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Tuck Everlasting the Untold End

Winnie walked out of her home and stepped into the wood. Winnie turned seventeen two weeks ago. The thought of drinking from the spring had been on her mind ever since the day Jesse gave her the little bottle of magic spring water that would give her eternal life. Even though she had poured it on her friend the toad, it didn't mean she didn't want to drink from the spring. This is why today she was going into the woods, to get fresh water from the spring to drink. She dressed in her most elegant of dresses, yes this might seem silly but if she was going to drink from the spring she was going to do it right.

The wood was as enchanting as ever. Little dew drops hung from branches and mystical plants. Winnie had butterflies in her stomach. Her hands kept clenching and unclenching, she clenched them so hard once her knuckles went white. She had nearly fallen over the moss covered twigs under her feet. She tried to lift her feet more as she walked, her mother would have a fit if she came back with her dress in tatters. The forest was alive with the buzzing of fireflies and the swaying of leaves and branches. Winnie had been in the wood countless times but tonight it seemed alive with excitement, as if it was excited she was finally going to drink from the spring.

Once she came upon the tree she was no longer nervous. Yes she was giving up her family and friend, but most importantly she was giving up her life. Her shaking hands were damp with sweat. Could she really do this? Yes she could at least for the Tucks, and Jesse. He was the main reason she was doing this. "For Jesse," She whispered as she neared the spring. The words echoed in her head. She uncovered the pebbles and saw the clear, fresh water. She cupped her hands and dumped them into the water. She brought her hand to her lips and drank.

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