Forgotten Melody

~ Prologue ~

Which is more appropriate to say?

"I love you because I need you." Or

"I need you because I love you."

Is there such a thing as genuine love, an unconditional love?

A love that looks beyond what the eyes can see?

A love that searches not for beauty, appeal, riches and intelligence…

Does such thing exist?

In this world where everyone expects something in return, is it possible to still believe that such love happens?

It is something she has not heard of. Something no one had made her feel. And something that she has not and probably will never experience in this lifetime.

It is a reality she must face. She is nothing but a tool, a mere pawn being sacrificed for the success of her family. She does not know how to love and be loved. It had been like that ever since she could remember. She had never been loved, just needed.

She used to go to school just like everybody else. She interacted with other kids as well. She eventually gained many friends, so she thought. But she was wrong, it was her wealth that they wanted to befriend, not her.

But then again, there was her brother. He was always making a mess of everything. It annoyed her so much. No matter how cold she was, he never gave up on her. And there were their family members, Romario and the others. She didn't know if they really cared or just doing their obligation. Nonetheless, they were the only ones she could trust. And she was willing to do anything for them, even if it was at the expense of her happiness.

Indeed, she gave up something that made her happy. Her father made her stop playing her violin for it wasn't very fit for a lady as he said. When her father died, she continued playing. But despite her great efforts, she couldn't remember the melody that warmed her heart. And so she vowed to do anything to remember the melody she had long forgotten.