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Chapter 9: The Goddess's Fall

"So, are we prepared?" Link asked. Ghirahim nodded his silver head once and hoisted his conjured black sword onto his shoulder. "Good." Link turned to the army that waited behind them. "CHARGE!"

His battle cry was met with a volley of cheers, and the army of demons raced forward to attack the huge, glittering castle.

Link's lips curved downward into a grimace. All of the demons down there would probably die. At the hands of dogs, no less. But they would provide the distraction that Link needed to get to Hylia and remove her head from her shoulders.

The Demon Prince stared down at the battlefield, at the soldiers from both sides being brutally slaughtered. The ground was quickly stained red with blood. Small flashes of Light or Demonic magic from any given pair of combatants lit up the air.

Link was rather proud of his soldiers; they were able to hold their own in a fight. It was rather depressing that Link's army had more soldiers than Hylia's, and they were still evenly matched, but Link decided that it was not the time to be thinking of such things.

He turned to Ghirahim, "Let's go. I want Hylia gone before any of her dogs can step in to stop us."

His mate nodded, and then they were off.


Things were no better inside the castle. There were small brawls going on everywhere; there was barely any safe place to stand without being in danger of having a javelin or spear or sword run you through.

Link frowned. "Let's move a bit faster." Link was getting worried; his soldiers were being cut down or captured at a more alarming rate than Link had expected at first. If he didn't get this done now, he wouldn't be able to ever again. After this battle - if Link didn't manage to revive his father - none of the other demons would assist him, for they would see how their numbers had been slashed during the battle.

But if Link was successful, the other demons would just be glad that the Demon King had been released from his seal, and they would all rejoice. All the warriors lost in the battle would be heralded as war heroes, if that was any consolation for their families and mates who had to live without them forever…

Link shook himself. That wasn't the right frame of mind for him to be in. He was supposed to be completely focused on ripping Hylia's pompous, hubris-filled head from her neck. His blue eyes bled to a dangerous red.

The disgustingly golden hallways zipped past as Link and Ghirahim ran through them, searching for the strongest source of Light magic in the castle. The Demon Prince didn't mind a small bit of gold once in a while, but to have it be the theme of an entire castle was just…obnoxious.

Even when ignoring the horrible décor, Link thought to himself, there's still that stench of Light magic in the air. That foul odor was getting steadily stronger as Link and Ghirahim ran.

"Halt! In the name of Her Grace, I demand you halt!"

Link's sword cut through the annoying Sheikah warrior like a knife through butter. The body fell as the duo ran past, the head rolling away from the rest of the corpse. Link mentally patted himself on the back; the warrior had barely had any time to be surprised. His death had been quick.

"Just down this next corridor, I think." Ghirahim murmured quietly, so as to not attract more attention. But Link heard him anyway.

Just down this next corridor. In Link's mind, that translated to 'just a little bit longer.' Just a little bit longer until the bane of his existence was gone. Just a little bit longer until his father was out of his prison. Just a little bit longer until Link could be happy again.

Ghirahim and Link rounded the corner and came upon a huge set of silver doors. Link wasted no time in raising a hand and blasting both or the doors off their hinges. He stepped through the ensuing dust and smoke and melted metal and into the center of the room, where awaited the goddess, Hylia.

"Well, I see you've arrived right on time." Hylia smirked. That smirk faded when Link turned to his mate and whispered something.

Unbeknownst to Hylia, Link had said 'Do it.'

The goddess suddenly felt restricted, as if there was some unknown weight on her shoulders, dragging them down to the ground. She fell backwards, despite her unwillingness to. Her blonde head cracked hard on the ground.

"What-" Hylia broke off, coughing. There was a heaviness on her chest now, too. "What have you done to me?" She could hardly breathe.

"Well, you see, Your Grace," Link sneered, "I knew that you would fight to the very end, and that you would expect us to team up on you. However, you didn't expect that we'd play dirty. Ghirahim just used some of his demonic energy on your soul. Currently, it's condensing into a small golden tablet inside you. When this happens, it will travel straight into your heart, and you will cease to be aware of anything. Once your soul is in your heart, I can rip it out, killing you and freeing my father from your seal. Then I can feed him your heart, and he will be returned to his normal state."

Hylia tried to get air, but found that her chest was too tight. Link's words finally sank in. She was going to die. "P-please…h-have mercy!"

Link smirked down at her, his red eyes full of malice. "Foolish little girl." His voice took on an echo-y quality. "Do you honestly expect mercy from the Prince of the Demons?" Link brought his foot down on Hylia's chest, grinding his heel down onto her sternum. She winced in pain.

"I'll do anything!" Hylia gasped out. "Please, j-just m-make this s-stop!"

"Anything?" Link asked innocently, bending down to look Hylia in the eye. "Anything at all?"

"Anything!" Hylia cried. "I-I don't want t-to die!"

Link removed his foot from Hylia's chest and crouched down beside her head. He shifted closer to whisper in her ear.

"I want you to feel the anguish that I felt, seeing my mother lying dead on the floor. I want you to be as sad as I was when I remembered that my father was imprisoned. I want you to feel the betrayal that I felt when my own demon sword captured me and tortured me. I want you to feel the fear that I did when I thought I would never see my mate again. I want you to be that afraid, Hylia." Link took out his sword and held it above Hylia's left eye. "Tell me, Miss All-Powerful Goddess, are you afraid?"

"Yes," Hylia whimpered, "now please, make this stop!"

"You insolent little whelp. As if your emotions could influence me." Link spat, bringing his blade down so that the tip of it pierced Hylia's eye. The goddess screamed and writhed, but was unable to move because of the energy. "You should be naturally afraid of me! I am death to someone like you! I am the thing that your nightmares have nightmares about!" Link hissed, tossing his sword aside and reaching down. He plucked Hylia's bloodied eyeball out, ripping the optic nerve and both central retinal. "Your imprisoning my father was simply luck! That he would be weak enough to fall to a brat like you is ridiculous! You'd never have taken him down if it weren't for my capture or my mother's slaughter." Link crushed the eyeball in his grip and let it fall back down into the now empty socket.

Link raised his hand again, brought his fingers together to form a point, and then plunged it into Hylia's chest, just above her heart. Her ribs shattered under the force of his arm. He gripped her heart, marveling at the unsteady pulsing, and tore it out.

Then, with an expression of terror on her face, one eye socket bloody and empty, and a huge hole in her chest where her heart was missing, the Goddess Hylia died.


"Ghirahim," Link began as the two sped away from Hylia's castle, "will you take me to the prison of my father? I wish for him to be restored to his former glory. He will only become the mighty Demon King again if he consumes the soul of the goddess Hylia, which I currently hold in my hand."

Ghirahim smiled a beautiful, carefree smile. He'd stood back and watched as Link murdered the goddess, and couldn't be happier that she was finally gone. "Of course, Love. We will be there momentarily. If you would hold onto my arm?"

Link's not-occupied hand grasped Ghirahim's bicep, and the two vanished into thin air.


The pair reappeared on the Not-So-Sealed Grounds, and Link steeled himself to see his father again. The huge black thing was free again, and extremely angry.

At least it has wings, arms, and a tail, Link thought. It was stronger than the last time Link had fought it, when he was brainwashed. He gripped the red mass that had once been Hylia's heart and took a deep breath.

Link carefully timed his throw. He waited until the huge black thing's mouth was just opening, and then launched the heart as hard as he could. It fell into the mouth of the beast and then the area filled with a delightful black glow.

Link had to contain a hysterical laugh when he saw the familiar color-changing hair that adorned his father's head.

The Demon King was finally back, and his son couldn't be more overjoyed.

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