Epilogue – Three years later…

"Appa, Eunhyuk put Ddangkoma on top of the bookshelf!"

"Did not!"

"Eunhyuk, return Ddangkoma to Yesung now!"

"Umma, Heebum got into the catnip!"

"Umma, Heebum scratched up my bunny!"

"Appa, Kyuhyun replaced my shampoo with red hair dye!"

"Umma, do you know where I put my passport?"

"Appa, Heebum knocked my toothbrush into the litter box!"

"That wasn't the cat!"

"Yoochun apologize to him. Zhou Mi, we'll get you a new one later!"

"Umma, Kyuhyun is drawing on the wall!"

"Kyuhyun, stop drawing… Kyuhyun, stop that maniacal laughter!"

"Appa, Yoochun-hyung put me in the vent!"

"Appa, Henry's stuck in the vent. I didn't put him up there!" A loud crashed followed by loud crying echoed through the house. "Appa, Henry fell out of the vent!"

"Umma, Heebum is trying to eat Mr. Simple!"

"Umma, I'm hungry. Feed me!"

"Changminnie, you're always hungry!"

"Appa, please make Hangeng-hyung and Heechul-hyung stay!"

Leeteuk and Jaejoong were exhausted to the say the least. Yunho was due back from the university any minute now. All the professors in the music department had gathered the past few days to make a lesson plan and to receive their schedules for the next semester.

Kangin worked as a police officer, but he worked the night shift, so he could spend the day with the kids. However, today by far was the toughest day to deal with them all, since Heechul and Hangeng were going to China today. Their plane ride wasn't for another 7 hours, but they hadn't even finished packing.

A few minutes of chaos later, all the kids had gathered in the living room in varying states. Yesung was gently petting his turtle. Sungmin was holding a stuffed bunny, but the stuffing was falling out, and he looked about ready to cry. Junsu's hair was now a bright red color, and he didn't look too happy about it. Zhou Mi and Yoochun stood as far apart as possible. Henry was next to Zhou Mi but also nursing a large scratch on his arm. Donghae, was clinging protectively to a fishbowl, occasionally shooting a glare over to the cat nestled comfortable in Heechul's arms. Finally, Kibum was attached not only to Heechul's legs but to Hangeng's as well.

"Alright guys, can we all please calm down enough for them to finish packing?" Leeteuk just about pleaded. "Besides, it's not that you won't see them again. They'll come and visit every month, right?"

"Of course, Leeteuk-umma," Heechul and Hangeng replied at once.

"Now, you two finish packing. Hangeng your passport is where you left it - " Leeteuk began speaking before every kid in the room cut him off at the same time as they finished his sentence.

"-In your underwear drawer!" they all chorused before they started laughing.

"Sungmin come here and I'll patch up your bunny. Junsu, you too, I have something to get the dye out of your hair," Jaejoong called the two over.

"Um, Appa…" Heechul trailed off. Neither he nor Hangeng had moved. Kangin came over and picked Kibum up, prying him off of his older brothers. "Don't be sad Kibum. I'll call every time I can. You're not losing me this easily," Heechul said ruffling Kibum's hair.

The teary-eyed boy flung himself out of Kangin's arms, which is no small feet, and into Heechul's. "I'm going to miss you hyung!"

Hangeng came over and took Kibum's hands. "We still have a few hours. Why don't we go to the beach? You know, for old times' sake?" Hangeng asked. His gaze turned over to his ummas and appa. The exchanged a glance before nodding.

"Kids, get ready! We're going to the beach in an hour!" Kangin yelled since all the other kids had scattered.

Yunho walked into his home, maybe a half hour later, to see the kids running everywhere, many of them in or carrying different forms of swimwear. What the heck was happening? He set his bag on the table in the front hall and went down into the living room. A few the kids were running through there as well. He went into the kitchen and found his husband at the kitchen table. Now, it was what his husband was doing that told him something happened when he was gone.

In his careful hands were Sungmin's pink bunny and a sewing needle. It seemed that a large tear along with a few smaller ones had somehow mangled the bunny. Sungmin, sitting in the chair next to him, looked like he was going to cry as his bunny was being 'healed'. None of them, not even Kyuhyun, could convince him that the bunny was not alive.

Sitting on Jaejoong's other side, he found a pouting and very upset Junsu… and the boy was sporting red hair. Jaejoong had wet his hair and put in a certain soap he used to remove hair dye before it set, just in case he didn't like the color. Junsu wasn't very happy, because he still had five more minutes until he can take the soap out of his hair and return to his nice brown hair.

"There you go Sungmin. Danhobak is as good as new!" Jaejoong presented the stuffed animal bunny to him. The boy grabbed it and hugged it tightly.

The six year old ran out of the room yelling, "Thanks Umma!"

Jaejoong then turned to Junsu. "Okay, let's go rinse the soap out of your hair and it should be back to that beautiful chestnut brown color," he said leading the twelve year old out of the room and upstairs to his bathroom.

Yunho followed, still wanting to know what the heck was going on. Jaejoong rinsed out the soap in Junsu's hair. The boy's hair was yet again its chestnut brown. Jae dried the boy's hair. "Thank you Umma!" Junsu hugged him and ran out of the room and next door to his own to get ready for something Yunho still had no idea what it was.

