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"She could have just asked me…" said Megamind softly to himself as he screwed on the last bolts to his newest invention. He promised Roxanne that he would replace that old toaster of hers but he really didn't feel like going to the store to get it. Why would he spend money on drably ordinary toaster when he had all the right parts in the lair to make one himself? Of course he added a few things here and there. Like a printer, CD player, radio, invisibility cloak, and a few spikes for flair. Megamind stood back and inspected his creation. "It's perfect!" he thought, "The trick is getting it to work." He had always been one for fantastic ideas but sometimes, well who are we kidding, most of the time they would malfunction, self destruct, or not work at all. He shivered at the horrible memories of his past failed experiments: Rock em' Sock em' Kittens, the Forget Me Bomb, the Equestinator...that was one memory lane he certainly didn't wish to go down again. But through his trial and error, Megamind had learned that is at first you don't succeed, try, try again. "Perseverance is a virtue," he said to himself as he crouched under the desk to grab a wrench. He tightened a loose bolt, double checked the wiring on the printer, and plugged in the electrical cord. He ran excitedly to his swivel chair and swiveled to one of the monitors. Megamind opened a file, chose a document that he had to print, and hit the print button. Nothing happened. No printing, no sparks, not even a sound. Megamind swiveled over to the toaster. He made sure it was plugged in, it was. He poked it cautiously, nothing happened. "Perhaps you need to first use the toaster in order to get the whole thing functioning," pondered Megamind. He ran over to the cupboard and snatched four slices of bread. He placed them in the four toaster slots and pushed down the lever. A quick, painful, electric jolt ran up his arm. He quickly removed his hand and started running around the room, howling in pain. "Damn you vile machinery! Electrocuting monster! OW! OW! OW!" The buzzing sensation would linger in his arm for days to come. "I will tame you beast! Mark my words! I have dominated machinery much more advanced and elaborate that the likes of you, Toaster." sneered Megamind.

"Spot! No. Put down the nice ladies handbag!" cried Minion , "No! Don't you dare! If you even think about eating it, I'll have Megamind reset you!" The brainbot bobbed slowly to the lady and spit out her red handbag. "Sorry for that," said Minion apologetically, "the brainbots haven't been fully re-programmed yet." The lady nodded understandingly and rushed away into a crowd.

"Dang it Spot! You have to behave if you ever want to accompany me on my errands again. "The brainbot faced down and gave an ashamed "Bwong".

"You see! That's not so bad. Now try to behave."

Minion walked the streets and the brainbot followed close behind him. The fish was headed to the City Hall, the Mayor wanted to speak with him. Checking his watch, minion realized that he was already late for their meeting because of Spot's little incident. Minion speed walked to the entrance and explained to the receptionist that he was here to meet with the Mayor. The receptionist pointed to his office and Minion entered. The slightly chubby man in a suit sat behind his desk arranging the metal plaque on his desk that said: MAYOR. "Well hello Minion!" said the Mayor combing his thick mustache, "Come, sit. We were just talking about you." The Mayor glanced over to a young, tall man. He had blonde shaggy hair, a top hat, and a clipboard. He stood up from his chair and offered his hand; Minion hesitated for a moment but then reached out and shook it. "Why don't you sit down?" asked the young man signaling to a nearby chair.

"No thank you, I prefer to stand," The fish turned to face the Mayor. "I thought you wanted to speak to me privately sir." Said Minion confused by the presence of the third party. "Ah yes," said the Mayor, "But that can wait till later."

"Then why did you ask me to come here?"

"Well this here young man," said the Mayor, signaling to the man with the top hat, "has a few questions for you. Mr…."

"Martins, Eugene Martins," interjected the young man.

"Yes, Mr. Martins is a journalist and he is writing an article about Megamind's transition from villain to protector of Metro City."

"Well then wouldn't it make more sense to interview Megamind?" asked the fish.

"I've tried contacting him on several occasions," said the journalist with a placid smile, "but he has yet to return any of my calls. This is understandable of course; Megamind surely must have a busy schedule. Anyways, all of the articles I've read are only about Megamind, so I thought it would be a little more original to write my article from your perspective, Minion.

"Oh, all righty then," replied Minion nodding his head cordially, "but what would you what to ask me?"

"Just a few questions," said the man with the clipboard, smiling from ear to ear, "Just a few questions."