Title: "Botta Bang, Botta Boom"
Author: Pirate Turner
Dedicated To: My beloved, always inspirational husband, Jack, my soul mate, my love, my light, my life, my everything - I love you, my darling!
Rating: PG-13
Summary: An old leather jacket and a friend lead Jake and Lorena back to each other years after their separation, and after the band has broken apart.
Warnings: Het, Original Character, Established Pairing
Word Count: 11,186
Dates Written: 27 February - 18 March, 2012
Disclaimer: Jake, Lorena, all other recognizable characters mentioned within, and California Dreams are ᄅ & TM their rightful owners, none of whom are the author, and are used without permission. Kyle, all non-recognizable characters, and everything else is ᄅ & TM the author. The author makes absolutely no profit off of this work of fan fiction, and no copyright infringement is intended.

Chapter One

She bounced to her door when the bell rang, and when she peeked out and saw the UPS driver waiting for her, Lorena DaCosta squealed like she had not done since she had been a teenager. Grinning from ear to ear, she flung open the door and grabbed her package. "Hum, I need a signature," the driver murmured seconds before Lorena could slam the door back shut in his face.

"Yeah, yeah," Lorena muttered. She refused to relinquish her package even as she signed off for him.

"You must have been waiting for this for some time," the driver remarked.

She beamed, her eyes glistening with her excitement. "It's like Christmas in July!"

"California Dreams merchandise, huh?"

"Yeah!" She eyed him suspiciously. Did he not have any good taste despite his blonde hair and, she supposed, good looks? If he wasn't a Dreams fan, she'd send him off of her property pronto!

"It's a shame that they broke up, and that the lead singer and that blonde guitarist called it splits."

She glared at him, her Latina fury instantly heating up. She spat out angry words in Spanish, and when he looked at her quizzically, she reminded herself that he lacked the intelligence of a maggot and reiterated herself, more calmly this time, and in English, "It's not a shame at all. They weren't meant to be together."

"Oh, yeah, I guess you're right."

"You guess?" she asked. "You guess? Let me tell you something, buster. Jake Sommers is - "

"Yeah, I know, the guy's probably gay."

Lorena's mouth open; her eyes nearly bugged out of her head. "It's okay," he tried to reassure her, scratching the back of his blonde head underneath his brown cap. "I get it. I'm not trying to bash your fangirling or anything."

"My fangirling?"

"Yeah, sure. We all need to be able to do a little fangirling in our lives."

"All of us?" She took a step closer to him, her anger beginning to flush her pretty face again. "You fangirl in the closet, so you think we all need to do a little fangirling?"

"Huh, sure." He stumbled unconsciously backwards as she approached, but she took two steps for every one he made until he fell off of her steps. "Look, lady!" he cried, holding up both of his hands. "I didn't mean anything by it! Most of us Hollywood types are gay, but if you want the man, and you think you can get him, go for it!"

A torrent of Spanish spilled furiously out of Lorena's lips. She cursed the man before her with every stupid analogy and every curse word which she could remember. She called him the backwards jackass that he was as he stood before her in shock. He started shaking his head and then turned to leave. "I'm not done with you yet!" she snapped in English.

"Lady, I'm done here. My job doesn't pay me enough to take this kind of harrassment. I'm out of here! Good luck with your imaginary courtship! The guy's never even going to see you!"

The next words out of her mouth stunned him. "Shows what you know! I dated Jake Sommers when we were in high school! He'd be my husband now if the Dreams hadn't left to go on tour!" He turned back around just as she slammed her door so hard that it echoed across her luscious, green lawn.

The UPS driver shook his head in shock, climbed back into his van, and took off. It was true what they said: The Hollywood types were not only mostly gay; they were also crazy. He took off his cap and raked his fingers through his blonde hair, glad, for a change, that he'd not yet made the acting cut. After all, if becoming an actor made a person nuts like that woman, he'd be happy never to set another foot back on stage again in his life.

Inside her otherwise empty home, Lorena still whispered furiously to herself. "Hollywood types! Ha! That guy couldn't act if his life depended on it!" And yet he had possessed the muscular body, blonde hair, and blue eyes that would have once driven her wild. That had changed many years ago, however, she reflected, back in high school. Even longer than that, actually, she admitted, as she looked down at the handwriting on the package she still clutched. Back before she'd met Jake, the man who'd just left might have been able to catch her attention, but after Jake . . .

Lorena sighed deeply. There was no after Jake. She had never stopped loving him, and although she'd dated a few guys, again, mostly back in high school in her vain attempts to show that she was over him when he'd gone back to that blasted Tiffani, not a single one of them had actually attracted her. She'd come to realize that she could have dated Brad Pitt and still been unhappy, and after that realization, she'd recoiled entirely from the dating pool and forced herself to be as content as she could with just following her beloved Jake's career.