"Boo Jae, what's going on? I feel like I missed some important memo," Yunho asked as he came up and wrapped his arms around his husband's slender waist.

"Kangin proposed the idea of going to the beach, so we can spend the rest of the day with Hangeng and Heechul before they go to the university in China," Jaejoong began. He turned around and laid a gentle kiss on his Yunnie's lips. "That and you missed a lot of chaos."

"Chaos how?" Yunho asked as he and Jaejoong began to get ready to go to the beach themselves.

"Well, aside from Heechul and Hangeng packing, and Kibum begging for them to stay, a lot happened. Heebum got into the catnip, which caused Danhobak to be torn, Donghae to become protective over his fish and us to find out that Yoochun put Zhou Mi's toothbrush in the litter box. Yoochun also put Henry up into the vent, which caused our poor Mochi to get hurt. Kyuhyun put red hair dye in Junsu's shampoo bottle and was drawing on the wall. Also Eunhyuk was messing with Yesung's turtle. And of course, Changmin-"

"Was hungry," Yunho and he said at the same time. They started laughing. They couldn't help but love that little boy and his appetite.

The family of twenty arrived at the beach and everyone instantly piled out of the vans. Shindong and Nari had tagged along as well. They last time they'd been to the beach was on their honeymoon and that was over five years ago. Besides, two pairs of extra eyes were always welcome.

As the majority of the kids raced to the ocean for a swim, Kangin began to count backwards from ten. When he reached zero, a few of the kids yelped from the coldness of the water and instantly abandoned the thought of diving straight in. Leeteuk laid out a towel on the sand for them once Kangin came over.

Jaejoong and Yunho found a wondrous spot slightly farther down then the other two. It reminded them both of the day they met. Junsu and Yoochun came over, followed by the twins and Sungmin when they noticed the distanced look in both their eyes. "Umma? Appa? Is something wrong? You're spacing out," Junsu asked innocently as he sat in front of his parents.

"We're fine Junsu. There's no need to worry. This is the exact beach where I met your umma over twenty years ago," Yunho replied running his hand through Junsu's hair.

"How did you two meet?" Sungmin asked curling up into Jaejoong's side for the story.

"Well, twenty years ago, I was your age Junsu. My parents and sisters had yelled me at because I had got into a fight at school and had been suspended. To this day, I still think that the kid deserved it for calling my sister a slut… Anyway, I had come to the beach to calm down. Before I knew it, I actually started crying…" he trailed off, now engrossed in his own memories.

"I was helping Kangin-appa train for his next swim meet when I saw him crying behind this very huge rock. I went over and asked if he was all right. He told me that he had gotten in a fight and was yelled at by his family. I couldn't help but hug him right then and there and tell him that everything will be fine," Yunho continued on for him.

"We became friends and four years later and on my sixteenth birthday, Yunho confessed to me. We started dating, and he proposed almost six years afterwards. We got married and I've been happy ever since," Jaejoong finished.

"Aw!" Both Junsu and Sungmin giggled. The other three just exchanged a look and their faces were disgusted. They'll learn about love when they're older.

A few hours of swimming, games and even a BBQ, thanks to Shindong, it was just about time for Heechul and Hangeng to leave. Kibum had stayed glued to their sides the whole trip and was now crying. He did not want his hyungs to leave. It was literally breaking their heart as well as the parents' hearts as well.

Heechul sat down on the sand as the sun began to set on the horizon. He pulled Kibum into his lap as he tried to fight back the tears that threatened to fall. "Kibum, this isn't a goodbye. It's a simple; 'we'll see you later.' I promise you, every opportunity we get we'll call, okay?" Heechul said. Finally his tears started to fall.

Hangeng knelt down as well. He, too, was crying. He extended his arms wide and many of the kids rushed forward into them, including a crying Kyuhyun. To every child either he or Heechul said something special to. Heechul reminded Ryeowook that no matter what, he was his little brother no matter what. Kyuhyun was reminded by both of them that he was their little devil and just because they'll be away, it shouldn't mean that he should change.

Finally, all the kids were crying as well as all their parents. Heechul and Hangeng stood up. Yunho and Kangin pulled them each into a hug before backing up to avoid crying harder. Jaejoong also pulled them into a hug, whispering, "Good luck and have fun," in their ears.

Leeteuk took them to the airport, where he gave his own teary goodbye. However, the second Heechul said, "We'll see you later, Leeteuk-umma!" he felt as if his world was near perfect. The only thing was that two of his babies were now grown and he had to let them fly the nest.

He returned home, and the kids had already settled down and were playing like they usually were. Kyuhyun and Yoochun were playing video games. Sungmin and Junsu were watching. Eunhyuk and Donghae had built a fort and were playing some game they made-up. Zhou Mi and Henry were playing with play dough. Siwon and Changmin had started an arm-wrestling competition, and Kangin was coaching them both. Kibum and Ryeowook were watching.

It didn't seem like Heechul and Hangeng left. However, just about everyone felt the slight missing feeling. At around eight, the ummas started the long process that was called bedtime.

And right then, the phone rang. It was Heechul and Hangeng.

I tried to make the beginning as funny as possible since the end of it isn't as happy. But my parents always repeat that to me, "It's not goodbye, it's a 'I'll see you later.'" I hope you liked the story, and please review.