Chancellor Palpatine aka Darth Sidious groaned as he scrolled down the data file just about ready to throw the datapad he was reading off of out the window, through the supposedly unbreakable glass if need be. Buried in all of the nigh interminable legalese that was drier than three week old toast which had been titled Contingency Orders for the Grand Army of the Republic: Order Initiation, Orders 1 Through 150 was the destruction of the Jedi Order which his secretive order had been trying to bring about for the thousand years since the breaking and rebuilding of the Sith Order.

He'd forgotten to ask which order was the one he so desired to give when his plans all came together, and was therefore forced to wade through all of the orders until he'd found the one he wanted. It shouldn't be too hard considering the fact that all of the clone troops under his command had to memorize all 150 of the contingency orders before they left Kamino.

If only the text were more interesting than something which closely resembled a sex manual written by a very pious and very elderly nun of one of the more repressed religions who'd never so much as glanced at a penis throughout her entire life which had then been translated into fifteen entirely unrelated languages, one after the other, and re-rendered into Basic before being run through a half mad computer at a law library...

3 Years Later:

The day had finally come. The day he'd been waiting for since he'd slain his master. Skywalker was now his apprentice as he had planned, and in moments the Jedi order would be no more. All that was left for him to give the order...

Which order was it again? He'd mostly repressed the day he'd spent trawling through the GAR Contingency Orders, but he vaguely remembered it being somewhere in the sixties...

Oh yes, now he remembered.

He confidently spoke into the communicator which would carry his order out to the troops throughout the galaxy and start the purge of the unsuspecting Jedi.

"Execute Order 65." he said.

There was a sense of confusion at this, but it was to be expected considering the amount of time the troops had loyally followed their Jedi Generals. Any second now, he would feel the betrayal and despair as the Light blinked out of the galaxy never to rise again.

Any second now...


Nobody was quite sure what happened, but by the end of the day, Chancellor Palpatine had been revealed to be a Sith Lord as he was killed by the 501st Legion in front of a number of Holonet News cameras, and Anakin Skywalker was off getting help that he desperately needed thanks to the damage that had been done to him by said Sith Lord and a number of traumatic events that had gone unresolved over the years.

When one of the Clone Troopers who had been involved in the incident was interviewed, he said "Well, we weren't sure whether or not we should have followed the order since it was only supposed to be issued either after a vote in the Senate or by the Security Council, but he's the Supreme Commander, and if he orders us to detain him, who were we to say no?"


Order 65: In the event of either (i) a majority in the senate declaring the Supreme Commander (Chancellor) to be unfit to issue orders, or (ii) the Security Council declaring him unfit to issue orders, and an authenticated order being received by the GAR, commanders shall be authorized to detain the Supreme Commander, with lethal force if necessary, and command of the GAR shall fall to the acting Chancellor until a successor is appointed or alternative authority identified as outlined in section 6(iv)