As I looked up at Moonacre Manor, I couldnt help but be amazing at what it looked like.

I also felt a little sad looking at it because it reminded me of my mother.

She died in a car accident two weeks ago, and then the bank came to take everything we owned away.

I was then sent to live with my Uncle Sir Benjamin since my dad and mom split when I was a baby and they couldn't find any records of him.

I know I look just like him though, with my long straight light brown hair, pale blue eyes and pale freckled face.

Mom was the complete oppisite with her darker features.

She always told me it was for the best but you could see the sadness in her eyes when she said it.

Hello, I am 15 and my name is Jessie. Jessie Merryweather.


Gazing at my new home, I was awe-struck. The Manor was fairly large but looked like it was falling to ruin.

The house was beautiful neverless.

My Uncle sir Benjamin agreed to take me in after father died of a heart attack last month and sice I have no other know relatives.

When father died, they tried to find my mother.

When my parents split when I was a baby, father left no records of her with him.

I do know a little about her and I know I take my looks after her because while father had light colored looks, I was darker.

My long straight dark brown hair, tan skin, and slightly crooked teeth made my look like I had a little Indian in me.

I also know that her and Uncle grew up together at Moonacre Valley.

She even told me a few of the stories she heard when she lived there.

Hello, I am 15 and my name is Jasmine. Jasmine Merryweather.