Lorena's fingers idly etched the writing on her package as she wondered who had written her name on the box. It probably had not even been a member of the band, or Sly, but she couldn't help wondering if, had they known who won the auction, they would have reemmbered her. She knew she'd been gone from most of their minds for a long time now. They had invited her along when they'd first left town, but she had declined. She had been so miserable watching Jake and Tiffani together, and she'd not thought she could take any more of their happiness.

Tears came, unbidden, to Lorena's big, brown eyes as she remembered those days. It had taken almost everything she had not to break down so often when she had watched the Dreams together. She had come to be an outsider even in her own studio during their rehearsals. She couldn't have gone with them and maintained any form of sanity. Her depression would have claimed the better of her.

And yet . . . Yet there was not a day or nighit that went by that she did not remember and miss Jake. The love she felt for him was still as strong as it had ever been, and no power in the universe could quell or quiet it. She loved him, but he would never love her. Even after he'd broken up with Tiffani, he had not made any move to contact her. She'd gone to see him once in concert and had claimed a front row seat, but he had not even appeared to notice her. The papers, for a time, had been riddled with his various dates with young starlets, and though the Dreams had since disappeared from the news, Lorana was sure Jake was probably still seeing another young, pretty, little thing every night.

She glanced up into one of the many mirrors that hung in her home and touched her own long, brown hair. She was still pretty, she thought, forcing a small, sad smile at her reflection. Her looks had not faded over the years. They had left her no more than her love for Jake had disappeared, and yet . . . Yet they had not been enough to keep the man she loved, and now were not enough to draw his attention. Every startlet he'd shown up with in public had been another blonde, indicating that the man she loved was still drawn to that other girl, the girl he'd had before her and for whom he had eventually left her.

Tears spilled down Lorena's cheeks. She wiped them determinedly away and pushed her hair back from her face. Blinking through her tears, she returned her attention to the package she held. She might never again have Jake's love, but she would never stop loving him and would always possess her cherished memories of their time together. No one could take those times from her. No one could make her forget the feel of his arms around her or how sweet and wonderful his lips had tasted or how her body had sang underneath his touch.

She ripped into the package and carefully removed the leather jacket. She had an entire closet of jackets similar to this one. One of the few changes that she had made after the Dreams had left was that she had began to haunt second hand shops, looking for old jackets like the one her beloved Jake had worn. She had bought every one she could find, but still none of them could bring her any satisfction.

Lorena dropped the box to the floor and held her new, old jacket. She pressed her face close against its leather folds whose black shade had dimmed with time. Closing her eyes, she inhaled, and her nose was met instantly with a strong and masculine scent that, despite the distance of the years, had never left her memory. She murmured her pleasure and sniffed it again. It smelled of Jake, her man, her love, and the years began to peel away.

Lorena slipped the jacket on and relished the feel of its leather caressing her flesh. She kept her eyes closed, wrapped herself tightly in the jacket, and again inhaled its scent. The musky, masculine aroma of her beloved was so strong that, with her eyes shut, she could almost imagine Jake was with her again. As she gave herself up to her memories, the jacket's sleeves became his arms in her mind's eye, and she again felt him holding her.

She felt the wind against her face as they drove down the roads on his bike with no destination in mind, only the desire to be alone together with their young and supple bodies pressing close against each other. She felt his arms, so strong, protective, reassuring, and alluring, wrapped around her, holding her tight, keepin her safe, bringing her to new levels of passion far beyond anything she'd ever felt before as they rode, danced, and made love. Unconsciously, her eyes still closed tightly shut, Lorena sashayed from side to side, dancing in place as she held to the memories of the one man whom she would always love.

Yet, still, the pleasure of those memories and the beaming smile glowing on her beautiful face could not keep her heart's misery at bay. The Dreams' music filled her ears. Her body tingled as she felt Jake's lips nibbling her ears and neck, kissing her own lips, and traveling over places on her body that no other had ever been. She was lost in the past and quite glad to stay there, never again to see the misery of her present or her future which held no happiness as long as she could not have her beloved Jake.

She danced as she clung to her memories, holding her love's leather jacket tightly around her body, engulfing herself in his scent and lingering presence, and gladly becoming so lost in the memories of their shared, and, at that time, wonderful, past, that the present disappeared from around her. For a short, blissful time, at least, she forgot he'd ruined their lives by going back to Tiffani and abandoning her. She forgot he was supposed to be miles and miles away from her. His jacket caressing her and the memories filling her mind and heart made it as though he was back with her again, still loving her and never having left.

As she heard his sensual voice singing again just for her and murmuring sweet words of a love he promised would never stop or dim, she heard, too, the sound of his bike carrying them. What Lorena failed to realize was that the sounds of the motorcycle wasn't just in her head. There was another bike roaring not too far from her at all, and as it turned, uninvited, into her lane, it kept coming straight for her.

To Be Continued . . .