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Chapter 3: Operation Fortune.

One week after hiring Natasha Fairs, present day, 8:30, skies above Paris, Caduceus Mobile Command.

"Operation Fortune is a go. I repeat, Operation Fortune is a go."

"Alright guys, fortune favors the bold," I say, rousing the morale of my troops.

24 hours ago, Secret Caduceus Base, Andorra.

"Commander, it is my professional opinion that we have to deliver a knock-out blow to Phantom Task immediately. There is no doubt that they are using combat data we delivered to them to increase their combat capabilities against both IS units and conventional forces. To delay taking them out would be to allow them to be turn into a greater threat to us," advises Bryce. Apparently, he is very eager to tie up loose ends. His suggestion always has the most military sense after all.

"Boss, I think we can afford to take it easy. What's more important right now is we increase our knowledge of IS design and production. This will be more useful for us in the long term. I suggest we steal the IS [Golden Wings], a new prototype IS made by the US. Not only will this jump start our IS research, this will also allow us to produce prototype IS units utilizing our technology," counters Alex. As usual, his opinions are always geared towards the pursuit of knowledge and technology. Figures, since he is a genius in his own right, developing a practical biocomputer unit on his own. He's always eager to incorporate new tech.

"Boss, we need money and capital to run our operations. Yes, there is a military and a long term threat, but in the short term, we need funds. If we don't solve our funding problem soon, we will not be able to sustain future operations anyway. Now, because you have decided it to be too risky to reveal some of our technologies right now, I propose an alternate solution. The Dunois Corporation has always been in the tethering brink of being obsolete to foreign competitors. A nudge is all that it takes to send the value of their stocks to the ground. I propose we raid the main Dunois lab, taking their technology and burning the rest. This will be the nudge we need to push down the stocks to the ground. Then, we will proceed to buy up a majority of the Dunois stocks and liquidate the company's physical assets, allowing us to reap a huge profit with relatively little investment. I have already prepared the initial investment money we need," proposes Gray. He's kinda right. We do need money to sustain our operations and high-tech research.

"Commander, I have to support Alex's proposition. After all, just like you said, knowledge is power. I believe the long term benefits of stealing [Golden Wings] will far outweigh its short term problems," says Natasha. That, and you really want your new IS, right?

"I have to support Natasha on this, brother," support Callista. Within a week, Callista and Natasha seem to have already built a deep friendship. This is great. She's having a semblance, not matter how small, of a normal life.

I stare at my FDG for a while. I slide and access some information here and there, read a few sentences, and so forth. Suddenly, it occurs to me that I don't have to choose.

"We can do all three altogether," I finally say. I throw a devious smile at my subordinates.

"Look here," I say while activating a holographic display of a parade, "There will be an IS parade soon in Paris, sponsored by the French government and secured by Dunois [Revive] IS units. According to the information given by Phantom Task, the US government is going to secretly move [Golden Wings] to an underground IS research facility in Paris during the parade. Apparently, the US and France is trying to deepen their political ties, a brilliant move on both sides, given that the US needs to be able to exert more influence in Europe and given that France needs to bolster its IS research to catch up with the rest of Europe. The parade is apparently a smokescreen to misdirect the media from the visit by the US military. Needless to say, since Phantom Task also has this information, they will also attempt to steal [Golden Wings]. Given the high security of the parade, they will doubtless deploy a large IS force in an attempt to steal [Golden Wings]. What we have to do is simple…"

"Sorry for interrupting, but how are we supposed to steal the IS? It is too heavily guarded during transit, so we can't steal it then, at least not without excessive casualties. We can't steal when it's in the underground research base either. In both cases, we simply have too little knowledge on the French defenses. I have no doubt that Phantom Task has deliberately withheld such information from us to prevent us from stealing the IS before they do," asks Bryce. A very valid question, however…

"I was just getting to that. We don't have to steal the IS from the French. We can let Phantom Task do it for us, and we'll just have to steal the IS from Phantom Task during their transit. Here's the plan: First, we let Phantom Task engage the French security forces, and let them steal the IS for us. Then, we engage the French security forces, consisting primarily of [Revive] units, and the Phantom Task IS units, and destroy them. This will severely damage the reputation of Dunois, sending their stock to the ground and allowing the launch of our corporate raid. This will also severely damage Phantom Task's combat abilities, delivering a knock-out blow to them, at least for the time being. Our last move is to steal [Golden Wings] while Phantom Task is transporting it to their hideout. It should not be hard, given that by this point we would have destroyed most of their fighting force anyway. See, all three objectives completed. Any objections?" I conclude.

