Summary: An Eevee with a strange mark finds that he is destined for more than escaping the bullies of the forest. Now, he must save the whole world from a powerful villain as the Hero of Time or the Hero of Sky, whichever one he's supposed to be. Follow him as he finds hardship, action, and a lot of oddities.

Disclaimer: Hmm . . . though it's obvious, I'll say it. I do not own Pokemon or Zelda, just the OC's. If I owned them, Zorua wouldn't evolve, Eevee would be stronger, and Link would have ended up with Malon. However, that's my opinion.

Author's Note: This is a Pokemon parody of "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time", where the characters have been replaced with Pokemon. However, though based mostly off the manga, this story is one of my own, which means that the plot will not be the exact same. Yes, there is another one like this called "The Legend of Eevee: Pokeflute of Time" by that one little guy. If you like to laugh, I recommend you read it, also. Yes I did ask, and he gave me permission to start my own since he was the first one to actually follow through with the idea. However, while it was a more humor oriented story, being based right off the game, this story is based off the manga, and will be more adventure and realistic oriented. Kudos to that one little guy for coming up with this idea first. One more thing, I know I kept his name the same here, but Link is a very cool name, so I chose to keep it. -EeveeInHeat

The Legend of Vulpix: Leaf of Time

- Chapter 1: Link -

Thunder cracked overhead as the figure ran through the night. The lightning temporarily lit up the scene, revealing a pink fur creature rushing through the rain, a ball of brown fur in its mouth. Small trails of red were coming down its side as it ran. In between the claps of thunder, one could hear muffled panting and a low wailing came from them. Behind it, on the horizon, one could see smoke coming up and blackening the already stormy sky from a large fire on a large structure.

The creature almost stumbled as it went along, but kept its balance and kept going. Eventually, it came to rest in the one place it knew would be safe. A large tree, easily blocking all the rain, was towering over it. It looked up for a second as another creature appeared. Too weak to continue holding its head up, it let its head fall against the grass and instead decided to use her powers. It didn't know who this was, but as it felt her life waning, it knew it had to trust it and gave its final plead before closing its eyes for the final time.

Back where the fire had started a large dark figure rose out of the fire as though unaffected by any of it. It reared its head back and crackled manically as thunder clapped overhead again. Darkness came again as the lightning left. When the next bolt came, nothing was there.


The heap of fur wrestled around on the floor, sweating profusely before suddenly jerking awake. He glanced around and saw that his leaf nest was scattered around his burrow, again. He sat up and focused on slowing down his breath. He raised a paw to his forehead and realized his was drenched in sweat, which wasn't good with his long fur.

"I had that dream again," he murmured to himself. Just thinking about it made him shake for a second. By the time he had gotten his erratic breathing under control, the nightmare had once again started to slip his mind until he could barely recall even small parts of it.

Sighing, he slipped out of the burrow and walked over to the small pond near his burrow. He almost jumped as he saw the state he was in in his reflection. He tentatively touched a paw to the surface of the pond before jerking it back and shaking the few icy droplets away. He really didn't like to get wet, especially in cold water, but he knew he needed to wash the stinking sweat out of his fur.

He took a deep breath to prepare himself . . . and was thrown in. Sputtering out water, he frantically got his head above the water. Fortunately, though he didn't know how to swim, the water was only a foot deep, allowing him to keep his head up if he got on his hind legs.

He was still coughing out water and trying to get it out of his eyes, when a familiar, annoying voice asked, "Is it cold, Eve?" The mocking tone made it clear that there was no concern intended.

He growled at the demeaning nickname. Of course he didn't have a girl name like Eve. His real name was Link, but they called him it both as a humiliation and a joke of him being an Eevee. He wasn't surprised who he saw when he cleared his eyes. Standing on the shore was a Bellsprout, Treecko, and Gloom smirking at him.

"What was that for, Midon?" Link asked, trying to move back to the shore.

Midon, the Bellsprout, moved in his way, blocking him from climbing out. "I asked, is it cold, Eve?" Midon repeated, tapping one of his root-like feet.

"Sorry, but I'm sure whoever Eve is can speak, now let me out," Link said, trying to force his way through.

Midon looked surprised for a second that he would resist, but smirked again. Suddenly, Link was whacked in the face by something, before bouncing off with its pointed toes. Link once again struggled to get his head above water before turning toward the now larger group. Now, three small pink forms stood next to the Grass-type Pokemon. Link knew that they were the small creatures that accompanied the occupants of the forest around as loyal companions. These three were all easily recognizable as Cleffa with their large brown ears.

"What are you going to do now? You don't even know any attacks," Midon taunted, the others laughing at the cruel joke.

Link suddenly found a burst of courage and replied, "Yep, I don't know one attack and it still takes six of you to stop me."

Midon glared at Link at the prick at his pride. "You're just jealous that you don't have a companion. Everyone knows that a companion is part of someone," he said, crossing his leaf arms and looking away triumphantly.

Link flinched at the barb. The statement was true. Everyone had a companion from birth, except for him. He was the only one, which of course led to teasing compiled with the fact that he knew no attacks. Luckily, the thing that singled him out even more went unnoticed by the others. A small triangle of cream colored fur stood prominent on his forehead, but he had successfully learned to hide it well enough with his brown fur so that one had to be looking for it to see it.

"Hey, leave Link alone," a voice said. The owner soon appeared, revealing its sand colored pelt and leaf headdress and tail. A Togepi followed diligently behind it.

"Rose!" Midon exclaimed. "What are you doing here?" he asked nervously.

"You were messing around with Link again, weren't you?" she asked sternly, coming right up to him. "You leave Link alone and get out of here," she said, her headdress leaf signaling for them to leave.

