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The Demon Lord and His Mate (Updated)

Ghirahim grinned across the room at Link, who stared defiantly back at him.

"Why is the Spirit Maiden so important to you?" Ghirahim asked. "She is so insignificant compared to you and your power. She should be trying to save YOU, not the other way around."

"…That doesn't make any sense at all. What would she need to save me from?" Link asked.

Ghirahim smirked. "Me." The Demon Lord disappeared from his spot several yards in front of Link, and then reappeared behind him.

Ghirahim raised his diamond-patterned gloved right hand and grabbed the front of Link's throat. The boy gasped in surprise and tried to slash at Ghirahim with his sword, but Ghirahim snatched the steel up from him and threw it across the room. Ghirahim started squeezing Link's throat a bit harder.

The need for air was getting to the blonde hero, Ghirahim could tell. His movements were getting clumsy and weak, his eyes were becoming unfocused. After a couple more seconds, Link collapsed into Ghirahim's waiting arms.


When Link came to, he was lying on a bed in a room he didn't recognize, wearing clothing that was way too soft to be his tunic and trousers, and his sword was nowhere to be found. He found that his entire adventure pouch had disappeared as well.

He was not only on immediate high alert, but he was also rather frightened. What had happened to him? All he remembered was going to get the last Sacred Flame and meeting Ghirahim…

Link groaned and clapped his hand over his eyes. Damn it…Ghirahim must've done something to him. But if he had, and Link had been knocked unconscious, why wasn't he tied up and being tortured for information?

The hero, thinking he was a sitting duck just lying on the bed, got up and immediately noticed that he was wearing a pair of soft, form-fitting black leggings and a black wife-beater. His feet were bare. He also noticed that the room he was in was incredibly extravagant.

The ceiling was high and came to a point in the center of the room. Elegant black and red curtains hung from beams that were arranged in a square pattern near the top of the pointed ceiling and fell down to surround the huge bed. They weren't currently drawn, so Link could observe the rest of the room.

The bed certainly did dominate most of the room; the only other extremely noticeable feature was the huge chandelier that was suspended from the highest point of the ceiling and was made of some kind of translucent black crystal. It wasn't lit, but the room was light enough from the four huge stained-glass windows inlaid in one wall that had several scenes on it that Link decided he didn't have enough time to pay much attention to.

The carpet that covered the floor and the walls were the same color - black. Black seemed to be the theme for the room in general. The curtains near the windows, the mahogany desk in the corner, and the red leather sofa with its glass coffee table were the only splashes of color that gave the room any kind of feeling to it.

He glanced around, trying to find some kind of door or mechanism with which he could possibly escape. He found none. There was no other way that he could see besides the windows to get out of the room, and they didn't look like they opened from where Link stood.

That was definitely a huge problem that Link didn't feel like dealing with, but knew he had to. A wave of fatigue washed over him and he had to sit down or risk fainting. The bed was softer than Link's bed at the Knight Academy, and almost four times as large.

"How did I get in here…? Better yet, how do I get out of here..?" Link asked with his head in his hands. "Ugh…this is all so messed up…"

There was a small noise, like a tiny glass ornament being shattered. Link glanced up. Standing in the room with his hands on his body-suited hips was Ghirahim. His purple-ringed eyes were amused and his silvery hair was perfect as always.

"Well, it seems that you woke up without any help. I'm very proud of you." Ghirahim chuckled. He stalked towards Link who still sat on the huge bed.

Link felt a small bit of fear rising in him. He hadn't gotten off the bed because he was worried that he would get dizzy again, but that now seemed like a bad idea. He didn't want to be cornered on the bed. The size of the bed was now working against him. If he had to escape now, it would take a while to climb over it and circle back around to the wall with the windows…

Link, in his fear, had not noticed the tone that Ghirahim's voice held. Ghirahim continued waltzing forward, coming too close for comfort. The chosen hero of the goddess whirled around and attempted to scramble over the gargantuan bed, but something caught his ankle and dragged him back.