A resounding no echoes in the room.

"Perfect. I'll draft the battle plan. All of you, prepare all CELL assets for deployment."

Everyone leaves for their assigned jobs.

I access the intel button on my FDG. A map of the Paris appears, showing the location of the parade as well as a list of military defenses. There are some military defensive assets utilized by both the French and the US that catches my eye. Long range missiles, launched from ground based installations, each secured by at least a dozen CIWS fortified turrets. It seems that they have learnt from their humiliating defeat in Operation Starfall. As long as those long range missiles installations exist, I cannot safely deploy ACDs against the French Security Forces.

It seems that I have to deploy War Wolves Commandos after all.

Present day, 8:35, skies above Paris, Caduceus Mobile Command.

"War Wolves, deploy at alpha and move to your respective targets," I command. Callista, instead of being my Chief of Staff, is now assigned to supervise and command the IS retrieval force, consisting of 2 War Wolves squads and an IS pilot, Natasha, to hijack [Golden Wings].

8 War Wolves squads immediately deploy from their respective DEVACs to point alpha, the designated deployment area. DEVACs are stealthy, Mach 12 capable aerial platforms designed to ferry infantry anywhere across the world. The name is really just a portmanteau of DEployment and eVACuation. War Wolves are commandos that I deploy to do precision strikes against enemy targets. Most of them are young veteran Special Forces troops from the old battlegroup I once commanded, Battlegroup 4. They're all probably in their 20s to 30s. They're equipped with optical and thermal stealth, so they should be able to disable the enemy air defenses without alarming the entire enemy force.

"This is Saber, moving to target Charlie."

"This is Rapier, moving to target Delta."

"This is…

One by one, the War Wolves squads say their respective squad call signs and their targets.

"Commander, this is Crossbow detachment. Permission to proceed to positions?" Callista asks.

"Crossbow detachment, you have the green light. Bryce, are you there?"

"Yes commander. Is there a problem?" Bryce answers me through the intercom.

"Bring my sister back alive."

"Yes sir."

A warning sound suddenly resounds throughout my mobile command. I redirect my attention to the main holographic display, depicting the map of the parade and everything within a 10km radius. A red dot emerges from beyond the map, engaging the yellow dots already in the map. The red dot represents the Phantom Task IS unit, while the yellow dots represent the French IS units. The red dot approaches the yellow dots floating above the battlespace. Phantom Task is engaging the Security Forces.

"Calling all units… Phantom Task is moving. Proceed with caution. Crossbow detachment, move to your position."

I stare at the holographic display one more time.

"Control, give me a satellite image visual. ID the Phantom Task force."

"Sorry, sir, we can't give you a visual. We can give you a thermal and a multistatic radar scan in real time, though."

"Do it."

"Yes sir."

Another holographic screen pops up beside the main holographic display. It shows the thermal scans of the Phantom Task IS force.

"Sir, we have identified the Phantom Task IS. Judging by its thermal signature, it's the [Silent Zephyrs]."

Deploying their elite so soon? Interesting, I really wonder how one IS is going to beat three French IS squadrons.

Just as I was thinking it, four yellow dots suddenly disappear. An entire squadron of French IS units destroyed already? What the hell is that?

The yellow dots from across the map immediately move to the site of battle. The US IS units moving in to assist their French allies. The red dot immediately pulls back with impressive speed. So that was a distraction? Interesting.

"Sir, more Phantom Task IS units, three in total, is emerging from beyond the map. They're arriving from the North and are moving to the [Golden Wings]."