Midon gave one last glare at Link before turning and leaving with his crew. Link got out of the pond, though he let the water drip off him rather than shake with Rose right there.

Rose turned to him and smiled. "Hey, Link. They didn't hurt you, did they?" she asked.

Besides wounding my pride and then being saved by a girl, no, not at all, Link sarcastically thought. However, all he said was, "No."

Rose raised her head and suddenly shot a yellow orb into the sky. The sun immediately got brighter. "There; now you'll be able to dry faster," she said.

"You're almost as small as me with all your fur wet," her Togepi commented, though it was smiling.

Link sighed; he felt drenched to the core, though the sun was already starting to help dry it. However, Eevee have long fur, which meant it could be hours before he fully dried out his sponge like fur.

Rose suddenly pressed against him. "Come on; let's go for a walk. That will help dry your fur faster," she said.

Link smiled and followed her. Being a Leafeon, they had quickly become friends. In fact, she was the only Leafeon around, and him, the only Eevee. Rose's fur seemed to glow slightly in the strong sunlight as they went along.

Link suddenly perked up as he remembered something. "Hey, I have something to show you," he said, walking away from Rose some.

"Really?" she asked.

"Watch," Link said.

Link looked around and finally found what he was looking for: a small pebble. Next he looked up for the nearest fruit tree. Seeing a delicious apple hanging nearby, Link locked on it as his target. Link got near and put the tip of his tail next to it. He then quickly twitched his tail and the pebble went soaring. He grinned as it hit the target and the apple fell to the ground.

"See? I found a way to get the fruit in the hard to climb trees," Link explained.

"Wow," Rose exclaimed.

Link picked up the apple and put it in front of Rose. "Here, for you," he said, taking a step back.

Rose gave him another one of her sweet smiles. "That's sweet; thanks," she said gratefully.

Link simply sat and waited patiently for her to finish his gift. However, unseen by both, Midon was hiding behind one of the bushes, watching everything. "How dare he do that! Come to think of it, though, why didn't I think of that?" he murmured. "That's it! I'll just bring her a better apple."

He turned and released his Razor Leaf at the first apple he saw. However, a Pansage had been picking it and fell with the apple. Angry, the monkey-like Pokemon and his Togepi immediately started to chase Midon and his companion.

Link and Rose glanced over at some bushes as they heard a commotion, but ignored it. "That was great, Link," Rose said, a slight purr in her voice.

Link blushed and just muttered, "It wasn't that great."

"Are you kidding? That could possibly even become a move like Rock Shot, or Tail Flick," Rose said. They both burst out laughing at Rose's crazy names. After a little, their laughter finally resided and she continued, "But really, who else could come up with something like that?"

Link shrugged. "Well, someone weird like me, I guess," he muttered, remembering what Midon had said earlier.

Rose suddenly turned stern like before. "Link, you're not weird. Just because you don't have a companion doesn't mean anything. Besides, if you become a Leafeon, maybe then you'll get a companion. However, you're special all on your own. Maybe that's why you don't have a companion, you great enough all on your own," she said, her stern look fading back into her smile as she went on.

Her Togepi beamed beside her.

Link raised his head more proudly. "Thanks, Rose," he said.

Rose nodded before grinning widely. "Come on; I'll play my Leaf," she said. Link eagerly got up with her. Rose reached down and pulled a leaf out that was hidden next to the leaves on her chest. It was long and curled slightly. The little twig curled around in a tied circle. This was her 'Leaf' that she played. Usually, it was called a Grasswhistle, or Leaf Flute. However, they just called it a Leaf for short.

Rose put it up to her mouth and started to blow on it. She started to play a quick paced tune that they started to run around to. They spent the rest of the day playing and laughing. Soon, the sun was starting to go down. They laid down next to each other and watched as the sky changed colors.

Suddenly, Link remembered his dream, or at least, part of it. "Hey, Rose?" he started.

"Yeah," she replied, turning to him.

"I keep having these dreams or nightmares, but whenever I have them, I forget it. All I can remember is lots of fire and smoke. Oh and there was some kind of thingy that was all gray colored with pointed tops," Link said, just realizing how vague he sounded.

Rose thought for a second before saying, "The thing sounds like a building."

"A building?" he asked.

"Grace talks about them sometimes. Maybe you should ask her tomorrow," Rose suggested. Grace was the guardian and more or less the leader of the forest Pokemon. She gave all kinds of advice and seemed extremely wise. Also, she treated Link nice and was the closest thing to a parent he had ever had.

"Good idea," Link said, before suddenly yawning.

"Well, it's getting late. Good night, Link," Rose said, walking away.

"Good night," Link replied. Getting up, he headed back to his burrow. He remade his bed and curled up. As Link laid down, he started thinking; I wonder what a building is. And where are they, if they're real? Are they outside the forest? Could I go outside the forest? No, probably not. Even thinking about what a building could be and why he was dreaming about it, Link soon fell asleep.


A small figure stood in front of a large tree as a shadow approached. The creature finally came out of the shadows, showing its large form. However, the small figure stood firm. "I know you have bad intentions. Leave now," it demanded.

The large menace gave a crackling laugh before suddenly leaping over the small figure. "You have no power at night, little weakling," it said, before laughing again. "Soon, I'll have what I came for." It suddenly started to burrow into the ground between two roots of the massive trees.

"No, stop," the small creature cried. However, it couldn't do anything in its current form. Quickly, it sent out a mental call for help, finally finding a presence somewhere. It started to sway a little. It grounded its teeth, unsure it if could last. It needed the boy, now.