Robin (Morning after the dance)

"How dare you three go to that ball! How could I have been cured with two of the most idiotic sons on the valley!" Cour se Noir yelled as Henry, Abel, and I stood in his office staring at the floor.

"And you Henry! I have brought you into my home and treated you like a son! And this is how you repay me!?"

I stared at the stone floor in shame as I listened to my father yell at us. This wasn't the first time we had been scolded for doing something our of line.

"Do you have anything to say for yourselves?" Henry and Robin looked to me with pleading eyes that begged me to get them out of this mess.

I sigh knowing that the only way to get out of this mess was going to be one the boys liked.

Turning to my enraged father I say in the most emotionless voice possible, "We did it to spy on them. We tryed to get on the girls good side to see if we could find the moon pearls. It also gave us the chance to scout out the Manor without being detected."

My father and Henry and Abel started at me with different looks. Henry and Abel looked shock while Father looked doubtful.

"Well if that was the case what did you learn?" My father walked around his dark wood desk and sat in the leather chair.

Unshocked by his question like the others were, I answered for them, "Jasmine and Jessie like to visit the rose gardens."

"That is all? All the time you were there and that is all you learned?" Father leaned againest his desk with an agitated look on his face.

Abel came to my resecuse, "I suggested we leave before it got to late and we were missed."

Father leaned back in his chair and stared at us all for a few minutes. Shifting from foot to foot, I waited for my fathers decision, with a calm exspression.

"I exspect to see those girls caught and brought to this castle. I don't need them lifting the curse or the valley will never be ours. Go now. I have things that I need to do."

We all filed out the room as Father started to go through papers on his desk.

"What were you talking about Robin?! Now he exspects us to capture them and bring them to the castle! How in the world our we going to do that?" Abel exclaimed as we walked down the stone hallways side by side.

"I don't know," I answer walking around the corner, "But I do know that what ever we do, don't bring any of the other guys around the Manor. That way we don't have to worry about capturing them."

"But what about the pearls Robin?" Henry asked. We walked out the gates and made our way to the forest for trap duty, the dreaded job.

A couple of the guys jogged over to us as I answered, "We'll just have to wait and see..."

Jasmine...(2 days later)

"Its a shame the guys had to cancel. Now we are let with an empty schedule," I said as we

walked around the rose gardens. May, Amanda, Erik, and Dimitri canceled coming over to hang out. They all said something came up and wouldn't be able the make it.

"Yea it is," Jessie said plopping down onto the ground and facing the Manor. I plopped down next to her and leaned back on my elbows.

"OH! I got it!" Jessie said suddenly and I

jumped at her sudden outburst. She turned to my with an excited exspression, "We could go hiking! It would be so much fun and we could get to know the forest better."

"But Jess, how are we going to get Uncle to agree. We begged for hours to let us go camping and that was only a little ways into woods. Do you honestly think he will let us go hiking?" I asked her and her face fell slightly before a grin spread across her face.

She stood up quickly and smiled down at me, "Never hurts to ask!" I watched her retreating form before groaning and getting up to follow her.

"How do you exspect him to let us go? What is your brillient plan?"

"If there is one thing I learned from you is that being nice and polite can work in our favor," she laughed lightly as she said it.

I shook my head at her silliness. I wouldn't mind going for a hike since it's around noon. It would give us a chance to get out of the Manor and possibly see Abel again.


I pulled on a pair of bootcut blue jeans, a black t-shirt with angel wings on the back and a smaller version over my heart. I was yanking on my Nikes as Jessie wore a pair of flare jeans, a grey t-shirt with a pirates skull and crossbones on the front. She was tugging on her black hightops as I pulled my hair into a pony tail.

"I don't know how you can keep you hair down all the time Twin. I burn up when I leave it down," I said as I brushed out my ponytail.

"Because my hair keeps me cool." She stood up off her bed and made her way to the door, "Come on miss perfect. We're going hiking! Not going to see anyone!"

"I'm coming Jessie, I'm coming."

We walked of the bedroom door to see a painting of a woman surrounded by trees and wearing a headress and gown. "She's beautiful..." I said running my hand across the painting.

"How did it get here though? It wasn't here earlier," Jessie asked examining the painting. "I will say it looks very old though."

We both started to walk down the stairs and out the house after looking at the painting for a few minutes.

We hiked for a while in silence exscept for the occasional comment or joke. About three miles into the hike we both saw a tall stone building above the trees.

"What in the world is a castle doing out here?" Jessie asked as we hiked closer.

"Its more like a fortress! Look how big it is!" I say hopping over a log after Jessie.

A tall grey-ish stone wall surrounded the place but we could see other buildings over the wall. Uneasyness came over me as we got closer.