Damn it. I assumed they're going to try something more subtle than that. This is bad. The US and French IS units are still in pursuit of the [Silent Zephyrs].

"Control, Can we ID them?"

"Negative, sir. We don't have their thermal signature on our database."

Damn it.

"Crossbow detachment, come in," I say to the intercom.

"This is Crossbow detachment commander. What's up brother?" Callista replies.

"Are you getting this?" I ask.

"Yes I am. Three Phantom Task IS units, right?"

"Bryce, are you there? I need your professional opinion on this."

"Bryce here, commander. We are equipped with IS-RSV Launchers, so we can engage those IS units at 50 meters or less. The problem is their numbers. We have two full squadrons of War Wolves squadrons, each squad equipped with a single IS-RSV Launcher. With stealth, we could ambush them as they are engaging the conventional guards guarding the transit station. The problem is that they would notice immediately. My most optimistic tactical analysis projects a 90% casualty rate if we do engage."

"Permission to speak, Commander?" Natasha asks through the intercom.


"We can win this in a different way. The [Golden Wings] is located inside an armored truck. Using stealth, we can sneak in while the Phantom Task forces are engaging the US security forces. Then, I will pilot the [Golden Wings], and we'll engage the Phantom Task forces that way. I believe this will improve our chances."

"Bryce, tactical analysis?"

"Assuming we can ambush and take two of them out before they engage the [Golden Wings], this plan may possibly result in zero casualties for our own. However, if we fail to take two of them out, Natasha will be in a great disadvantage having to fight two or more enemies at once, due to a few reasons. First of all, the IS [Golden Wings] needs to optimize itself first, and this will take at least ten minutes. Second, the enemy force may fire at our commandos just to distract Natasha, meaning we will actually be more of a burden than an advantage. There are great risks, but if we pull this through correctly, we can achieve an overwhelming victory."

"Your call, Callista."

"Let's do this! All Commandos, move to your ambush positions!"

Present day, 9:30, skies above Paris, Caduceus Mobile Command.

"Control, status report."

"Gladly, commander. I'll start with our own status. We have captured all 8 enemy missile installations. Our Commandos have sustained light injuries but no casualties. Broadsword and Katana requests resupply if possible. Both Crossbow detachment Commando squads are outside the armored car, waiting for the enemy, and Callista, Natasha and Bryce have already entered the armored car. Now for the US and French status. 4 French IS units are disabled as well as 2 US IS units while engaging the [Silent Zephyrs]. We have wiped out the meager resistance guarding the missile installations. Phantom Task has wiped out the forces defending the armored car. Now for the Phantom Task status. [Silent Zephyrs] have sustained heavy shield damage but is still operational. The three Phantom Task IS units have sustained superficial shield damage."

"Damn. I expected the [Silent Zephyrs] to be destroyed by now."

"Sir, incoming unidentified units approaching!"

I direct my attention to the main holographic screen. 6 white dots are engaging the [Silent Zephyrs].

"Can we ID the newcomers?"

"Negative, sir. We don't have their thermal signature on our database either."

This is bad. Too many unidentified units will expose my own forces to unnecessary risk.

"May I interrupt for awhile, boss?" a voice resounds through the intercom.

"Alex? What do you have to say?" I ask back. Alex rarely intervenes in a military situation.

"I have a solution to your ID problem. You see, I have taken the liberty of launching a prototype spy satellite to space. This satellite is virtually undetectable, equipped with thermal dampeners and metamaterial optical camouflage, and is also equipped with a new LIDAR-RADAR hybrid detection system to give a visual view of the battlespace. However, the satellite can only take a view of the battlespace for 15 seconds, primarily because using the LIDAR-RADAR hybrid will reveal the satellite's position to enemy conventional and IS units, thus making the satellite vulnerable," explains Alex.

15 seconds is barely enough, but it is better than nothing.

"Alright, so how do I activate the system?"

"I have sent the activation codes to your Handheld. Just call the number I sent you and the system will immediately stream the visual to your holographic display for a full 15 seconds."

