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~Belphegor's Story~

Narrator's POV

It was two o'clock in the morning and the sun hasn't rose. A knock on the door interrupted the prince's royal sleep.

"Go away," He muttered idly

"VOII! BEL!" Squalo shouted as he kicked the door open and rampaged into the room.

"Great, you even bothered to knock." Bel babbled, throwing a set of knives at the vice-commander.


"Damn Shark commander." He stifled a yawn and threw another set of knives to their second-in-command.

Bell finally got up and Squalo literally shoved him into the bathroom.


" have no right to order around the prince, peasant." Bel yelled from within the bathroom.

An hour had passed and the blonde assassin still hasn't gone out. For the nth time, Squalo pounded on the door, shrieking for the prince to finish up.

"Shut it peasant. It's so early in the morning and you're already blabbering."


"The prince did hurry up. An hour is already fast for the prince, shishishi. Stand aside, peasant. The prince is going to Japan."

"VOII! Be sure to be back by tomorrow! You have a mission in Sicily the day after that."

"The prince knows, peasant. He's a genius after all."

Outside the Varia mansion was a small private plane, all set for their twelve-hour flight to Japan. The preparations have been completed. All that's left was to wait for their royal passenger to take seat. And so he did.

As the plane rose into the dark cloudless sky, Bel slowly drifted off to sleep.

I walked through the familiar corridors of the castle. I continued walking until the end of a hall that lead to what I remember the door of what used to be my room.

I kicked the door open and I saw my twin, Rasiel, lying in a pool of his own blood. The sight made a smile spread across my face. The scene made me too exhilarated.

The setting began to change to the throne room. There, lying next to Rasiel, were the king and the queen, not in any better situation than my brother. Theyall looked at me with stares of hatred and disgust. It doesn't matter to me right now, yet I know they're looking up at me.

Now, they can see me, their son whom they have given life and ironically, the one who took their lives away.

"You..." The king still managed to utter despite the blood trickling down from his mouth to the cold-carpeted floor.

Belphegor's eyes opened wide in surprise as he woke up from his slumber though not at all seen for his golden hair had been covering them, keeping them hidden from the world.

Bel stayed perfectly still, his hands on the armrest and his legs crossed, trying to regain his composure. Not that anybody can see anyway. Yet, though his eyes were closed, he didn't have any thought of continuing his sleep, in fear that his conscious might prefer to torture him with those dreams once more.

"You're wrong. I'm not a monster... I'm a demon, exactly how you named me to be." He said in a whisper that drowned in the sound of the engine.

Belphegor's POV

It is indeed ironic how my parents named me Belphegor. Out of all the names in the world, they named me after a certain demon.

Now, a demon is exactly what I turned out to be.

A cold-blooded killer that gazes without mercy upon its prey.

An assassin that kills whoever has to be killed without even thinking whether his prey has a family waiting for him or children, that without him, would be led astray.

Who would expect me to have mercy or to even have a heart?

I killed my parents and my brother with my own hands at the age of eight.

I was born to kill.

Absolutely nothing would make me hesitate to add another soul to the list of those I've already sent to hell.

To me, who has not known love nor family, pity was out of the question.

Being born just a few minutes later than Rasiel made me non-existent. It was a straight ticket to hell.

Since I wasn't the heir to the throne, I was nothing but trash to my parents.

Something that the world would be better off without. I didn't know if they forgot that they had another son or they didn't want another one and so just went on ignoring me.

They only needed one heir so 'Why bother with another?' Must be what they thought.

That's why I never learned the concept of family and there is no way in hell I will call those peasants my family.

I hated them so much. However, Rasiel would be the first on that list. It was his very existence that caused me so much misery, just because he had been born a minute earlier than I was.

It had always been evident how Rasiel gets better treatment than I do.

It was plain biasness and favouritism, plain unfairness. And that's how my heart became ice-cold and stone hard.

But in the shadows of these thoughts, her image flashes through my mind and like a light in the dark, she gives me hope.

She is like radiance from the sun that destroys the darkness that had engulfed the entirety of my existence.

She was the only thing right in my world.

But now, I've lost her.

I guess I have no one else but myself to blame. I had taken her for granted.

Only now that she's gone, have I realized how much she meant to me.

Well, it's not like she felt the same way about me.

To her, I was just someone she had to put up with in her desire to fulfill her duty to her father and to her family. But she has never let me feel that way and that's what I admire the most about her.

She was able to withstand the annoyance and hardships of being the fiancée of a self-centered
fallen prince such as myself.

And upon contemplating, I realized that my princepessa deserve someone better.

And that someone might just be Gokudera Hayato."

~Danika's Story~

Narrator's POV

It was half past eleven and Danika had just finished packing up her clothes.

Everything was set for her flight at midnight.

