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Flashing lights blotted out the twinkling stars in the sky as the curtains were just being pulled up. An aging man with sleek graying hair stepped up on the stage with a microphone in his right hand. He flashed his pearly whites at the camera and focused his eyes on the crowd.

"My name is Mr. Charles Price and I am the host of Poketopia's 50th Grand Tournament!" He announced. "Every year, ten trainers from each region are randomly selected to take part in this amazing experience. This year however, in honor of my little girl's eighteenth birthday she will be one of Kanto's representatives. Let's give a warm welcome to my daughter, Lea Price!"

The lights shined on to the female figure standing at the back of the stage. She had dark brown hair that just reached past her shoulder blades and piercing green eyes. Lea had snow-white skin and rose-red lips. Overall, she looked like a model. The audience applauded and cheered as the goddess figure strutted up beside her father who beamed at Lea with such pride.

Lea smiled and waved to the crowd. She snatched the microphone from her father's hand and held it to her mouth. "I'd like to thank my Daddy for letting me join in on this year's tournament! I'm sure it'll be a blast!" Lea handed the device back to her father before throwing another smile at the audience and walking off stage.

"Now, I won't give away to any of this year's challengers or the events that will be held here, but I just want to say that this year will be one of the hardest, challenging and spirit breaking competitions ever. You will need quick wits and knowledge to conquer this year," Mr. Price exclaimed. He gave the crowd another smile before he backed off the stage.

"May the luck of Arceus be ever in your favour."

When the clock struck twelve, ten Dragonite messengers took flight and left the island which is Poketopia. Each stuck in pairs and flew off to their own region, handing out the invitations to the Grand Tournament.

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Somewhere in Kanto, a fiery spirit was up and about. She wanted to be more than a shadow, an echo in her sisters' talents. Her dream was to show the world she was better than them, that she had talent too. Her entire life, she was known only as a gym leader and that was her only other claim to fame. And when that light tap from the window came, the girl knew she would get her chance to show the world what she was capable of.

The redhead rushed to her bedroom window and pulled it up. There hovering above ground was one of Poketopia's Dragonite messengers. It had a friendly shine in its eyes as it handed the creamy envelope to the girl before taking off.

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For Hoenn, everyone was either sound asleep or preparing to go to sleep. In the backyard of her father's gym, she was fast asleep on the soft grass. Curled beside her was the sleeping form of her Glaceon. Her chest rose with each breath and gradually fell when she exhaled. Deep in slumber, even the quaking feel of a Dragonite didn't rouse her. It slipped the envelope between the girl and Glaceon before quickly flying away.

Glaceon's cold eyes peered out in the darkness as soon as the Dragonite left. It slowly padded up to the letter and sniffed it. Glaceon perked with interest as it registered its trainer's name on the envelope; May Maple.

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It wasn't midnight in Sinnoh, but it certainly was two hours past. A young man was busily putting in some quick late night training with his Pokemon. Although he was focused on training his Pokemon, the thundering sounds of a Dragonite did not go unnoticed.

Intimidated by the man's gray soul searching eyes, the Dragonite stopped a few meters away from the training session. It dropped off the envelope as quick as it could manage and flew away just as fast.

The man sighed. He held off the session as he went to retrieve the mail. He ripped open the contents and skimmed through the letter. He scoffed at some parts of the letter, but smirked in the end. A competition was what he needed to brighten his life. After winning the Sinnoh League twice in a row, there was really nothing for him to do.

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In the fields of Pallet Town, a nineteen year old man lay on his back and stared up at the stars. He deserved a moment of rest. For the past week, he was in Johto helping Professor Elm on his research. Since he came back to Kanto, he was given another assignment; in Unova.

His Umbreon nuzzled its head in the man's palm and purred reassuringly as if it could sense its trainer's weariness. Umbreon curled up beside the man; its yellow rings glowed lightly.

A Pokemon in the sky zoomed by quickly without a moment of rest. From it, an envelope gently floated down where it landed on the young man. He picked up the envelope and smirked. This was what he needed to get out of field work for the next few days, perhaps week. The letter seemed to have taken his interest even more when he found out what it was; an invitation to the Grand Tournament.

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