"Alright. Control, do an internet image cross search on the unidentified newcomer and the unidentified Phantom Task IS units the moment we have visual."

"Roger that."

"Control, visual is streaming in five… four… three… two… one… visual is streaming," I count down. Every second has to be used wisely.

"Commencing internet image cross search sir."

I wait for a few seconds, anticipating the results.

"We have identification. The six newcomers are here to assist the French/US force. They are from the IS academy. Their ISes are: [Blue Tears], [Shen Long], [Schwarzer Regen], [Raphael Revive Custom] and two unidentified units. It seems that the last two units aren't even revealed yet. The Phantom Task IS forces are all [Xi Long] units, mass produced variants of the Shen Long. Sir, I have confirmation that the [Blue Tears] and [Raphael Revive Custom] is equipped for long standoff ranges, having a longer ranged laser sniper rifle and a long range missile launcher respectively. Our drones may not be able to effectively defeat them."

I see that they have learnt from their mistakes beyond what I anticipated. With the assets I have at my disposal now, I can overwhelm one extreme range IS, but not two. The obvious solution is that I have to divide the enemy force and overwhelm them individually. I can call in reinforcements, but that would take too long.

"All units, report."

"This is Katana, we're in position."

"This is Rapier…"

All my units confirm their existence.

"Attention all units, we are enforcing Radio Silence after this message. I repeat, we are enforcing Radio Silence after this message. If you need to do any long range communications use light signals or smoke markers, anything but radio communications. This message is over."

"Sir, we have confirmation of Radio Silence. All units have silenced their radio."

"Good, Control, find the IS academy frequency range and deactivate our own radio encryption. Activate the Radio Deception protocol. We'll send them a message."

"Is that [Silent Zephyrs]" says Ichika, spotting the black IS warding off multiple friendly IS units.

"Yes it is. Let's get 'em!" replies Houki, getting pumped up to engage the black IS.

"static all Caduceus units, stay away from the Eiffel Tower. I repeat, all Caduceus units, stay away from the Eiffel Tower. We're going to nuke that tower and everything in a 20 Km radius to kingdom come with a huge nuclear truck bomb! We'll show those assholes whose boss!"

"Everyone, are you listening to this?" asks Charlotte to her team mates.

"Yeah we are! The IS units have intercepted communications from this 'Caduceus'. I don't care who these guys are, we can't let that nuclear bomb detonate!" replies Ichika, being a hero as always.

"We'll divide between us. Some of us will help the security forces attack [Silent Zephyrs], while the other team stops the nuke. Both teams will need long range support in case these Caduceus guys deploy their drones," proposes Laura, "If one team gets attacked by anti-IS drones, the other will quickly rendezvous with them. Dividing our anti-drone cover is risky, but it's the only choice we have."

"Alright. Ichika, Houki, Cecilla and Rin will attack [Silent Zephyrs]. I and Laura will stop that bomb," Charlotte adds in while already flying in the direction of the Eiffel Tower.

"Good luck!" calls out Cecilla and Rin.

"Be careful!" calls out Ichika.

"We will!"

"They're taking the bait, sir."

"Excellent. Control, fire a few decoy missiles at Champ de Mars. That should buy us some time while we set up an ambush. Additionally, send in a decoy truck near the Eiffel Tower with a huge 'Caduceus' logo written on it, and give a light signal using a fake news helicopter to Saber and Rapier to set up an ambush around our decoy truck."

"Will do, sir. Your missiles will be fired at ten seconds, and the rest of your instructions will be done in fifteen minutes."

Perfect. Well, the plan has met drastic alterations, but everything is working just fine.

"Brother, this is Crossbow Detachment breaking Radio Silence to make an emergency report. We have a problem here," Callista says through the intercom.

"Control, reactivate encryption and realign our frequency range for communications with Crossbow Detachment."

"Roger that, sir."

"Callista, what's the problem?"

"The US guys have locked the IS. Anyone not registered in their database cannot use the [Golden Wings]."