Two hands grabbed Link's hips and turned him back around. He lashed out wildly with his arms, trying to pry the fingers from his sides. Ghirahim snatched both of Link's hands from the air and held them behind Link's back. Suddenly, Ghirahim wasn't touching Link anymore, but Link couldn't move his hands.

"What did you do?" Link exclaimed, writhing in whatever bonds held him. He kicked out at Ghirahim, but both his legs were caught in the same thing that held his arms. "Get this off me!"

Ghirahim laughed lowly and stared at Link, who was half-sitting-half-laying on the bed, flushed, panting, and wide-eyed. The teen looked delectable.

"You know," Ghirahim moved so that he was straddling Link's hips, "you look so much better in black than in green. So much…sexier."

Link's eyes were now almost impossibly wide. The azure irises were darker than normal with fear. He was terrified. The hardness in the front of Ghirahim's leggings was pressing against the front of Link's pelvis.

The boy struggled even harder to get away, and Ghirahim groaned.

"You just don't know when to quit, do you, Sky Child?" Ghirahim murmured as he bent his head down to swipe a wet line up Link's neck with his tongue and then blow on it.

Link shuddered as the skin there cooled. He could feel heat rushing to his lower regions and he had to hold back a moan.

"Stop that!" Link shouted. He was glad that his voice was steady enough to sound forceful.

"Stop what?" Ghirahim purred. He nibbled some more on Link's ear and his warm breath tickled the skin there. "I'm simply doing what you've invited me to do since the first time I met you."

"W-what are you talking about?" Link stuttered, feeling his member hardening.

"Have you ever wondered why people on your precious Skyloft never talk of your parents? Do you even know who they were?" Ghirahim asked, continuing his ministrations and moving his hands to tangle in Link's hair. He tugged gently on the roots and Link's moan finally broke free.

"N-no." Link groaned.

"That's because your parents didn't live on Skyloft. They lived on the Surface, and so did you. That is, until the goddess Hylia stole you from the Surface, sent you into the Gate of Time, and brainwashed you into thinking that you were the Chosen Hero, and made you 'fall in love' with the Spirit Maiden. They've been lying to you since you got there, which was two years ago for you. In reality, you've been gone from your real home for thousands of years." Ghirahim stated. "Everything you know, everything you think you know, is a lie. I promise you that."

Link's mind raced. Skyloft…Zelda…Headmaster Gaepora…all of it was fake? Every last detail? Ghirahim's right hand strayed from Link's hair and moved down to his chin. A gloveless thumb gently opened his lips and a warm, slick tongue was stroking Link's own.

Ghirahim pulled away from Link's face and stared at the boy. His blue eyes were half-mast, and his red lips were swollen and pouty.

"I-I don't know what to think…I mean, it's true that I don't remember my parents…but Gaepora told me that they died when I was young…" Link trailed off confusedly.

"Only one of them died. You see, my master, Demise, was your father. Hylia killed your mother and sealed away Demise because he could not be destroyed. Demise wants his revenge for your mother, and for you. He knew of Hylia's plans to take you and use you for her own nefarious purposes, and he instructed me to look after you. Along the way, you and I began developing feelings for each other.

"The evening before you and I were supposed to became a bonded pair, Hylia arrived, snuck past the guards, and attacked before anyone could stop her. She and her Sheikah clan stole you away, slaughtered your mother, and sealed your father with a huge sealing spike that was driven into the Sealed Grounds. I did my best to stop them, but I could do nothing as they had attacked while I was a long ways away." Ghirahim stroked his finger over Link's cheek and marveled at the softness of the skin he'd missed for so long.

"You mean to say that…that monster I fought off and sealed again…was my father?" Link asked. He was both shocked and appalled. That huge monster-thing was related to him?

"That was indeed your father, but in a rawer and less humanoid form. He can't handle his true form at the moment because he doesn't have enough power to do so. Hylia stole most of his power from him when she sealed him." Ghirahim said as he moved both his hands to pull off Link's tunic.

Ghirahim was pleased to see that his love had maintained some of his previous build- flat-muscled chest, wiry muscles, and smooth, unscarred skin.

