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"JESSIE!" I sequeled as I jumped onto her back hugging her. After I got over my shock of seeing Henry leave, I scowered the gardens looking for her. I found her in the rose gardens behind the glass room, where she was standing in front the gray stone bench inside the gazebo, just staring at the ground.

"AHH" Jessie clutched her chest in fright. She looked as if she had seen a ghost. "My god Jasmine you scarded me! You know I hate being snuck up on!" We both laughed at that.

"Sorry Twin, but WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? I have been searching everywhere for you! I was scarded you were kidnapped or something!" Just the thought of it brought a look of horror to my face. I can't imagine living without my twin, even if we had only meet each other a little over a month ago.

"Yea, like that could happen. And what do you mean? I haven't been gone that long."

"I know but Jess, you won't believe what happened-"

"Exuse me?" A lady's voice asked before I could finish telling Jessie about what happened early in the dance room. The lady had dirty blonde hair that was half pinned up and half down and a thin body and face. She had high cheek bones and a small nose. She had a aurora of pure happiness and kindness around her.

Jessie was the first one to come to her senses and greet the lady.

"OH, I am so sorry ma'am. I'm Jessie and this is my sister Jasmine." I gave a small wave as Jessie introduced us. She seemed like someone you could trust. "Is there something we can help you with?"

Her face lit up with the biggest smile as she talked, "Well hello. My name is Loveday and I am here to attend the ball. I picked my best dress and I was hoping to meet the ones hosting this ball." She look at us with a smile. Her dress was a light blue and had many ribbons and bows attatched and woven through it. There was lace along the bodice and wrapped along the waist while there was white accents throughout the whole dress. I wouldn't mind having it myself to tell you the truth! I was curious to wear she could hae gotten a dress like that.

"Well, you should come and meet our Uncle he is the one behind all this. If it wasn't for him, we would have a empty room with a lot of upset guests!" Jessie said.

"If we had any guests at all Jessie!" I told her as we laughed.

"Well, I would love to meet your Uncle if it isn't to much of a bother to you girls. I know with having your new friends and all here." Loveday looked at questionally.

"It wouldn't be a problem Ms. Loveday." I said as I gestured for us to head back to the main room were the ball was being held.

"Oh, please just Loveday, I don't want to feel any older than I am." Jessie and I giggled as we walked back to the main room.


"This place is beautiful!" Loveday said as we walked through the glass doors and into the main room. She twirled around in circles trying to take eveything in. "I can't imagine living in this place..." Loveday trailed off as she looked around some more. To be honest she looked like a kid in a candy store that was told to choose anything she wanted.

"Now where could Uncle be..." Jessie said more to herself than anyone else. We both glanced around the room full of dancing and talking people to find our Uncle balcony talking to young woman in a frou-frou dress that was bright yellow. She was laughing loudly and she was constantly touching Uncle's arm. He looked incredibly uncomfortable.

"Hey Jessie," I nugged her shoulder and pointed to where Uncle and the flirtatious woman were standing. She giggled at the sight of Uncle nervously smiling and laughing while he tryed to edge away from the woman. Every small step he took away she stepped forward.

"It seems Uncle has a admirer. Soon she'll have him against the wall if he keeps backing up anymore!" I said giggling. We both bent over in laughter as he stumbled trying to get away from the woman.

"It doesn't seem like she gets the message, eh Jasmine." After we finished laughing at our Uncles expense, we decided to save him from the horror he seemed to be going through.

I grabbed Loveday's hand and dragged her up the stairs with Jessie right behind us who was giggling things up under her breath.

I tapped Uncle lightly on the shoulder when we got to him, while Jessie pointed things and people out to Loveday from the new view point.

"Haha! You have such a since of humor Sir Benjamin!" The lady laughed as she tried to step closer to Uncle again.

"Well, thank you Ms. Henderson, umm.." I tapped on his shoulder harder to get his attention.