"Alright Callista, aim your HDG at the [Golden Wings]. Alex should be able to hack it through," I say, "Alex, are you listening in?"

"Yep. Hacking now, will be completed in roughly fifteen minutes."

"Bryce, do we have fifteen minutes?"

"I do not have an opinion on this matter. If necessary, I will buy time. Hopefully not though, I am not eager to fight psychotic, hormone-induced, teenage girls wearing nearly indestructible exoskeleton suits, although I have to admit they're wearing sexy skintight suits," he replies light-heartedly.

"Glad to see you developing a sense of humor, Bryce," I chide.

Present day, 10:45, skies above Paris, Caduceus Mobile Command.

"Sir, ambush is set up and [Schwarzer Regen] and [Raphael Revive Custom] is approaching the decoy truck. Rapier and Saber is in position."

"Thank you, Control. Signal to Rapier and Saber to spring the ambush whenever they deem appropriate."

"Roger that sir, sending commands via light signals from the news chopper."

"Sir, ambush has been sprung. [Schwarzer Regen] and [Raphael Revive Custom] is still active. The ambush has failed. Saber and Rapier is activating stealth and retreating."

"Alright then. Control, signal all War Wolves Commando squads to retreat. The battle is between our drones and the enemy IS units now."

"Yes sir."

"And Control, cancel Radio Silence and readjust all our communication frequencies to normal, and reactivate encryption for all communications. Also, call in the anti-IS drone squads."

"Yes sir, anti-IS drone squads will arrive in ETA 90 seconds."

"Inform the drone pilots to wait outside the engagement distances until further orders."

"Roger that sir."

Present day, 11:00, skies above Paris, armored car.

"We're screwed," Callista says.

"Not yet. I think we can still do this," replies Bryce, attempting to encourage Callista.

"How so? We're a few thousand meters above the ground, we need at least five minutes to activate the IS, those Phantom Task IS units are hoisting this armored car with us still in it to somewhere, and we have left our War Wolves commando support," explains Callista.

Bang! Bang!

"Oh, and the third Phantom Task IS unit is going to pry open the doors," she adds in.

"I think I can hold them off for five minutes. Formulate a plan to beat them then, or at least escape," replies Bryce.

"How are you going to do that?" asks Natasha, immobilized inside the IS [Golden Wings].


Bryce activates his optical camouflage.

The Phantom Task IS unit pries open the door and wrenches it apart. The pilot aims her laser handgun at Natasha.

Bryce reveals himself in front of the IS unit and redirects the hand gun up. The shot pierces the roof of the armored car. The IS unit attempts to decapitate Bryce by drawing its knife and swinging it edge first to Bryce's neck. Bryce ducks and the knife pierces the armored car's right wall. The IS unit attempts to wrench the knife out, but Bryce tackles the IS pilot on her abdomen before she can do so.

"Haaah. If I were doing this in a completely different situation, this wouldn't be bad at all. Having that said, you have a killer body, you know?" comments Bryce to the pilot he just tackled.

She responded by drawing another knife and attempting to kill Bryce with it. Bryce draws his handgun and shoots the pilot's head. The shield activates and blocks the bullet, and the bullet isn't strong enough to cause even superficial damage, but this momentarily distracts the pilot long enough for Bryce to vault over her head and hold on to her shoulders. The pilot tries to grab Bryce and get him of her back, but Bryce uses one hand to shoot the arms trying to grab him, pushing the arms away from him. He then shoots at the two other IS units. The IS units retaliate by shooting at him, but the IS unit between him and the other two acts like a shield. The IS pilot tries to redirect her leg thrusters to gain lift, but Bryce shoots the legs and pushes the legs back to prevent her from redirecting her thrust. The bullets might not be able to do any damage, but it can at least prevent the IS pilot from grabbing him or redirecting her thrust.

Bryce keeps shooting at the IS units to keep them distracted, at least until he runs out of bullets.

"Damn… I'm screwed."

Bryce attempts to escape by letting go of his shield and pulling out his parachute. The sudden air resistance break his fall and throws off the aim of the shooting IS units.

