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~Psych 101~

Shuffling the papers that he took notes on, Allen let his eyes move from face to face. The girls weren't exactly handling the news of Lavi taking over more private sessions as well as he'd hoped they would. "Does anyone have a problem with this change? I have some personal things that I can't put off. Lavi volunteered to help me."

Crossing her arms and leaning back in her chair, one of the girls narrowed her eyes at Allen. "How are you picking who goes with who?"

Blinking a few times, Allen stared right back at the girl without noticing the hostile attitude in the slightest. "We're not splitting you up between us. Lavi and I are sharing the work. If you meet with Lavi this week then we'll meet the following one. Lavi and I will both be here at the group sessions. Of course, if you decide that you want to just see Lavi or just see me, we can maybe work something out. I'd rather not do it that way since that's why I'm having scheduling conflicts now."

Leaning back in his own chair, Lavi took a moment to watch as angry expressions faded away. There was no way anyone could ever be angry with Allen for longer than a few seconds. The kid was just too innocent and kind. The girls looked as though some of them were ready to cry or scream when Allen made his announcement. The silver haired kid didn't realize how many admirers he had amongst their group.

"If there are no other questions then please enjoy the rest of your Saturday!"

The girls trickled out of the room in ones, twos and threes. Some were whispering together and giggling since they'd found friends amongst the other girls. Most made certain to say some sort of goodbye to Allen, though Lavi didn't take offense. He'd rather the girls that were in their sessions weren't giggling with their friends over him. They had issues. The way they giggled over Allen was also not a good thing. Luckily, the psych major remained oblivious to the way the girls were attempting to flirt with him. Kanda was going to have his hands full.

Waiting until the room was empty, Lavi turned in his chair so that he could look directly at the other group leader. "So."

Looking up from where he was trying to put all his notes into his bag, Allen let out a puff of hair to blow his bangs out of his face. "So?"

"How did it go with Kanda?"

Smiling, Allen couldn't help but remember how well the day before had gone. "So far my record for asking someone out is perfect!"

"He said yes?"

Frowning a bit at Lavi's shocked expression, Allen fiddled some more with his bag. "Should he have said no? Do you think this is a bad idea?"

Shaking his head, Lavi tried to reassure the smaller boy that it wasn't a terrible idea. Maybe not the best choice, but not horrible. "I think if you work hard, you'll solve this problem and we'll get this mess fixed."

"You think so?"

Smiling, Lavi dropped his hand onto Allen's shoulder. "I think you're smart enough to figure out Kanda. Just don't let him be a jerk to you. Punch him in the face if he gets out of line. Better yet, tell me if you need me to beat him up."

Laughing a bit, Allen nodded his head. "I don't think that'll be a problem but I'll keep it in mind!"

Glad that the other didn't look so forlorn anymore, Lavi moved to grab his stuff as well. Lenalee was going to meet him for a late dinner after he was finished with their group therapy. "When are you guys going to start going out?"

"Tomorrow. I'm a little bit nervous."

Smiling at the way Allen was playing with his fingers, Lavi gave the shorter boy a nudge with his shoulder. "You've got nothing to be nervous about. Just smile at him and I'm sure you'll knock him off his feet."

Blushing a bit, Allen could only hope that everything would go smoothly the following day.


After spending the entire night thinking about what they could do that day, Kanda was a bit frazzled. His usually silky hair was pulled back into a pony tail so he wouldn't have to see how poofy it looked. There was plenty of time for him to shower after he figured out what they were going to do. It wasn't that Kanda didn't have any ideas. No, he had plenty of those. Unfortunately, they all sucked. This was going to be their first date. It had to be perfect without him possibly scaring Allen away. It could happen considering how long Kanda had plotted to get the silver haired boy to notice him.

Kanda's other problem with planning out what they were going to do was the fact that Allen wanted to be treated like the girls that Kanda had dated before. Though he was planning on taking all of Allen's firsts, Kanda wasn't about to do it in the first week they were together. No, he had to make this last, which meant that he needed to plan everything out perfectly so that even when the week ended Allen wanted to stay.

Glancing over at the clock on their stove, Kanda about freaked out when he realized how late in the morning it was. Rushing to the bathroom, the Japanese boy threw off his pajamas to jump into water he wasn't sure was hot or cold. After washing soap out of his eyes for the fourth time, Kanda slowed down to shower properly.

Once he was toweled off and his hair was brushed and drying, Kanda stood in front of his closet while trying to decide what to wear. He had to look good without it seeming like he'd spent forever picking out his clothes. He settled for a top that was tighter than most but not obnoxiously tight and a pair of jeans he thought he looked good in. There was no way that Allen wouldn't notice that he looked good.

