Whee!!! I just watched Star Wars:Episode Two..^-^ now I'm inspired. Behold!! A derranged fanfic!! The cast of Yu-Gi-Oh watches Episode Two!! My first Yu-Gi-Oh fanfic! Gomen, I don't have spellcheck so I may mess up some spellings...Also Ryou will be used to refer to..well, Ryou, and Bakura will be used to refer to his yami. As always, positive comments and constructive criticism are welcome. Flames on the other hand, will be used to toast marshmallows and to chase Yami Bakura around with. *insert insane fanfic writer cackle*

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Yu-Gi-Oh! :The attack of the Yami(s) (Or 'The cast of Yu-Gi-Oh! watches "Episode Two" with near-disasterous results')

Friday night, at a movie theater in an undisclosed location (N-bk(Noodle-Brained Kitsune):Legal matters you se- Yami:Get on with it already!!!They're here for the fic, not paragraph long author notes!! N-bk: ~.~ ..okay..Sheesh, you're no fun.), two teenagers waited in line for tickets for what looked to be a promising movie. One could almost have sworn they were twins, with the exception of one being taller than the other.

" I can't wait to see the movie!! I've been waiting to see it ever since Episode One came out!!! "

Yami looked at his aibou, who quite frankly looked as if all his dreams had come true. He shook his head. How Yugi was so obsessed with this 'Star Wars' was beyond him. His fanaticism of the series was second only to Duel Monsters, which was by no means a small feat. Yami furrowed his brow in thought. He'd never even seen the movies before this one...why was he even here??

" Oh, right...," he said aloud to no one in particular (Though a fly did hear him and really didn't care.)," Aibou used puppy eyes...." Yugi may not have been the tallest,or the stongest person Yami knew, but he did have some heck of a puppy dog look. Forget brawn. When you've got the ability to make eyes that would make even Bambi jealous, and turn people to mush in seconds,you've got everything.

" Hey Yug'! Hey Yami!" Yami turned up from his musing to look at the group coming towards them.

" Hi guys! " Yugi said happily greeting his friends.

" Ready to see Episode Two? "

" You bet Joey! I wouldn't miss it for the world!"

Any further discussion was ceased as a white haired boy ran up to them, dragging what appeared to be his twin, disregarding the discrepancy between the two's expressions, one cheerful and one decidedly surly.

Téa smiled at the two newcomers...Well,Ryou at least. "Hi Ryou!"

"Hi everyone!" Ryou said cheerfully beaming at everyone. "I'm so happy that I was able to get to tonight's showing of Episode Two! I was afraid I'd be too busy!"

Yugi nodded. " I can't wait to see the new vehicles and devices they'll have!"

Tristain grinned." I want them to show Jengo Fett's Slave-One! That is the best ship in all the movies combined!"

"No kiddin'," Joey said agreeing. "It leaves the others in the dust!"

Yugi and Ryou looked afronted by the thought.

" No way! The Millennium Falcon is much more better!"

"The Millennium Falcon won't even be in the movie I bet!"

"It's still the better ship!"

And soon the boys were in deep debate, comparing the starship specs, manuverability,etc. of the Slave-One and the Millennium Falcon. As it was looking at the moment, the supporters of the Millennium Falcon were ahead.(N-bk:Millennium Falcon!! Millennium Falcon forever!! Muwah!! Yes,I am sadly biased. ^^;;)

Téa simply nodded and smiled with the conversation, not really understanding it all to well. She just came along because the actor that played Anakin in the movie looked sooooooo cute in the trailers! And don't get her started on Obi-Wan's actor....

Meanwhile the two yamis glared. They kept on glaring. Then they glared some more. Then the authoress looked down briefly from the sky told them that they'd better stop glaring and get on with the story.

And without further delay, the story continued.

Yami noted inwardly with a grim satisfaction that Bakura was hardly 'happy' to be here. Before he could ask what so compelled him to even come along, Bakura answered in a disgruntled manner.

" He threatened to break the ring, melt it down, have it cast into various jewelry and distributed to all the four corners of the earth if I didn't comply. "

"Ah...I see.." Yami said, wondering if Bakura wasn't affecting Ryou at least a teensy bit. He shook his head and followed Téa and the debating boys as they all went to get tickets.

With a small,uncharacteristic 'You-win-some-you-lose-some' shrug, Bakura followed as well.

A few minutes later, Seto Kaiba walked to the line, holding on to the hand of an extemely enthusiastic Mokuba.

"Yay! We get to see Episode T-wooooo!!" Mokuba chirped in a sing-song voice.

"Yes Mokuba, we'll see it..," Seto said trying to calm down the bundle of energy. He suddenly froze, spotting Yugi and company.

"Oh no.....,"he muttered.

"Mokuba, how about we see the movie tomorrow...maybe when it's not so crowded?"

The boy stopped in mid-skip and stared at Kaiba for a few minutes.

"If you don't let me see it tonight big brother, I'll be very, very, sad. You don't want me to be sad,do you?" Mokuba looked up at Seto with big, round, teary eyes. The kind that tugged at the heartstrings and turned you to a pile of blubbering goo.

If you thought Yugi's puppy eyes were bad.....

"Fine, we'll go watch it....," Seto said, trying to look away from 'The eyes'.

"Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!! We're gonna see the moooooviee!"

Kaiba sighed and followed a cheering Mokuba to get tickets. Why him?

If he only knew.......