Although it might not be in her character, she was excited. Going to Japan will give her liberty that she would never attain here in Italy.

She didn't care about how hard it would be. Anything was better than being caged up in their mansion.

She took her violin case and her luggage bag then carried them silently downstairs.

As she went down the flight of stairs, she noticed through the slightly opened door and that the lights in the office of her brother were still open. She set aside her belongings and made her way to her brother's office.

"Fratello... (Brother...) ", she whispered, as she pushed the door open and entered the brightly lit room

The room revealed her brother, sleeping soundly on his desk. He must have fallen asleep while working on his stack of paperwork.

A faint smile was plastered on her face as she saw how her brother was sleeping so innocently atop of his paperwork.

Concerned that her brother might catch a cold, Danika began her quest to find a blanket in his office. After a few minutes of searching she finally found a blue blanket on one of the cupboard.

It wasn't exactly big, for her brother's standard, but it'll have to do for now.

Danika approached her brother who was slumped on his desk carefully. Making sure that she didn't make any unnecessary noise that might wake her brother up.

"Sleep tight, brother. You very much deserve it." She again whispered as she unfolded a small blanket to fend Dino from the cold nights of Italy.

Danika stared outside the window, specifically to the silver moon that hung up in the sky.

Though she was staring at it, she wasn't exactly admiring it beauty for her mind had wandered into another dimension.

She was thinking about her brother and how much she wanted to be like him.

After their father had died,Dino had worked his bones off and did his best as the new boss of the Cavallone family.

The fruits of his labour have finally presented themselves, as Cavallone was now the third most influential family in the mafia world.

As a daughter of the previous boss and the sister of the present, she too had wanted to do something for her family.

And the only thing she knew she could do was to push through with the engagement with the Vongola.

It was her purpose.

The very reason of her existence

Her destiny that she had made sure to follow in order to make her parents, who are watching from above, proud.

She remembered her parents and before she knew it, her mind had drifted off in to reminiscence.

Danika's POV

Before I was born, it had been predetermined that I will be a trading tool for the alliance between the Vongola and the Cavallone family. I was to be married to the chosen member from the said family.

Even before my birth, my fate had already been sealed.

It was said that the engagement was the only reason that my father let me live.

According to what they said, my father was upset by the fact that the child my mother was expecting, happened to be a baby girl. He had thought that it would be pointless to bring up a girl as she would be of no use to the family.

However,the Ninth proposed the alliance in exchange for my marriage with someone from Vongola.

My father couldn't be more ecstatic.

Vongola, the strongest mafia family, offered him an alliance.

It was a deal that he could never refuse. Therefore he, for his own personal gain, decided to let me live.

As an infant, I have never saw my father look at me once, in the eye

I guess he couldn't be bothered to check on how I was doing.

He was a busy man.

I grew up understanding that.

The alliance had started by then, but the condition of the marriage had still yet to come since I was only but a toddler.

Unlike my father, mother was supportive and she never left my side. I also recalled my brother.

He was frail, clumsy, and he would often come to my mother, crying.

I remembered him telling me that his crying face would always make me laugh.

At the age of three, I tried to learn the piano because of a certain lady that played in our favourite restaurant. She played a unique melody that I hadnever heard before in a manner full of emotion.

She radiated her feelings through her music as if she was reaching out.

It was such a warm melody that touched my heart.

I had thought that I would be able to play just like her but much to my dismay, I didn't have soft hands that a pianist would.

I realized that maybe the piano just wasn't for me. My love for music wouldn't let me give up that easily though.

My mom introduced me to the violin. Despite not being soft, my hands were flexible and dexterous. I had to practice hard to be able to play it.

I was also able to play the melody that the lady played albeit barely since I just recalled it from my memory.

As much as I would like to ask the lady for a music sheet, I couldn't find her.

The lady had disappeared and never showed her face in the restaurant ever again.

I grew more and more in love with the violin and dedicated hours just to practice playing it.

However, in the midst of my happy moments, fate decided that it would be appropriate to toy with my life again.

And what did fate decided to bring to my life?

The tragic death of my mother.

It was a fragment of the past that I vaguely remember because of the fact that I didn't want to relive it.

It was a memory that haunts me, even now, in my dreams.

On that tragic day, I was riding in a car with my mother. We were on our way home from a trip to the city when the car came to an abrupt stop.

I wasn't sure what was happening, but I knew we were in trouble. My mother's face was pale as she saw a few men in black suits come out of the car in front of us.

Before I knew it, guns were pointed at us.

They were looking inside the car as if in search of something, rather someone. Then I heard someone say. "The heir is not here."

The next thing I knew my mother had embraced me tightly and suddenly said, "Danika, do your best for the family, okay? Take care of your Papa and Fratello. Mama loves you." And she kissed me on my fore head.

Before I could ask her what was wrong. There were gunshots and everything went black for me.

