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~Psych 101~

The door flew open to smash into the wall as a figure burst forth of the room. Miranda was near tears. Not only was she completely fed up with having to do a small part of a side job for her university, but she was literally about to kill someone. The next person to speak to her was dead. The anger wasn't due to what she did, but because of the fact that yet another girl had made her late for a class she taught.

Not only was she late by more than five minutes, but her best student was waiting for her outside of the classroom with a worried expression on his face. "Allen? What's wrong?"

The boy named Allen looked up. His face showed his relief as his teacher made his way towards him. "Miranda! I was hoping to talk to you before class! I need a little extra work for my resume. I want to get into a good grad school for psychology, but I've got nothing to cushion my resume."

Plans started formulating in Miranda's head. She held up a hand to cut the young boy off. "Allen, we have to talk about this after class. We're both already late. Just come to my office afterwards."

The head of silver head bowed quickly before the young man shuffled through the doorway to take his seat for class. The other students let out a collective groan when Miranda finally showed up. Clearly they were hoping to get out of class for the day. With the teacher now there, and not looking so happy, they prepared themselves for lots of homework.

Miranda barely paid attention to what she was teaching. Her sour mood disappeared faster than ever once her mind finally figured out what she was going to do. All of her problems could be fixed by one young man that just happened to be looking for some extra work. By the time the class time was up, Miranda was all smiles. She could see the fear on her students' faces.

"Read the chapter before the next class or you'll fail the quiz. Allen, let's go."

The other students froze when they heard their teacher call out for the best student in class. What could he have possibly done wrong to incur the wrath of one of the most feared teachers on campus? Not because she was mean, but because Miranda tended to break down at some random times.

Allen only smiled before following Miranda to her office. This could be the big break that he was waiting for. This teacher was feared but she was good and her recommendation could be the difference to getting into a good school or a second rate one.

Miranda almost sprinted to her office. Once the door was shut, she glanced over at her large wooden clock for reassurance. Whenever she felt a little uneasy or overwhelmed, it helped to look at that clock that had stood by her always. This was her chance. "So you want a little extra help for grad school? I've got an idea. Have you heard about how our department is required to offer help to students who feel the need to seek help psychologically? Of course, it is all confidential and nothing said in sessions can be repeated. Recently there has been an overwhelming amount of female students that are seeking help. I'm the only one available right now to listen to them talk. I was thinking that you could take over."

Allen's mouth dropped. This was a huge opportunity. "You'd write me a letter of recommendation if I helped these girls by listening to them?"

Miranda's smile strained a little when she thought it over. Maybe Allen wouldn't be able to handle this. "Well, listening to them is only the first step. You'll have to help them with the problems that they bring to you and if you can help them solve them then I'll write you a letter."

Thinking it over, Allen saw no downside to what she was suggesting. What could college girls possibly be dealing with that he couldn't find a solution to? "Alright, deal. When do I start?"

About to break out into a jig due to the happiness coursing through her veins, Miranda held herself back. "Tomorrow. For the rest of today you should read the files of the girls that you'll be seeing and start forming a plan. Of course, you'll have access to whatever you need."

Smiling, Allen stuck out his hand and shook with his professor. "Sounds great. Where are the files?"

With her sardonic smile only widening, Miranda led Allen into a small filing room off the main Psychology Office. The room had several filing cabinets lining the walls, which were marked with the alphabet. Each letter had its own drawer. "Here they are!"

Allen stared in shock at the amount of files he needed to go through. "Alright, I'll come see you if I have any questions."

Four hours later, Allen leaned back into the chair he squeezed into the room. He'd read through about fifteen letters and was beginning to understand. Each girl had the same basic problem. They'd dated a boy for a short period of time, fallen in love with him and was then dumped in a cruel way. How they reacted was different, but now that Allen knew the source, he was sure that he could find a cure. He couldn't quite figure out, however, what Kanda Yuu could possibly have to make so many girls fall for him. Allen felt himself intrigued. Maybe he needed to meet this man.


