His heartbeat grew faster and faster as Vanilla approached the bed. She kicked off her high-heeled shoes off on her way there.
"You said you were a loser, right? Well, I'm about to make you feel like a winner.":9
In a panic, Tails pulled the cover over his head. Vanilla put her hands on her hips and frowned.

"No, no, Tails," she said, "this won't do at all!" Tails didn't move. He turned away from where Vanilla stood
and stayed quiet. He heard some shifting noises and suddenly felt the warm embrace of another body.
"W-wha? When did you.."
Vanilla had lifted up the sheet and slid under the cover with him. "Gotcha!" She had her slender arms around his chest, holding the back
of his head snugly against her breasts.

"Ohoho, crap! This can't be happening! This can NOT be happening to me!"
"I like you a lot, Miles. I have for some time, indeed. How is that hard to believe?"
"But...when? How?"
Vanilla was growing impatient. "This really isn't the time for details, Miles. We really should get started."
She moved her hand down Tails' chest, getting closer to his waist. Then she gave one of his ears an enticing lick,
and followed up to nibbling playfully on it. Tails shuddered, feeling his body get hard below the belt. Vanilla
responded by holding him even tighter. "Oh, Miles. You make me feel like a horny school schoolgirl!"

That was it. Tails was unable to bear the heat acting on his body any longer. With all his strength, he broke free of
Vanilla's grip. He frantically crawled out from under the cover and fell off the bed, making contact with the floor. Hurt,
but still able to move, he turned himself over on his back. He looked up to see Vanilla looking down at him. He could see the
sadness in her eyes.
"W..why? Why won't you love me back, Miles? Am I being too assertive?"
"Love? Did you say...love? This isn't love! This is LUST! Pure and unadulturated LUST!"
Vanilla put her finger to her lips and gave Tails a funny look. "But don't you want to know what a real woman feels like?"
"Well, I...hmm." Tails thought about it for a minute. He wasn't a kid anymore. He was 25 years old since two months ago, and life
was passing him by. All he did was tune-up his machines and work on new inventions for battling Eggman. Meanwhile, Sonic's been busy
spending more time with Amy, and Knuckles keeps tagging along with Rouge on jewel heists. None of them had the time to hang out with Tails
anymore, and his life had hit a rut. Working on his next generation Tornado-3 planes was the only thing that kept him occupied. But thanks to Eggman,
there was nothing left. He dreaded the thought of having to rebuild the Tornado again from scratch.
"Hmm. I still dunno. I...feel like I want to. But...you see, Ms. Rabbit.."
"I..I mean, Vanilla. I just...don't know how to do this. I've never done this sort of thing before."
A sly grin formed on Vanilla's face.
"Then let me show you how." She pushed the cover off and patted a spot for him on the bed.
"Come on.."

Still nervous, he got back on the bed and sat down. She told Tails to lay on his back and spread his arms apart. He obeyed, but remained stiff
as a board. Vanilla let out a groan. "You need to relax, Miles. Huh..I know!"
Vanilla stood up over Tails, took two steps forward, then sat slowly squatted down on top of him. She wedged her thighs on the sides of his legs and
got comfortable. Then she interlocked her hands in his. She grinded her hips on his lap back and forth, keeping a steady rhythm. Then she began
moving her hips left, then right in a circular motion. "Oooh," she moaned. "This is good. Really good!" Tails could feel it, too. His body loosened up
a great deal. He couldn't help but moan in pleasure too as he felt he felt himself get hard. Tails bit his lip.
It was official: Tails had a boner. The tip of his manhood was held down by the weight of Vanilla's buttocks.

"It's not as big as I thought it'd be," said Vanilla, "but I don't mind. As long as it's you, I love it." Vanilla released her grip on Tails and stood up again,
taking in the gaze from Tails' eyes as she unfastened the straps on her bra and threw it over her shoulder. Then she slid off her white lace panties and
stretched them wide. She giggled as she marveled at the durability of her panties. Then she got an idea. She got down on top of Tails again and
handed him her panties. "Here, breathe in the scent. You'll like it, I promise!"
Tails gave her a questionable look, but decided to do it anyway. He brought it up to his nose and sniffed it a little. Just then, Vanilla pushed the pair of panties right
into his face. Tails got a full whiff of those undies.
"Mmmmf!" He pushed them off his face and threw them away. "Hey! What was that for? Are you trying to kill me?"

In beastly anger, he grabbed Vanilla's shoulders and pulled her closer. His anger turned cold when he noticed a certain part of his body get warmer;
he was directly on top of Vanilla's lips of paradise.
Vanilla laughed. "I knew your instincts would kick in. You know what to do next, right?"

She was right. He did know what to do.

He looked up...deep into Vanilla's eyes. They were brown..and so very beautiful. He wrapped his arms behind her head, just under
her lopped-ears, while she held on tight to his head. Fueled only by raw desire, they pushed their lips together. Their tongues danced,
mixing the taste of Vanilla's sandwiches in Tails' mouth with the leftover flavor of oolong tea in hers. Keeping his hands on the sides of
her waist, he hoists her up, putting him in the perfect position to suckle on her breasts. Cupping them together in his palms, he tastes
her sweet nipples, which were now totally hard. She gives him soft kisses on his forehead, not knowing how much weight she now had on
his twin tails. Tails tilted his head back and cried out in pain.

Sensing something was wrong, Vanilla stopped.

"Oh, dear! Miles, are you okay?"
"M-me? I'm great. Nothing's wrong..hrmm!" Tails didn't want to ruin his first (and probably last) chance at sex. "Let's keep going! Erk!"
Vanilla then realized what was wrong. "I see. Seems I'm heavier than I thought!"
"No," Tails insisted, "you're as light as a feather, Vanilla! Light as a feather!" It was hard for him to lie as he stared at those bombshells she called breasts.
But Vanilla shook her head. "No dice, Miles. We have to stop. If we keep this up, your tail will be in even worse condition and would take weeks to heal."
"I wouldn't mind staying with you and Cream a little longer."
Vanilla's face lit up. She was blushing bright red. "You...want to stay? With me?"
Tails nodded. "I'd love to, if you'll have me."
She didn't know what to say. "I'd love that, too, Miles."
"So...are we still doing this, or.."
"Sorry, Tails. I just can't do this with you in such bad shape."
Tails was disappointed. But then, Vanilla leaned in and gave him a long, passionate smooch.
"But I swear, the minute you're okay, we'll get down to business. And then I can teach you...how to really make love."
Though still a little hurt, Tails was okay with this. He sighed, but gave her a smile.
"Alright, I guess that works, too. So, I suppose you'll be leaving now."
"Huh? What are you talking about, Miles?"
"Well, it is late. Past midnight, I think. And you'll want to get to bed."
Vanilla giggled. "Silly Miles. I'm already in bed! With you." She reached over Tails' body and got the cover that she'd thrown off the bed.
She draped it over Tails and got in with him under the cover, holding on tight to his chest.
"I still want more, too. But being with you tonight suits me fine. How about you, Miles?"
Once more, Tails looked into those lovely brown eyes. He couldn't agree more.
"Yeah, you're right, Vanilla. Being with you like this...I don't want it to end."
"Me either." Vanilla lets out a tired yawn. "Mmm...Goodnight, Miles."

Then Tails put his arms around Vanilla's waist, burying himself in her breasts and slowly fading off to sleep.