Not five minutes later, a knock sounded at the door to their dorm. Calming himself down, Kanda took a few deep breaths before answering the door. "Good morning."

Rubbing his eyes, Allen tried to hold back a yawn as he smiled up at the other male. "Morning."

Kanda internally cooed at how cute his little bean sprout looked. Holding himself together, the taller of the two took a step back to let the shorter into his dorm. "You look tired. Long night?"
Unable to hold back his yawn any longer, Allen nodded. "I was up finishing a project so that we could spend the whole day together."

As much as Kanda wanted to tell the other that he could sleep for a bit, the Japanese male figured that would be a bad idea. Having such a vulnerable Allen in his dorm wouldn't end well. He'd get his ass kicked for sure. Probably not by Allen, but there was no doubt that Lavi would find out about said molestation and then Kanda was dead. It was better if they just avoided the chance that it could happen. "Want to go get some coffee?"

Smiling despite how sleepy he felt, Allen gave a small nod. "I don't really like coffee but I could go for some orange juice. Have you eaten?"

Shaking his head, Kanda figured that he wouldn't tell the other about how his morning had gone so far. His eyes finally stopped burning. "I would say let's go to the dining hall and get some breakfast, but I don't know if their food is really food. Let's go to a small diner off campus."

"Do they have good food?"

"Some of the best."

Giving another sleepy smile, Allen nodded his head. "Please take me there."

Kanda was going to die. This kid was too cute. For as fiery and mean as most people on campus thought him to be, Kanda was going to die by cuteness. He would be mocked for years to come, but it would be worth it to be the one to see this side of Allen. "We can just walk. It isn't too far."

"Are you going to grab a coat? It's a bit chilly out this morning."

"Naw, I'll be fine."

Allen decided not to argue with the other male. He wanted Kanda to like him so he could get to know him better. For as much as Allen wanted to figure out why Kanda did what he did, he also just wanted to know Kanda. The Japanese boy looked interesting. "If you're sure."

Smiling down at the other as they stepped out of the dorm, Kanda locked into his memory the way Allen looked when he was concerned about him. "I'm sure. Let's go. I'm hungry."

Following a bit behind the other so he wouldn't get lost, Allen kept his eyes on Kanda's shiny hair. The strands looked so soft that Allen wanted to run his fingers through them. That, however, would probably seem weird so Allen held himself back from doing so.

While he was looking at the other's hair, Allen noticed Kanda shiver. For as tough at the other male pretended to be, Allen couldn't help but think that he was cute. Without a word, he moved forward to take Kanda's hand in his.

Startled by the sudden warmth in his hand, Kanda looked over to see Allen gently smiling while looking in the direction they were heading. The boy was holding his hand. Kanda could die right then and there. He held it together somehow and continued to hold Allen's hand as they walked quietly across campus. The taller male decided he didn't need to know why Allen suddenly decided to hold his hand. Walking with the shorter the way they were was nice.

Allen could feel his heart start to settle down the further they walked. He was so glad that Kanda hadn't shaken him off. That would have been embarrassing. They were dating, which meant that Allen could hold Kanda's hand if he wanted to, right? He'd never held hands with anyone before. Allen hoped he was doing it right.

Maybe a coat would have been a good idea. Kanda couldn't even think about why he'd been adamant about not needing one. It wasn't like Allen was like all the sluts he'd dated before. The boy was probably actually concerned for his health rather than worried about whether or not he looked cool to other people. Now he had to deal with the cold morning, though Allen's hand in his felt very warm.

The diner came too quickly and somewhat not fast enough for Kanda. He was cold and thankful for the warm interior of the small restaurant, but he had to let go of Allen's hand. Thankfully, the booth they were seated at was small enough for them to be close together. "What are you hungry for?"

Grabbing the small plastic menu, Allen looked over their choices. "How big are their portion sizes?"

"Are you worried it'll be too much for you to eat?"

Grinning over at the male across the small table from him, Allen nudged Kanda's leg with his toes. "More like, not enough. I'm a man, not one of those girls, though you have to treat me like one. I'm going to eat like I normally do."

Falling just a little bit more in love, Kanda forced himself to nod to show that he'd been listening even though his brain had turned to mush the moment Allen had nudged him under the table. "Good, I don't like eating a lot by myself."

So far, Allen was unable to see any of the things that the girls complained about. Kanda was polite and thoughtful. He made certain that Allen ate and that he was comfortable. The demanding and pushy Kanda that he'd been expecting wasn't what he got. Deciding that he'd throw away all the previous assumptions that he'd made about the other male based on what he'd heard through the therapy sessions, Allen began working on his own impression of the Japanese heartbreaker. "Then let's eat!"


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