The girl ran crying with her hands over her face. About four steps later, she stumbled and almost fell to the ground. She maintained her footing and kept running. A man with long black hair watched with uncaring eyes. She meant nothing to him after all.

"So another one bites the dust, eh?"

"I don't have time for this now, Lavi."

The man whom watched the entire exchange only smiled. "I'm sure you don't. There are plenty of hearts that you have left to conquer. Poor Professor Miranda. She looked so frazzled today when she came in late to class with Allen Walker. I thought she was going to blow a fuse. The worst part was, once class actually began, ten minutes late, she slowly got all happy. Then she called Allen to her office after she dismissed everyone else. Poor guy, she's probably torturing him right now with some sort of useless task or extra homework. The nerd, all he does is study."

Yuu had been listening only a little at first, but his interest in the conversation, albeit one way, sparked when he heard a certain boy mentioned. "That Moyashi? I heard that he's super smart or something."

Lavi chuckled before slinging an arm around his shorter friend's shoulders. Kanda was quick to shrug him off and send a dirty look in his direction, which Lavi paid little mind to. "He's a genius alright. Wants to go to grad school and everything. The world is funny like that though."

"What do you mean?"

"The kid is so book smart that it is ridiculous. Like the internet brought to life. He knows everything if he can learn it in a book. It's the street smarts that he doesn't have. The kid is a little on the slow side when it comes to things like that. He doesn't seem to have very many friends, though I've only talked to him once for a school project."

These were things that Kanda already knew about the college student with silver hair. And from what Lavi just told him, things were finally falling into place. Spotting a girl that was checking him out, Kanda winked. "Got to go, Lavi. Duty calls."

With a wolf whistle and wink, Lavi waved off his friend before continuing his walk down campus. Kanda was off to date another girl, only to have her fall in love with him and him break it off. The worst part was that most of the girls sort of stalked him. Lavi had no real problem with that seeing as Kanda was perfectly capable of taking care of himself despite his slightly smaller build. Lavi just had a hard time considering the Japanese man was his roommate and any girls that came crying at the door had to be turned away by Lavi himself. "That man."


With all the files read and some information on relationships looked up, Allen returned to Miranda's office to inform her that he was ready to begin. "I think I know just what to do, Miranda."

Setting the wood polish down on her desk, Miranda turned towards her eager yet tired looking student. "I knew you would, Allen."

Noticing the gleam of the wooden clock behind his professor, Allen decided that the woman was having an off day and needed a bit of a distraction. "After all, it's just Psych 101."

Laughing, Miranda gave her student all of the details that he'd need for the sessions he had the following day. "As for class, I think that as long as you write a paper on the work you do, I can excuse you from attending and any homework that may be assigned."

Never in his life had Allen been so excited about something. "Sounds great! I'll be sure to keep excellent notes!"

Miranda shook her head as the boy left the office. He was in for one heck of a shot. The professor knew from experience how crazy the girls actually were. Words on paper could only say so much.

Allen basically skipped down campus towards his dorm. He had his own considering he was an honor student. With the thought of getting a good night of sleep on his mind, Allen accidently bumped into another student as they moved in opposite directions. Without actually stopping, Allen turned and apologized. "Excuse me! I'm sorry for bumping into you! Have a great day!"

The fact that the other person didn't turn around to acknowledge him did little to dampen his mood. Once he made it back to his dorm, Allen pulled out his laptop and got onto his university's website. The first thing he did was look up the name 'Kanda Yuu'.


There he was, that ball of silvery hair innocence, just hurling towards him. There was nothing Kanda could physically do. His eyes were trapped and his body moved without him being able to stop it. Just before he opened his mouth, their shoulders hit. Kanda's feet kept him moving and he couldn't look back, not even when the man that had hit him shouted his apologies.


Morg: So I know that it might not make a whole lot of sense yet, but I promise that it will! I also know that Allen is very informal with Miranda even though she is his teacher, but it is supposed to be that way. You'll find out more about that later. I hope you enjoyed the first chapter! Let me know if you did. Heck! Let me know if you didn't!