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The air that night was cold and brisk. It seeped through one's clothes and washed away everything—the island, their home, the past and the future.

Riku breathed in this air with a sense of euphoria. Tonight was the night. He was ready. He could finally leave this infernal island, this tropical prison, and nothing was going to stop him—not parents, not responsibilities, nothing. And his friends, they were coming too. Maybe they wouldn't want to at first, but they would, eventually. After all, Riku knew best; both of his friends knew it.

Heavy, panicked footsteps pounded against the wooden dock, and the silver-haired boy sighed. About time.

The frantic steps were accompanied by equally flustered words.

"Where's Kairi? I thought she was with you!" The young, familiar voice was laced with terror, nearly cracking.

Sora, a creature of the light, didn't yet understand the beauty of the darkness. Whatever, let him be scared. In time, he would learn, it wasn't to be feared. After all, without it, none of this would have happened. Riku never would have been given the opportunity to leave this suffocating place, and take Sora and Kairi with him. The darkness was good. The darkness was their friend. And it was about time these naïve children learned that.

When Riku told him the great news, that the door had opened, Sora panicked. But it was okay. He'd learn. He'd agree, eventually.

"This could be our only chance. We can't let fear stop us...

"I'm not afraid of the darkness!"

The silver-haired boy extended a hand, keeping it steady, keeping the option open. Sora would take it. He knew.

"... Riku..."

The younger boy's voice was pleading, frantic, but it dissolved into a yelp of terror when the darkness surrounded both he and Riku. Now Sora was reaching for Riku desperately, as the older boy had expected.

The blue-eyed boy couldn't reach. They were falling, bad things were going to happen, but it didn't matter, not to Riku.

As they slipped, alone, into darkness, he smiled.

Sora knew now, that the darkness was good. He had come around. Why else would he have reached? Why else would he have followed?

Of course, what else could have been anticipated? After all, Riku knew best.

Riku always knew best...