"Jessie, I think we should head back. This place gives me the creeps." We had both paused by a tree to look. I had a gut feeling this wasn't a place we needed to be at.

"Come on Jazz!" Jessie exclaimed as she turned to look at me. Her face was filled with excitment at a new adventure. "Lets just look around a bit and then we can leave. No harm no foul. Deal?" She held out her hand for me to shake with a determined look in her eye.

Looking back up at the castle I couldn't help but also feel the excitment of an adventure flow through me. With a smile on my face I gripped her forarm in a old fashioned handshake,"Deal."

Jessie smiled and started to creep up the small hill to the wall with me in tow. As we creeped along the wall, we made our way to pathway that lead to a set of big iron gates.

It had a heart in the center of it and the gate was graurded by a big man in leather armor. He was holding a spear looking thing and was very intimidating.

I leaned next to Jessie's ear and whispered, "Are you sure you don't want to go back now?"

Her voice was strong as she spoke, "I am getting into those gates wheither you like it or not. Plus," She glanced over her shoulder at me, "If it wasn't something important, why would they be guarding it?"

"Something important that we shouldn't be snooping around for," I hissed quietly back to her. We interupted from our arguing by seemingly drunken men wobbeling up the path and to the gate. There was about six of them and they were laughing incoherently.

"Time to go!" I said pushing Jessie forward and hidding behind a few crates next to the wall as they pasted. Jessie laughed and looked over at me, "Quote Un-Qoute, Pirates of the Carribean Dead Mans Chest, William Turner."

I rolled my eyes and laughed, "You watch to many movies!"

"You don't watch enough!"

"Shh! I have an idea," I said looking at the guared. A plan formed in my mind, "When the guard isn't looking, we can sneak past him and go in through the door behind him. I seriously doubt he will see us." I looked around to make sure no one was around as Jessie thought out the details of the plan.

"I say we go for it. Its the only way we are getting in undetected," Jessie nodded. Putting the plan into action we crawled along the wall and made our way to the guard. When we got close enough to him he turned away and we sprinted through the open gate as quickly as we could.

The man didn't react the slightests when the gate door creaked as we ran through. Jogging away we approached a building and both let out a sighs of relief as we leaned against it out of view.

No one was around exsept for a few men walking that hadn't seen us.

"That was a close call," I said looking around. All the buildings were made out of layed grey stone that looked like they had been eroded by the weather. An elevated stone walkways connected a few of them.

"Come on Jasmine. Lets go see what trouble we can find!" Jessie said standing up and walking toward a set of stairs. I promise you she is going to get us both killed!



"Come on Jasmine. Lets go see what trouble we can find!" I said standing up and walking over to a set of stone steps I had spotted a few seconds ago. Jasmine muttered something about being killed but followed anyway. I looked up at the doorway of the mini-castle and saw what looked like real skulls embedded in the stone around the door.

"They had a lovely since of decor don't you think?" I said sarcasticly to Jasmine who was also looking at the skulls.

"I would say. It adds such a lovely, welcoming vibe the to place," Jasmine remarked back.

We both laughed and walked inside. The hallway was lit by torches and we could both here multiple people talking. Jasmine stayed right by my side and I couldn't really blame her. This place did give off unwelcoming vibes. I took a small step closer to her when we heard a booming sound of laughter.

"Umm Jessie?" Jasmine asked timidly as we walked down one of the abandoned hallways. The torches flickered as we walked past and the laughter slowly got louder.

"Yes?" I said looking into one of the rooms that was conected to the hallway. It was a small bedroom by the looks of it. The bed was unmade and clothes were spread all across the room. I wrinkled my nose in disgust and kept moving.

"Are you ready to leave now? I don't think we should by here." Jasmine seemed frantic and she was gripping my arm like her arm depended on it. I could tell she was spooked by the place and wanted to leave. It was my idea to come here and she tryed to talk me out of it.

I sighed knowing she was right, "Ok then. Lets turn back and leave."

"Thank goodness!" She said. When we turned around, we were greeted by four boys staring at us with smirks on there faces. They were all clad in leather and two of them had hats on.

"I don't think thats going to happen girls," The boys standing in the middle said. His hazel eyes stared back at us mockingly and his hair was the same brown shade as mine.

Jasmine and I glanced at each other with scared exspression before Jasmine darted back down the hallway with me following. "Hey! Get back here!" The boys yelled as they started to run after us.

It was like my dreams all over again. Jasmine and I running. People chasing. They all ending in us being caught.

"Lets not let this end up like my dreams," I whispered. We ran down the hallway with they boys right at our heels.