"I can remove the memory block that was placed upon you and restore your memories, if you'd like…" Ghirahim murmured against the flesh on Link's neck.

"N-no. No thank you. I would like some time to think, please." Link pleaded desperately. This was way too much to take in all at once.

Ghirahim pulled away, frowning. Then his expression smoothed out and he got off the bed. He walked away from Link and to one of the walls.

"The bathroom is through here. The kitchen is through the door on the opposite wall." Ghirahim said as he gestured to the bare wall.

Link watched in awe as two doors appeared. Just how powerful was the Demon Lord when he wasn't holding back?

"I shall leave you to your thoughts. If you have need of me, my Prince, feel free to call. I will be here as fast as I am able." Ghirahim bowed low once and then disappeared in his normal shower of multicolored diamonds.

Link sat up and rubbed his temples. Prince? Where had that come from? All Link knew was that that word, that title, had sent a tingle down his spine. It was very familiar…


Link fixed himself something to eat the next morning, then bathed and dressed in a pair of trousers and a fresh tunic that had somehow appeared at the foot of the bed. Link figured it was Ghirahim's doing, but he didn't really care. He still had thinking to do, and his decision wasn't made.

He didn't know if he wanted to leave his life up in Skyloft behind just because some psychopath told him something that might or might not be a lie. There wasn't much evidence that anything Ghirahim said was true, except for the fact that Link really didn't know anything about his parents.

Gaepora wouldn't even tell him their names so he could try to find their graves in the graveyard. Link frowned. Why wouldn't the Headmaster tell Link who they were? The only reason he would have for something like that would if…if Ghirahim was right, and he was the son of Demise.

Link sighed and plopped down on the leather couch. It was very comfortable, and that made Link feel odd. Everything was just a bit too comfortable. The bathtub was a huge white marble affair that looked more like a pool or a small pond than a bathtub. Link had been happy to see that the water was circulated in and out of the tub with the same mechanism as at the Knight Academy, though instead of the head of a bird, there was the head of a huge dragon with its mouth slightly open.

The kitchen, as well, was very luxurious and spacious, with everything sparkling and shined to perfection. There were all kinds of food there, just waiting to be manipulated into delicious culinary delights, none of which Link knew how to make, so he settled for some toast and a glass of orange juice as his breakfast.

Everything, the kitchen, the bathroom, the bed, the living area…all of it was just too much! Link had never had anything that huge or fancy in his entire life. At least…the supposed two years that Link had lived on Skyloft.

"NO!" Link blurted. "I will NOT let Ghirahim win! I will stop doubting where I came from; I belong on Skyloft, and I am the Goddess's Chosen Hero, and I will save Zelda and everything will be back to normal!" Link was choking on a sob by the time he finished his rant. "E-everything will be normal again…please let everything be normal again…"

Link's eyes clouded with tears and he began to cry.


Ghirahim felt a disturbance and looked at the surveillance windows that he had installed in Link's room. He stared hard at the picture he was seeing and his eyes softened. His Prince was upset, his slim shoulders shaking with sobs. But there was nothing he could do about it; his offer had been rejected earlier, and he had said that he would leave his Prince to his thoughts and when he said something, he meant it.

The Demon Lord put his head in his hands and groaned. He felt so helpless; it was his job to look after Link. It was his job to make Link happy. He was supposed to protect the Prince of Demons. Demise, his master, had specifically appointed him to the task. And now there was nothing he could do.

Unless, of course, he decided to beak the rules and go to his Love's aid. But then, if and when Link wanted his memory back, Ghirahim would most certainly be punished for his disobedience…

Deciding to take a chance, Ghirahim flashed out of his quarters and into Link's. The boy didn't even notice Ghirahim's appearance and just kept wallowing in his own sorrow. Ghirahim, feeling particularly bold, closed the distance between the two of them and wrapped his arms around Link's waist, pulling him up onto Ghirahim's lap.

Link stiffened, and Ghirahim held his breath. Then Link relaxed into the warm embrace of his so-called enemy.

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