Familiars Never Cry

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Mission 1: An Elaborate Invitation

In the world of his where part of his heritage came from, a man in red sits lazily atop his motorcycle. Staying in this place where probably no living human will ever be able to withstand just by existing, the man in red scans the vast expanse looking for any signs of life, especially for one particular half-devil.

It has been a long time since he was trapped in this place, where his father, the Legendary Dark Knight Sparda was sort-of born, lived and even thrived before later siding with the human race. It was a really hard fight just to stay alive when he first got here. But after an indeterminable time, things got a lot easier as Dante's powers grew in leaps and bounds as he faced stronger and even stronger foes in this dimension man called Hell. It was this until this particular moment.

"Hmm, it's been a long while since I last saw and destroyed a devil, let alone a lesser demon." Dante spoke to no one in particular, with his red cloak softly flowing with the hellish wind.

'Did I just clean out Hell? Is it over?' He thought, as he looked around one more time, after which he revved the motorcycle to life, and begins driving off look somewhere else. He had to admit to himself, he was getting bored with this.

His recent efforts in searching for any signs of demonic activity came up empty.

Yup it's going to be really boring from now on for the usually silent devil hunter. It was a fruitless search, though he can't say whether if it's a good news or bad news.

Stopping at the edge of a high rise cliff, Dante looks up towards the Hells version, or rather a mockery of the sky, and lets himself loose with some memories he had left of the world where he once lived before ending up here. He remembered some good times he had with friends when he was still a mercenary, teasing him of always treating himself to strawberry sundaes instead of getting drunk on booze, getting it on with the chicks. Then the fun of hunting devils with Lady, Trish, even that Nero brat. Those memories, allowed him to smile a little though to be honest he knows that he would not be seeing them even if he ever manages to go back to the human world. But at least there would still be the pizza waiting for him. Ah, what he would sacrifice for a slice of it at the moment.

That was when he suddenly felt a surge of unknown power slowly coming into existence right in front of him. It felt unlike he ever experienced, it was neither Infernal nor Holy magic, it was just pure magic. As he looked on, the energy began as a tiny pinpoint of light to a rectangular film of blue light. It seems to be a portal, but to where?

A long time ago, he would have just up and jumped into it and go guns blazing all the way through, facing down whatever the fate throws at him. Not like he's got a choice at the matter then.

Now he has a choice, to leave this now empty hell, and go to wherever the fuck this portal goes, or stay here in hopes of finding if there are any more devils hiding in holes. Taking from his pocket an antique coin, the Medaglia coin, he flips it into the air and caught it on one hand, leaving the choosing to fate… yet again.

Dante may be a lot subdued now, but that devil may care attitude still remains.

'Heads I go, tails I stay.' The silver-haired half-devil thought, betting his fate to chance, and upon opening his hand, and shows the ornate coin in its "head" side. "Time to go then." He said, straddling his beloved motorcycle, started, and revved it to its limit before he let go of the brakes causing the bike to instantly charge forward.

Meanwhile, Somewhere in another world...

"My name is Louise Françoise le Blanc de la Vallière. Pentagon of the five elemental powers, Heed my Command..."

Louise was desperate. Several times had she tried to summon a familiar, each resulting in nothing but explosions.

"And bring forth..." Louise putting forth all her efforts and magic for one last try.

It has to work this time…..it HAS TO!

Louise's hand holding the wand is shaking with the sheer strain and exhaustion from earlier efforts as she cast the spell forth, in a desperate bid to succeed in summoning a strong and powerful familiar, but at this moment, anything will do, 'even in just summoning a familiar, please Founder, at least let me summon something, just to prove I'm not a failure. Please.'

The pinkette scrunched her eyes shut as she ended the summoning spell, which sounded more like a plea than a command.

"My familiar!"

The chant ended, and an explosion, greater than all the others before it, heralded the ritual's coming completion. A wind swept through the crowd, chilling and bringing with it a wave of indescribable terror that petrified the students and even their new familiars. Though before the smoke did dissipate, a strange sound assaulted their ears. Thick smoke covered the area bringing visibility to near none.

It sounded like a growling of a wild beast,

Though what kind they are unable to determine. Is it a dragon? No, it couldn't be. It sounded way too unnatural. But there is no denying it, all the students felt it, the crushing power of the creature wrought by the person they never expected to accomplish anything other than explosions.

This is what the people present collectively thought.

Just what did the Zero summon?

The smoke clears, and only then will they behold what Louise's spell had wrought.

A man is on the summoning circle, straddling on what appears to be a two wheeled contraption. He appeared taller than any present. White hair, so bright it seemed to glow in the sunlight, hung around his head, hiding his eyes from sight. Clad in strange, tight-fitting clothes, consisting of an extremely eye-catching crimson long coat of strange design flapped gently in the breeze caused by the explosion. Under that he wore a strange black vest with small straps with silver buckles over his torso, and black pants, both woven from unknown yet obviously sturdy material. The sleeves of his coat rolled up, exposing his muscular forearms. He wore black leather gloves with the index fingers exposed, and black leather riding boots on his feet.

What attracted the attention of the students is what could only be described as a gigantic zweihander on his back, an enormous sword with a ribcage and skull that looked like it was screaming forming part of the hilt on one side and a gentle, angelic face on the other and with two bones as the guard. It somehow seemed securely stuck on his back with no visible scabbard or even straps to hold it in place.

It seems that the growling comes from the metal contraption that the man is sitting on. Then the sound cuts off as the man in red dismounts from it and stood tall and proud, almost looking cocky but with an air that seems to evoke royalty.

The crowd stood awed by the stranger, staring for several long seconds, before he moved. Slowly, almost as though not to startle them, the man lifted his right hand to his head, fingers running into his hair, he parted his forelocks aside, revealing an pale, albeit an impossibly handsome face that could have been carved from purest white marble, and deep-blue eyes that smouldered like glowing hot steel.

"Well ...this is new…" Dante drily commented, his burning gaze sweeping the crowd.

Ah, and how they flinched as he did.

Author's Note:

I've been trying to put his story up for a while. The idea of getting Dante summoned as a familiar for Louise began when I saw the main heroine from the anime Hidan no Aria, Aria herself. Especially when you realize that both Louse and Aria obviously share some characteristics, mainly being loli-tsunderes. Heck they even share the same seiyuu, Rei Kugimiya, bless her cutesy voice. It was mainly due to the weapons Aria uses, the pair of .45 cal Colt Government, colored black and white and the way she shoots it is pretty reminiscent of my all time favourite video game badass Dante. Then putting two and two together, I thought, "What if Aria's distant ancestor was Louise, and the guns she was using were heirlooms passed by Dante himself."

Will be posting the Hidan no Aria / Devil May Cry fic later, if this post goes well. Please comment.

Been reading too many fanfics so it sorry if there are similarities here and there. Hope you guys won't mind.