At least until they readjust their aim and shoot the parachute.

"Seriously! Seriously! Fuck this shit!" curses Bryce while free falling and plummeting to the ground. All three IS units aim at him now.

They miss. Natasha, in the [Golden Wings], charged and grabbed Bryce from the line of fire.

"Wow Bryce, I never knew you could actually curse!" chides Natasha.

"Where's Callista?"

"She said since the armored car's interior is made of aluminum and there's enough fuel, she can rig the armored car into a deflagrating bomb… whatever that is."

"A deflagrating bomb… a giant flash bang! Brilliant! Natasha, don't look at the armored car!"

While Natasha is dodging the fire from the three Phantom Task IS units, Callista jumps out and dives. Natasha activates [ignition boost] and grabs Callista. She then goes full speed to escape the enemy IS units.

The armored car explodes in a deflagrating concert. The combusting aluminum creates a lot of light and deafening sound. The enemy IS unit around the vicinity immediately gets stunned, buying Natasha a few seconds to escape. With the high speed of the [Golden Wings], a few seconds is more than enough to escape.

"Commander, note that [Silent Zephyrs] is no longer engaging and is in full retreat," Control informs me.

"Noted, control," I reply.

"Brother, this is Crossbow detachment; we have the [Golden Wings]. We're moving to the extraction point to secure the [Golden Wings]."

"Great job Callista, go to the extraction point and wait for further instructions. Any casualties?"

"None, brother. Gladius and Spatha moving towards the extraction point, and we have already arrived."

Finally, at least something that works well. I still have a problem, though. I have to prevent the [Raphael Revive Custom] from regrouping with the [Blue Tears]. It seems that I have to use a few dick moves to win this battle.

"Control, fire ten… no twenty decoy missiles at civilian concentrations around [Raphael Revive Custom] and [Schwarzer Regen]. Order the anti-IS drone squads to engage [Blue Tears] at 10 Km and maintain that standoff distance by orbiting around the enemy IS force. Have a manned scout maintain 12Km distance and tail the [Silent Zephyrs]. I plan to finish it off after defeating the enemy force above Paris."

"How about the three [Xi Long] IS units, sir?"

"Ignore them, but send in a manned scout and trail them if they attempt to retreat."

"Roger that sir."

"Sir, Katana and Broadsword are requesting covering fire. The [Xi Long] IS units discovered them and are attacking them. Sir, Saber and Rapier are delivering similar reports, as well as Falcata and Schiavona. It seems that all of our War Wolves Commandos are being attacked by the Phantom Task IS units. Most of them are suppressed and taking cover, while others are attempting to assist. Your orders, sir?"

"Hey Commander, are you seeing this?" Natasha calls out through the intercom.

"I am, Natasha. What do you have in mind?" I ask back.

"[Golden Wings] has already optimized itself. It's actually quite easy to use; I think it's just an upgrade of [Silver Gospel]. The AI isn't problematic, too. I'm going to give covering fire for the Commandos. Give me some drone support," replies Natasha. Well, since all my other units are tied up, what choice do I have?

"Boss, this is Alex. I think I can adjust the drones to take in signals from [Golden Wings] in order to maximize range. Basically, [Golden Wings] can act as an active recon while fighting those enemy IS units. Should I do it?"

"Do it. Natasha, you have a go, cover our Commandos. ACD reserves are on the way."

Present day, 11:30, skies above Paris, Caduceus Mobile Command.

"Sir, [Blue Tears] is down. We have lost four ACD units and one EDU. [Raphael Revive Custom] and [Schwarzer Regen] is reinforcing the enemy force. Our Commandos have safely extracted with heavy injuries but no casualties, nothing that would take them out for more than a month. Enemy Phantom Task force has been annihilated. Should we press the attack on the enemy force, sir?"