We passed several doors and rooms but just as Jasmine rounded the corner, a boy gripped my shoulder and tackled me to the ground with a thud.

My head hit the floor and stars filled my eyes. I felt myself begin turned over and I saw the face of the boy who tackled me. It was the same boy who had adressed us a few moments ago.

"Sorry princess. We can't let you and your sister get away so easily," His smirking face was the last thing I saw as darkness flooded my vision.



I heard a loud thud and as I turned around I saw Jessie laying on the floor with the boy leaning over her. I turned around and ran back. One of the boys grapped my arms but I payed no mind to it. All I wanted was to get to my sister.

Her eyes were closed and all boys were laughing at something the 'leader' said. I didn't here anything they said but noticed that two of them had grabbed ahold of my arms and was holding them down.

I looked at the boy leaning over Jessie with hatred as he glanced up at me. "Why you looking so mad Princess? Your sister wasn't that hard to catch!" He mocked and all the boys laughed.

"Good one David," The boy holding my left arm said. I didn't try to fight them know I wouldn't be going anywhere with an unconcience Jessie here.

David leaned down and picked up Jessie bride style and I snarled at him. He smirked at me then looked at the boys holding be back, "Richard, James, bring the girl with me to see Cour de Noir." My eyes widened in shock at what he said. We were in the De Nior Castle! David paid me no mind as he turned to the smaller boy standing next to him, "Vic, go get the others and meet us in the dinning area. It going to be a good show," he glanced back at me as he said it before turning around and walking down he hallway.

The smaller boy ran off down the hallway we had come down as Richard and James hauled me after David and Jessie. We turned down multiple hallways and it seemed like we were going in circles.

After what seemed like forever and a few rude comments from the boys, we entered a brightly lit large dinning room with a long wooden table in the center. Torches lined the wall and there were at least twenty people sitting at the table.

A large man with black hair and beard stood from his spot at the head of the table as we walking into the room.

"David! What are you doing here?" A familiar voice asked. Looking up I was suprised to see the faces of Henry, Robin, and Abel standing there looking at us.

"Caught the princesses," he spat as if the words were venom in his mouth, "snopping around the castle."

I started at them with confused looks. What were they doing here? "Good job David! You did something that my own sons and there friend couldn't do," he said looked back that the three boys.

Then it hit me, Robin and Abel were his sons! They were De Noir's! And most importantly. They lied to us...

My eyes were slits as I started at them. Henry was looking at me with an emotionless face and Robin was looking intently at Jessie. Abel was looking between the two of us with worry.

"What happened to her?" Robin asked coming over to Jessie. He had a determined look on his face. David smirked, "They tried to run and I tackled her. Hit her head on the floor and was out cold."

He shifted Jessie in his arms and let out a grunt as he almost dropped her. My head snapped to him and a said through gritted teeth, "Put my sister, down."

"Here, David. I'll hold her," Robin said taking Jessie from David arms. He looked at her face carefully for a few moments before looking back at his father.

Cour De Noir had watched the whole exchane with a smugg look on his face. His head snapped toward me as I spoke, "We don't have the pearls. There is no point in you calling our family lieing, backstabing, jewlery stealing, jerks. The only question I have is do you have them?"

Everyone in the room was silent as I spoke but I kept my eyes trained on the leader of the clan.

"You have a sharp tongue girl!"He spat looking at me.

I meet his hate filled gaze with one of my own as Jessie started to stir.

"I want the chicken tenders..." She said grogly as she lifted her head off of Robins chest and looked around. A few people let out chuckles at what she said.

Her eyes widened as she saw the two boys holding me and it seemed at that point she relized she was being held. She looked up at Robin's stone exspression and her eyes widened before a light blush crossed her cheeks.

"I think you can put her down now Robin De Noir!" I spat at him. His eyes found mine as he set Jessie back on her feet. She wobbled slightly but Robin steadied her by gripping her arm. She didn't look at him but stared at the floor with a confused face, trying to procese what I had said.

Her eyes hardened as she looked at me. Are you telling the truth?

I nodded my head at her sharply then looked at Abel and back at her. She followed my gaze at look at Abel and her eyes hardened even more. I could see at the emotions flooding out her eyes before her face became an emotionless mask. Robin's arm never let go of Jessie's arm as she took everything in.

She looked back up at Cour De Noir and said with an even voice, "We don't have the pearls. All we want to know is if you have them?"

The leaders face hardened slightly, "Twins of the same mind." He turned and walked up a few steps to what looked like a stone coffin. As Richard and James started to move me foward roughly, I jerked my arms from their holds.

"I can walk!" I spat at them venomisly. I have no idea how Jessie could be so calm about this but I was fumming. Robin slowly lead Jessie to the bottom of the steps beside me.