"Jasmine! Thank goodness!" He said with showing relief when he relized it was me instead of another flirting female. He turned back to Ms. Henderson after smiling thankfully at me, "Well, thank you for the conversation but my neices are in need of my attention." He strained to sound formal and polite but I could tell it was a forced action.

"The pleasure was mine Sir Benjamin. I hope we meet up again in the furture and have the pleasure of getting to know each other better," she suggested as she placed her hand on his arm, and smiled 'sweetly' at him.

I couldn't help the gagging sounds that came from my mouth but seriously. Could you be anymore fake and pushy?

Uncle slowly pulled away and put his arm around my shoulders, "That sounds like a very nice suggestion Ms. Henderson. Now I apoligize, but will please excuse me."

He turned quikly and started walking away with his hand still around my shoulders, trying desperatly to get away from the lady in the frou-frou dress.

"Thank goodness you came to rescue me or I would have died listening to that women talk about anything else! My ears felt like they were going to bleed." He told me laughing.

"I can't blame you Uncle, that lady seemed like she could scare a rock to death with her flirting!" I said giggling. "Oh! By the way, Jessie and I have someone we want you to meet." I started drgging him in the last place I saw Jessie and Loveday. It wasn't really that hard considering how small the balcony was.

I eventually got Uncle over to the corner they were standing in, and introduced them. Jessie and Loveday both turned to greet Uncle but he was still looking around the room, trying to make sure everything was ok.

"Uncle," Jessie said trying to get his attention, "I would like you to meet Loveday..."

As Uncle turned his head to look at us, his eyes looked with Loveday's and they just stared at each other. A small blush came accross Loveday's face as Uncle looked at her with wide eyes and a smile on his face.

"Loveday," Jessie continued fondly, "I would like you to meet the host of this ball and the most wonderful Uncle in the world. Sir Benjamin Merryweather." We both took a small step back to give Loveday and Uncle there own personal time to talk.

"Well this is a lovely ball you have thrown Sir Benjamin," Loveday said while gesturing around the room.

"Please just call me Benjamin and I must say I could have never have done it without the help of my neices here," he said wrapping his arms around our shoulders and squeezing gently.

I looked at Jessie and gave her a look and gestered with my head that we should leave.

"Well thanks Uncle," I said as we hugged him back, "but I do believe we should be getting back to the ball. We are the co-host by the way!" I squeezed him one more time before letting go. "We will just leave you and Loveday to talk and get to know each other. We know you don't want teenagers hanging over you." Jessie and I waved at Loveday as we walked away.

"OH YEA! We did it!" Jessie and I squealed, jumping up and down. "I knew they would make a good couple! And did you

see the way they looked at each other! And I'm pretty sure that Loveday would be a better match for him than the 'O your so funny and I'm such a huge flirt that I can't see you don't like me' lady."

"I will second that notion twin". At that time, we noticed Dimitri coming over to us with a eager look on his face.

I groaned as I turned my back to his approaching form and stood face to face with Jessie, "I forgot I owe him a dance. Will you cover for me please."

She looked over my shoulder and looked back at me with weariness. "Please! I do not want to dance with him, and I would die if I had to." I gave her my best puppy dog eyes.

Sighing, "Ok, but you better leave now because he is almost here."

I squealed and gave her a quick hug before running off just as Dimitri got to my sister. "I owe you one Jessie," I thought smiling.


You owe me big time Jasmine and I will not forget about this one. I put on a smile as Dimitri approached me with a frown on his face as he looked at a retreating Jasmine. "Whats wrong Dimitri?" I looked at him questionally.

He shook his head, his long hair brushing across his shoulders. "She promised me a dance thats all. I'll have to be leaving soon and I want to cash in the offer." He smiled at me before turning to leave.

"You wouldn't mind settling for me would you?" I put my hand playfully on my hips and giving him a look.

He turned back to me with a new hope in his eyes. "No. I would not mind dancing with you."

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