"Control, order all anti-IS drone squads to press the attack on the enemy force. Focus on [Raphael Revive Custom] and move on to defeat anyone else. Send the standalone ACDs that assisted Natasha to attack the retreating [Silent Zephyrs] off map. Nothing more than the complete defeat of the enemy can satisfy me now. Oh, and Control, since there isn't any more of my men's lives on the battlespace, I'm going to take a nap. Wake me up when the enemy is completely annihilated.

Finally… crises over… I need to visit my injured troops later.

Let's review what we have learnt… the IS-RSV Launchers are utterly useless. They have ridiculously limited range and dubious effectiveness. I'll need to find some other way to make my Commandos capable of engaging enemy IS units. On the bright side, I have learnt that apparently a combined arms force of IS units and ACD units are very effective in engaging enemy IS units. The friendly IS units can send in the locations of the enemy IS units in real time to the ACD units, allowing the ACD units to support with awesome firepower in extreme range. I'll look this up later. Also, I don't know why I haven't realized this yet, but flash bangs are very effective against IS units. Their hypersensors forces IS pilots to see in a 360 degrees vision, which is great except for the fact that now a flash bang in any direction can momentarily blind an IS pilot, not to mention the hypersensors increases the light sensivity of a pilot, so a flash bang will have more of an effect than normal.

Now I need a nap.

The operation is a success.


'Control' is not an actual person. It's just an AI used by the Commander to issue orders when there is no Chief of Staff.

Radio Silence, when used by the Commander, will deactivate all radio communications in favor of light or smoke signals. Usually done to prevent the enemy from detecting and locating friendly units via radio interception, but is also used to make Radio Deception more convincing.

Radio Deception, when used by the Commander, will flood friendly radio wavelengths with false information and commands. Usually done to deceive the enemy, friendly units must either use a different wavelength or alternatively not use radios at all. Although usually the enemy force has to be listening in to friendly radio wavelengths for this to be effectively used, it's possible to find the enemy wavelengths instead and send in the false information and command.

Units and Technologies:

War Wolves Commandos: Very skilled, high-tech infantry used by CELL for infiltration and direct action missions. They are very flexible, being able to engage any ground target with equal effectiveness, as well as very durable in combat. They move in squads of twenty, each consisting of four fireteams. There are fifteen squads in total.

Notable equipment:

Caduceus Combat Visor: Developed from WW3 combat visors, this visor allows the user thermal and night vision sight, as well as giving the ability to see through walls using a 30Khz Radio Wave emitter. Not used in this chapter, but will be important in the future.

IS-RSV Launcher: Designed by CARE and supposedly effective against IS units at 50m. Unfortunately, since IS units rarely enter 50m range to engage infantry, this weapon is nearly useless. Even at 50m range this weapon's reliability is dubious at best. The weapon is a coilgun firing a subsonic projectile that is coated with optical camouflage, thermal dampeners and radar absorbers, allowing the projectile to bypass the shields of an IS without being detected. The projectile will then force the targeted IS to activate its [Absolute Defense] system, thus depleting it of power. The problem is due to design constraints, the projectile isn't even aerodynamic, which causes a hell lot of problems for accuracy. Likely to be scrapped for future engagements.

Extra: Squad names are all based on swords. The squad callsigns are as follows: Rapier, Saber, Katana, Curtana, Longsword, Estoc, Claymore, Broadsword, Zweihander, Flamberge, Espada, Falcata, Uchigatana, Gladius and Spatha. Aside from Rapier, Saber, Gladius and Spatha, all the swords represent the dominant ethnicity of each squad, so the Claymore squad would originate mostly from Great Britain while the Katana squad would originate mostly from Japan. The four non-ethnic squads are mixed elites. Two of them, Gladius and Spatha, are assigned to the Crossbow Detachment.

Anti-IS Drone Squads: These are squads that consist of 3 Artemis Combat Drones and 1 Experimental Detector Unit. The ACD units now have rotating turrets, allowing them to attack while moving in any direction. The Experimental Detector Unit is really just an ACD unit with its weapons replaced with extra sensory equipment. An Anti-IS Drone Squad can effectively engage IS units at 10km distance with a maximum distance of 16km.