Castle: Beckett's Security Blanket

Summary: "Damnit Kate I'm a man, not your personal teddy bear or security blanket. You can't just crawl into my bed every night and expect me to just lay there" Set in s4; Kate is forced to stay at Castle's place, and things could get awkward for our crime solving duo...

Chapter One: The Case Heats Up

A/N: First of all, I wanna say a HUGE thank you to all the readers who left me alerts for my first Castle fic "Punch Drunk Love" that I posted a few days ago. It was a one-shot so I wasn't able to thank everyone in the second chapter obviously, so thank you to all those people! It really blew me away to post a story before I went to bed and wake up to over 30 emails of alerts from you guys. You're all awesome!

Secondly, and onto this story, you'll have to bear with me in the beginning here folks. I need to set up the story and the beginning is a little angsty as I lay the background of how Beckett ends up staying at Castle's place. Now without any further adieu, please Enjoy…

Richard Castle stood in the break room at the 12th precinct; patiently waiting for his espresso to finish brewing to give him his much needed mid-afternoon pick me up. To say that this had been a rough week would be a grand understatement. This was not supposed to be the way this week panned out. The Nikki Heat movie had premiered five days earlier and had already hatched its first psychotic fan. At first it seemed like nothing, a few innocent phone calls to the precinct asking for Detective Heat and when Beckett would pick up she could hear nothing but heavy breathing on the other end. She safely assumed it was harmless pranking by some Castle super-fan who knew that Kate was the 'real' Nikki Heat and so she merely brushed it off.

Then, the e-mails started.

The first was simply a name; Jonathan Drake. No subject line and the sender's address was blocked. Seeing as the name meant nothing to her that she could come up with Beckett once again shrugged it off as possibly a mistake; perhaps an e-mail intended for someone else with a similar address to her own. That is until late that evening when she got a call about a body dropping; the body of one Jonathan Drake.

Hearing Esposito read the name from his notepad Kate's heart dropped into the pit of her stomach; something that didn't go unnoticed by either of the two detectives standing in front of her. Ryan had asked her if the name meant something to her and she quickly had to decide how to answer. She could either tell them the truth and risk Gates tossing her off the case, or keep it to herself until she felt the information had become more relevant.

"Kate, what is it? What's wrong?" the warm hand landing on her shoulder snapped Kate out of her reverie and she looked up to see Castle staring at her contemplatively.

She sighed. There was no use trying to keep this under wraps now. If her partner sensed something was up he would be bound-determined to get it out of her so no sense trying now she figured.

"Yeah, I heard the name this morning…" she began ominously and let out another heavy sigh before beginning into the details of the e-mail she had received as Esposito, Ryan, and Castle listened intently.

The four of them decided there was no need to involve Gates just yet; they had no way of proving that the Nikki Heat buzz was in any way connected to the anonymous email, so they figured why create a fuss over what could be nothing until they had a reason to believe otherwise.

The next day had come and Kate received a second anonymous email that simply read:

Sorry but this isn't one of your movies, Detective Beckett. You're never going to catch me. Even the great Nikki Heat couldn't stop this case from going cold. Happy hunting.

He was goading her. Daring her to come and find him. Kate was so angry she nearly threw her phone across the room when she was finished reading the email. Whoever this was knew who she was and clearly had no intentions of being stopped.

Gates had knocked off early that afternoon as she had a press conference to cover with the mayor regarding a previously solved case and rather than bothering her to fill her in on exactly what had been going on Kate figured there was no reason it couldn't wait until morning. A few unconvinced looks passed between Ryan, Esposito and Castle but they kept their opinions to themselves, knowing full well now was not the time to be arguing with Beckett.

It was 8pm when they hit yet another wall in their case and Kate finally agreed that it was time they all went home and looked at the case with fresh eyes in the morning. Castle walked her out and asked her at least a dozen times if she would be alright before finally depositing her into a cab; coming to the realization that he wasn't going to receive a fresh answer from her other than 'I'm fine'.

Castle watched the tail lights of the yellow taxi that carried his partner disappear beyond a corner before finally hailing a cab of his own. His heart was heavy and he stared blankly out the window as the taxi took him back to his loft. Kate had barely spoken to him the last few days. He knew she would never say it out loud because she would know better than anyone that he's feeling guilty enough over it as it is but the reason they were all in this mess was because of him.

Him and this stupid book, and this stupid movie.

He never considered the effects this could have on these people that he cared so much for. These people that had become his second family. Hell the last time someone got a little too 'Heat crazy' she had nearly been blown to bits in her apartment, and here he was practically egging these psycho's on by turning the book into a blockbuster movie; inviting even more psychopaths to the party.

What was he thinking?

"Sir?" the cabbie gave Castle a questioning look and he snapped out of his daze.

"This is it, right?" The cabbie had asked and Castle had to wonder how long had they been stopped outside his loft before he had become aware.

"I'm sorry, yes. Thank you" he flashed a quick apologetic smile and passed the cabbie a couple twenties, telling him to keep the change before exiting the cab and heading into his building.

"Hey Dad" Alexis happily greeted her father as he entered their quiet loft. He gave her a soft smile as she folded close the book in her lap and turned her attention to him.

"How was the day?" she asked, but the look in his eyes already gave away the answer to her query.

"What's wrong?"

"Just…" he sighed before continuing. "Rough day, that's all sweetie" he answered simply before bending down to place a kiss on top of her head. "How was your day?"

"Dad, come on" she sighed. She could read him easier than the novel currently sitting in her lap and he certainly wasn't giving her the whole story. She slid over a foot or so and patted the cushion next to her, inviting him to sit down and so with a heavy sigh, he did.

"Tell me what's going on. It's work isn't it?" Alexis questioned and Castle simply nodded.

"Well is everyone okay? Did something happen?" Her questions came quickly and there was no hiding the concern in her tone and Rick didn't know how much to reveal to her, as he quite honestly didn't know too much himself.

"It's just a case sweetie; apparently the Heat movie premiere hatched some superfan who we think might be linked to our case, but we don't know exactly for certain yet"

"Dad, you're not blaming yourself for this are you?" She asked concerned. His eyes simply dropped to the floor and she frowned before placing her hand on his shoulder.

"You can't keep blaming the psycho's of the world on your books dad. What did Gram's tell you? If it's not you, it's some other person's work that sets someone off. You're not responsible for what other people do. Everyone knows that, including Beckett and all the other guys down at the precinct. You're the only person blaming you"

He gave her a small smile. He often wondered how he got so lucky to be blessed with such a smart, caring, and intuitive daughter. He wrapped an arm around her shoulders and pulled her against him for a long hug.

"I know sweetie. Thank you" he spoke into her hair and then placed a quick kiss to her forehead.

"I'm going to go to bed" he announced as he released his hold on her and stood up from the sofa. "Don't stay up to late okay?"

"Kay Dad" she smiled sweetly at him. "G'night"

"Night sweetie"

With that Castle began making his way to his bedroom; stopping just outside the door when his phone buzzed to life in the inside pocket of his blazer.

"Ah Beckett" he answered his phone with a smile. "Calling to have me read you a bed time story?" he teased. Alexis had made him feel slightly better, the least he could do he figured was to try and pay it forward, but when he was met with nothing but silence on the other end of the line he knew something was wrong and it was no time for jokes.


"Castle…" Finally, she spoke and he wanted to breathe a sigh of relief but the quiver in her voice only made him tense further.

"I, I need you to come get me" was all she said and Castle practically bolted out of the loft; leaving an overwhelmingly confused and concerned Alexis behind to speculate.

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