Typhlosion in Heat

I have decided to mainly make short sex fanfics, different in style, most staring a Typhlosion.

(Before this fanfic starts, I KNOW that only female animals go into heat, but let's just say that male Pokemon can)

My best friend/Starter Pokemon was a Typhlosion.

I just turned 18 recently, and rented an apartment, where I now live with Typhlosion.

I was eating a bowl of oatmeal in the kitchen one morning, when I noticed something strange going on with Typhlosion. He walked…strangely, I can't really explain how he was walking, but it just looked like he was extremely uncomfortable.

"Mornin', Ty." I greeted as the Fire-Type walked in to the kitchen.

"M—Mornin'" Typhlosion replied, making a slight grunt, like he was in pain…

"Um… Ty? Are you alright? You seem…I dunno…uncomfortable." I asked, worried.

"Yeah…I-I'm okay…" he replied, softly.

Typhlosion made a strange, sudden growl… It kind of sounded…orgasmic…seductive. I always had feelings for my Typhlosion…so this sound he made…slightly aroused me.

Although I was aroused slightly from his growl, I got up, and walked over to him, putting one hand on his belly and the other on his back.

"Dude, seriously… you look bad…What's wrong…"

"I…I'm in heat…" I was a little surprised…"I'm a little…well, you know…" he seemed to really blush…

"Um…that's…Ty, if there is anything I can do to help, let me know, okay?" I asked, blushing at my own statement, I wanted him so bad…

Typhlosion embraced me in a big hug and wouldn't let go (as if I wanted him to). Suddenly, I felt something hard on my stomach… Typhlosion unhugged me, looked down at his large, erect penis, with a dot of clear pre-cum on the tip of it.

I tried to say something to him… but I was too shocked to do anything.

Typhlosion looked down and noticed my obvious erection through my jeans, and then kissing my neck, making me shiver.

"C'mon" he whispered in my ear as he took my hand and pulled me to my room.

Typhlosion pushed me onto my bed and quickly pulled my clothes off.

My heart was racing. I was about to lose my virginity to my own Pokemon…

I was kind of expecting him to kiss me more or something, but I knew that he was in a hurry to have sex and finish.

Typhlosion jumped on top of me, quickly flipped me onto my stomach and began to fuck my ass without any warning, and let me tell you, it burned like hell.

"Ty…It hurts…." I was in so much pain.

"Don't worry, I'm almost done."

What? That fast? Typhlosion pulled out and came on my back and asscheeks.

We finished the night softly kissing as he jerked my cock.

I fell asleep wrapped in Ty's arms.