Author Note: This was my first Fan Fic, but I decided to give it a major overhaul and hopefully do the characters and the story line more justice this time around. I hope you enjoy.

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Thedas was known to Grace only through fiction. However a bizarre twist of fate and a magic as ancient as time was about to make it a reality.

Alone; walking towards home, eyes downcast due to the onslaught of icy rain Grace glanced up startled at what she initially thought was lightening. Her eyes widened in alarm and astonishment at the pulsating blue vortex that opened before her. She hesitated, common sense telling her this couldn't be happening. Glancing around she hoped to see some else; anyone, but the street was empty. The pulsing light increased and Grace felt a tug to her body, soft whispers threading through her mind drawing her irresistibly forward.

Fingers reaching out Grace experienced something like electricity ripple over her skin as she touched the energy. Shock replaced curiosity as searing heat and stabbing sensations filled her body. A gasp for breath made her shudder with pain; her lungs felt as though they were filled with ice preventing her screams, as her body felt as though it was pulled apart and remoulded. Images flashed through her mind; brief glimpses of something that looked almost like a dragon, before finally the pain gave way to a throbbing energy, which seemed to flow through her as though replacing her blood, before soothing darkness encompassed her.


Golden eyes locked on Grace as she lay unconscious. Nearly twenty years she had waited; they were but the blink of an eye in a lifespan such as hers, yet at times it had seemed an eternity to reach this point. Fingertips pressed to Grace's temples and her eyes lit with delight, such unacknowledged power resided within her. Pulling back she resisted the urge to force Grace to wake; she had waited this long, a few more moments would not matter.


Grace floated in darkness for some time before becoming aware of cold stone beneath her. Sitting up with a groan she glanced at her new surroundings. The walls around her shimmered with ice crystals, an eyebrow rising as she caught sight of her reflection. Her waist length; usually straight auburn hair was instead a mass of fiery locks that curled around her face and swept down her back, the colours seeming to shift and almost shimmer. Her skin was paler than usual; though no change to her body that she could see, it had remained curvaceous, but it was her eyes that held her transfixed. The honey colour had brightened to golden, reminding her of a bird of prey.

Tentatively she stretched and got to her feet feeling disorientated. The material that clothed her body was soft and pale blue and she inspected it curiously. It seemed a simple dress; high neckline, long sleeves and the hem whispering against the floor, but it felt almost alive. It hummed against her skin and she looked closely at the tiny silver threads that created intricate patterns, swirling against the soft blue. She felt lost in it and realised she was tracing the symbols with her finger, aware that they glowed faintly at her touch. She stretched her arms to relieve the cramp in her muscles and twirled through the room; the soft slippers on her feet making her dance noiseless. Feeling vaguely childish, she smiled to herself. Grace decided that as dreams go this one was pretty interesting so far, apart from the pain. A soft humming reached her ears and she cautiously followed the sound, stopping at the entrance to a larger cave.

An older woman was stood in the centre of the chamber; back to her, appearing to be reading an ancient looking tome. Grace gazed curiously at the woman she recognised as Flemeth, the apostate of legend, a character from a computer game she had found herself almost obsessed with. White hair was pulled into what resembled horns; bound with red strips of material, leaving the back length to sweep to just below her shoulder blades. She was wearing what appeared to be red dragon scale armour. Sharp metal gauntlets clothed her hands and dragon hide boots finished her outfit. This is one hell of a dream.

"This is reality child." Flemeth stated remaining with her back to Grace, her voice harsh and cold.

Grace stood stunned. Can the witch hear my thoughts! Grace get a grip this is a dream! Dream this may be, but it was unnerving none the less. However her curiosity was greater and she closed the gap between them. "This is a dream." Grace countered confidently.

Flemeth turned; her own golden eyes piercing and Grace found herself drawn into them, very aware of the darkness in their depths. Flemeth's lips twisted into a sneer. "So sure of yourself I see. So sure of what is reality and what is fantasy. Yours is not the only world; the only dimension, the only sphere of existence."

Grace met her look with one just as piercing. "How did I get here?"

"Magic. I would have thought that was obvious." Flemeth laughed then, although there was no mirth. "I have brought you here for a purpose. You have power; more than you can as yet conceive of, save a King and change a world." Flemeth pressed her hand to Grace's forehead a slight glow shimmering from her palm.

For one awful moment everything seemed to spin, memories fading and others coming into sharper focus. Grace tried to move; to fight against the weight pressing against her limbs, the urge to move receding as Flemeth spoke again.

"Remember all you know of Ferelden, of the Grey Wardens; their burden, their sacrifice and their honour."

Then the cave and Flemeth were gone and Grace found herself on a field staring out to a forest. It was night and droplets of rain bounced off her skin. She heard rustles and growls and stared in horror as Darkspawn emerged from the undergrowth. Glancing back she saw the army of men her blood turning to ice. "You have got to be kidding!"