When I came to, I was at the hospital. I had several wounds but thankfully they were not fatal.

I was told that my mother had died protecting me from the ambush.

It was one of the reasons why my father became even more distant, not that he was close to me to begin with anyway.

During that time, I lost all hope of reaching out to my father. My mother was the only bridge that could establish a connection between me and my father.

However, she was gone and so was my father.

I locked myself up for weeks in my room. I cried and cried and cried some more. I couldn't believe that my mother was not coming back.

It was too much for a three-year old kid to handle.

Yet through all this, my brother served as my strength. Even if he was on the verge of tears, he'd do his best to suppress them and reminded me how my mother would not be impressed if I kept moping on and crying.

Eventually, I was able to smile again thanks to my brother and the other family members that helped me through the ordeal.

Life went on for my brother, my father and me. Years passed similarly as they do when my mom was still around except for the fact that life came to beharder to endure.

My mom's presence made living with my father's loathing, somehow, bearable.

Five years after my mom's death, things started to change.

And it all started when a baby, wearing a black suit and a fedora hat and a chameleon on his shoulder, arrived at our mansion.

~Hayato's Story~

Narrator's POV

The ticking of the clock resounded within Gokudera Hayato's small didn't know of the precise time but he did know well that it was way past midnight.

He had wanted to sleep badly since Reborn-san had ordered him to go to the park the next morning but to his dismay, sleep,decided not to come to visit him.

No matter how hard he tried to close his eyes and concentrate on sleeping, it was all in
futile effort.

He decided that he wouldn't be able to sleep so he gave up on the idea of having one.

He stood up from his bed and approached his desk where his schoolbag laid. He lazily took out a random textbook that was in his bag and began reading it, hoping that his mind would get tired and finally get some sleep.

Several minutes after reading his Algebra book, he felt his throat was getting really dry so he got up of his bed to get a glass of water.

As he switched on the lights of his living room, the grand piano in the middle was the first thing that caught his attention. It has been a while since he last played it.

The next thing he knew, he had pulled the bench from underneath, sat there before gently lifting up the wooden cover in which a thin layer of dust had built up.

His fingers skimmed along the ivory keys from the lowest scale to the highest,creating a monotonous repetition of sounds in different pitches.

Without further notice, his fingers glided effortlessly across the keys as he got lost in the melody of his own playing. His music brought him to into atrance that relaxed his mind and made him reminisce and ponder about his past and the changes that had occurred to his life.

"Do you love the piano?" his mother's mellow and familiar voice echoed in his memory.

"Yes, I love it." He answered.

"Keep playing the piano and don't forget how beautiful your heart is."

Hayato's POV

When I was young, there was this kind lady who would, without fail, visit me three times every year.

She really loved the piano and had taught me how to play it such that I came to love the instrument too.

However, after my third birthday,she stopped visiting altogether.

I would often wonder where she was, yet never getting an answer.

Did she hate me?

Was all I could think of at that time. But I knew that wasn't the case, since she would always look at me with such tender and loving eyes.

The truth only surfaces 5 years after that.

When I turned eight, I was passing by the corridors when I overheard the house cleaners' conversation. They were whispering among themselves, and it piqued my interest.

I found myself inching forward to hear more.

"It's been five years since then..." I heard one of the maids say.

"Since what happened?" another asked.

"When Master Hayato's mother passed away."

"What are you talking about? You mean to say that Master Hayato isn't the Madame's
child?" a third one retorted.

"Didn't you know? Master Hayato is the son of the Master and a young pianist. I heard she was only allowed to visit the young master 3 times a year."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. The young lady who had taught me the piano was actually my mother!

Struck with such shocking revelation I ran away from the mansion.

I ended up wandering alone in the streets of Italy.

At a young age, I faced the difficulties of life by myself, unaided by anyone else. I also came to fathom on how cruel this world is and in order to survive,you must learn how to fight.

With my fists and dynamites as weapons, it became a routine of mine to be in brawls that started from absurd and illogical reasons just like an accidental bump or
a disliked stare.

In a one on one battle, I was confident that I'd have the upper hand but it wouldn't take long before the thugs would call for back up that more often than not, lead to broken bones or a nose, in short, in my defeat.

Nevertheless, it didn't really matter for me whether I won or lost, as long as I was able to put up a good fight.

Being a runaway son of mafia boss, I attempted to join other mafia families but it never ended well because as they said, a mere oriental half-breedmusician has no place in any mafia family.

It was a dreadful feeling.

Being unaccepted on the right side of society and even in the wrong side.

I could have very well understood if the elites from the highest class of society rejected me but to be rejected even in the underground world just made me feel pathetic.

Vongola was the first to welcome me into their family.

I became a hit man and was known as Hurricane Bomb Hayato.

However everything changed when I met Vongola Decimo.