yes, but then we skidded to a side and ran into that fence and lost one of the doors..."

"It was still running fine! And besides, the window wouldn't work, so I had to open the door to yell at people to get out of the way!"

"... But then you drove us into that ditch!"

"And, pulled us right back out! Honestly, Al, what's got you all worked up?"

"The fact that the front tire spun into that fruit stand when you drove us sideways down the street and the car broke in half. It literally broke in half, Brother! We can't even repair it now! Who knows where the other half ended up!"

"... How do you think the Colonel feels about a bicycle?"