Disclaimer: I don't own Pandora Hearts. I haven't even finished reading it! Please enjoy. Lyrics are from General Fiasco's 'We Are The Foolish'



the young are bold
it's all they've got

Sharon laughs and claps her hands. They're beautiful, her girls, so beautiful and silly and clueless. The three of them are a bundle of blankets and furs and skin, and Echo and Alice look up at her with these wide, gleaming eyes that say she's going to have to take the lead. She loves them both so much, these broken little princesses she's rescued from their towers, and she pulls them to her and kisses them both.

Echo blushes and half pulls away when Sharon's lips find hers. She is still so...uncertain in her body, still so unsure of what is hers to feel and love and own. Sharon runs her hands over her, cupping her breasts, whispering to her that she is beautiful, inside and out. "You're perfect, Echo," she tells her, lips hot against her neck. Echo shivers, and Sharon wraps her arms around her and croons, "you're my wonderful, wonderful girl, and we love you."

"We love you," Alice echoes. She wraps around beside Sharon, nuzzling into Echo's hip. Echo flinches, but doesn't move away. Sharon drops a hand to run through Alice's soft, dark hair. The girl is ferocious when she's naked as when she's not, but it's suddenly a lot less threatening when it's so clear she has no idea what to do next. But unlike Echo, Alice will never let on: she will toss her magnificent head and smile her magnificent smile and barrel into a kiss like it's all she's ever done with her life, even if her tongue runs wild and she can't control her hands and half the time it leaves Sharon laughing.

She's so much gentler with Echo, though, soft touches and gentle pecks, and Sharon loves her all the more for that.

"Echo is..." Echo pauses, and looks down. Gently, so gently, Alice reaches forward and cups her chin. Sharon is filled with a fierce pride when she says, "Echo is our best friend. We love her."

Echo looks halfway between tearing up and splitting in half with a smile. Alice glances at Sharon, and acting on the same impulse, they wind their way to either side of her and kiss her, each on one cheeks. Sharon strokes her arm and her hip and her stomach and breast and neck, and on the other side, Alice does the same.

These are the people we are, Sharon thinks. We have changed so much in ways that are not reflected on our skin. We have been left unblemished and young and we should cherish that. We should cherish each other.

Echo lets out a little cry and suddenly pulls them both forwards and nestles down between their chests. They hold her, and Alice dips her head to rest against Echo's back, and Sharon looks down at them with all the love that's ever been in her to give.

We will protect each other, she thinks. Together, we are whole.