"Jessie and Jasmine Merryweather, the last Moon Princesses. Meet Sir William, the very first Cour De Noir." He rubbed his hand across the top of the stone slab before picking up a familiar small black box.

"The pearl casket..." I whispered craining my neck to see it. He slowly lifted the lid and reveled a empty box.

"They're not there.."I said exspectedly.

He slamed the box back down onto the stone slab and yelled, "Of couse they were never there! Your ancestors stole the pearls before he-" He pointed back to the stone coffin, "-picked up the box!"

I took a step forward and shook off the hand that was placed on my shoulder, "We don't have the bloody pearls you thick headed buffon!" I yelled back at him.

Out of no where his hand came up and slapped me across the cheek. My head snapped around because of the blow but I refused to show any sign of pain.

Aparently this made Jessie snap. She started yelling and fighting out of Robins arms that he encased her in, "SEPA DE NETE! TEC CON NA PASTIL UN GUEYETA! YOUTA IGNUEARTA!" She yelled and everyone just stared at her confused. I didn't even know what she was saying but I knew it wasn't very nice.

Robin was doing him best to hold her back but I could see the strain in his face as she fought.

"Take them to the dungons. We only have a few more days till the curse takes effect," Cour de Noir said as Robin, Henry, Abel, and the three boys who caught us lead us out of the room. "Then the valley with be ours!" He yelled. People cheered as they lead us down to the dungons.

Jessie had stopped fighting and yelling as we walking down the hallways. Standing side by side, the boys were making jokes and laughing at our exspense. David roughly shoved Jessie and I and we both spin around to face them. "We can walk on our own David!" I snarled. They all laughed as Robin said, "For someone in your predicament, I have to admire yalls spirt!"

Jessie growled and kicked him in shins making him double over because of the suprise attack.

"I wouldn't left the girl get away with that Robin!" One of the boys mocked as David and Robin shoved us into the cell.

"Maybe in here you can learn some manners!" Robin said with a smirk on his face. His face was inches away from bars and Jessie's face. Both of their faces were outlines by the heart design in the metal.

As Robin and the boys started to turn away, Jessie said sweetly, "Robin? Come here for a second please." Her voice sounded mocking but inviting. My face filled with confusion. What in the world is she doing?



"Maybe in here you can learn some manners!" Robin said with his signature smirk on his face. His face was inches away from mine and his face was outlined by the heart cut out in the metal. My heart warmed slightly as I looked into his brown eyes but harden when I remembered what he had done.

As he turned to walk away, I saw the keys to the cell dangling on his belt.

Gripping the bars I said in a sweet but mocking voice, "Robin? Come here for a second please." He slowly turned and looked back at me with questioning eyes before slowly walking over. I knew everyone was watching us as he leaned in closer to my face.

"What is it Princess? Don't want me to leave?" His voice was mocking but soft as he looked at me. I gripped his belt before he had a chance to react and lightly pressed my lips to his.

I never imagined this would be how my first kiss went. His lips were soft but unmoving at the shock of the situation. He smelled like the woods and rain. I never really noticed how much I loved that smell until now...

Slowly moving my hands across his belt I unkooked the keys and hid them in my hands as I broke away. I gazed my cheek acrossed his and whispered in his ear, "I will never forgive you."

Shoving him away with my free hand I took a step away from the bars. We both stared at each other for a few moments, his face was one of unsureness. With out taking his eyes away from mine he told the guard, "Watch them guard they're slippery."

He turned around and walked back to the group of equally shocked boys. With one last look at me, they all walked back down the hallway.

"What the heck was that Jessie! Are you crazy!" Jasmine yelled as I turned to face her. She was frantic and pacing back and forth in the cell. Rolling my eyes, I cleared my throat to get her attention.

"And he's a De Noir and-" She took a deep breath and looked at me apoligeticly. I smirked at her unawareness with the whole situation.

"Really Jasmine, When have you know me to be a woman without a plan?" I grinned as I lifted up the keys for her to see. Her eyes widened and she looked between the keys and me several times.

"How in the world did you get the ke-"

"SHH!" I said quickly putting a hand over her mouth. I looked a where the guard sat from his spot beside the cell door. He had his back to us so I knew he couldn't see what we were doing.

I gave her a pointed look before lifting my hand off her mouth. I pointed to the guard and made the sleeping motion with my hands. She nodded her head and we went to sit down against the wall.

"Time to wait it out," Jazz mumbled as we waited.

Well what do you believe will happen next? Will they escape? Hope you enjoyed this chapter and sorry it took so long. I have a a few other drafts for other stories I am starting to write. Not sure if I'm going to post them but look out for them just in case!

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