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Love it, Hate it.

For stuff that probably confused you...

I'm as confused as you are as well.

Due to this, the other day I had a really strange dream…

Wherein I ask the characters themselves...

and I tried to make sense of it all.

Try so see what happened…

Just so you know:

This is how I indicate that I'm talking to other characters.


Let's begin,

Secret Mission

Mission 24 : Interviews and Teasers

The Author goes to the FNC set to ask questions:




"..Awaken, dear author..."





A powerful kick to the solar plexus roused me from my rest.


I was sleeping just a moment ago, and a few hours earlier, I tried to contemplate on whether how to go on with my life, as I am having a really rough time as of late.

I was about to close and stop writing fanfics for a while...

Then this happened.

What the heck!

I was kind of shocked to see one of the characters I conceived, standing right in front of me.

As I thought, I'm dreaming.

Unfortunately, I can't wake just yet.

The Veiled Lady, in all of her sexy glory.

She seems to be saying something, but I was rendered deaf by the fact that I'm currently looking at her assets.

Dat ass, and nice pair of Lungs…

Fully covered she may be, but those curves are the real deal,







But alas, this woman's personality is not what I envisioned her to be...

"As I was saying, I sense that you are planning to stop this story in this manner..."

Yeah so?

"Please don't..."

What the...

The Veiled lady began acting like a high school girl who was expecting her beloved to reject her confession, moments after she proclaimed her er...undying love to him.

OI! Don't act like that! It just looks so wrong!

As if that act was not enough, she glided close to the futon that I was sitting on, gets on her knees right in front of me and pulls on my shirt sleeve with eyes looking deep into mine, in a pleading fashion.


Oookayyy, this is just getting weird for a dream. I'm not even thinking about you as of late...


Hey, don't look at me with those teary eyes...I...


She suddenly latched to my arm with her hands...

"W-will you, go out with me?"

The statement froze me,

As it has been a while since a girl confessed to me...

T-this is all too sudden...

She suddenly grins...

Oh Sh-!


A whirlwind of light suddenly assaults my senses.

The next thing I know, I find myself standing in a middle of a courtyard,

It took a moment before I realize, as I saw the five towers...

I-I'm in friggin Halkeginia?


The Veiled Lady's voice emanated from within my thoughts, so much that I can't help but comment,

I never realized that you talk with a British accent,

"Shut up...you're spoiling my line here."

Since this dream episode might not be ending soon enough, I just let this thing roll on.


Alrighty then, what am I supposed to do here then?

"You're here to interview some of the cast. Any questions will do."

Well, I'm not stupid enough to ask, 'just any questions'...

"I suppose, and I also took the liberty of changing your attire to match this era."

Well, that's nice of her to do so... as I don't think any of them will be talking to me if I ended up here in my sleepwear...

As I wear only boxers then...

Taking a look at my attire at a nearby pool, I began the inspection. Don't want to look bad in front of them in the threads I'm wearing.


Black baggy pants.


Black steel toed boots,


Black form fitting collared shirt, with red lining,


Bokken with 'Lake Touya' etched on the handle.


I suppose I need it for protection...

White kimono trimmed with blue wave designs, with only one sleeve worn on the right shoulder, exposing my black shirt beneath...

Wait a minute,

Confused, I scratch my head with curly silver locks...

Then I realize...

What the heck is with this getup...?

Oi, Even if this is in the Middle Ages, this is not the Amanto invaded Edo, you stupid Time Witch!


Annoying laughter filled my head, as I walked off to just see the end of this...

Ahhh, never mind, this is just a dream anyway...


Dante and Louise's Devil arm Demo Part 1:

As I wandered through the school halls, I gazed in wonder around the place as I took the tour,

The classrooms are a lot better than the classrooms I had when I was younger,

And this is in the timeline equivalent to the Earth's Middle Ages,

Though the restrooms are rather, similar to Roman baths, though I'm kind of wishing Lucius should have been here to have this place redesigned. That would be a nice thing, but at the moment, I could deal with that,

If you're wondering how I managed to freely wander around without being challenged by the school staff...

I have with me a parchment that appoints me, named Z-chan, as the visiting instructor/ambassador on magical defense from some faraway place, Kung-Lung.

Z-chan, huh?


I was kind of wasting time, waiting for the dream to end, while hanging around the Austri Court...

When suddenly, I see a familiar pair in which I have written for some chapters already...

Dante and Louise,

"Hey, time to start with the task..."

Hai, Hai,(Yes,Yes)

"You don't have to say that twice. And why do you have to say that in Japanese?"

You gave me these clothes, might as well do anything to piss you off with.

"You suck at pissing off."

Shut up.

I ignore the rest of the babble made by the Veiled Lady, and proceed to approach to the two.


Suddenly, I felt something cold and hard pressed against my temple, as a gruff voice asks,

"Who the heck are you supposed to be?"

I'm as much confused as you are...

"Wrong answer. You have three seconds to explain yourself..."

I began to formulate an answer, however…



I find myself sitting down, breathing heavily as I felt like I saw my entire life flash between my eyes,


The silver haired man in red scratched his head with his black, gigantic pistol, and said,

"Real men don't need to know any other numbers other than ONE."

What kind of a lame-ass excuse is that? You trigger happy maniac!


Oh never mind, I'm here to ask you guys a couple of questions...

Anyway, here we are...

The curtain opens we see the main characters standing in the middle of the Academy's Austri court…

Dante looks a bit annoyed as he waits for the *signal*, while Louise takes a spot of tea, before replacing it on the table.

"Oh it's that time already…" she comments,

Yeah it is…

"I suppose you have something to ask of me?"

Let's see, for one thing, I think we owe the readers an explanation on some of the stuff you just did, for some chapters now.

"Hmm, I guess we have the time so without further ado…"

Dante takes out a small black disk...which suddenly transforms into a 20 feet tall vertical standing drum, which resembles a Taiko Drum. It has a Demonic visage embossed on its main body, with its face appearing to be roaring out loud.

It's been a while since we saw this one too…

The Devil Arm, Kulyog the war drum.

"As you can see this looks rather boring piece, but this one is actually a powerful Devil Arm. Based on an obscure Southeast Asian God of thunder, who was said to have the power to influence battles by giving the army an extra boost of power to the side he favours. The thing is, he was said to favour the group that can offer him the most blood from human sacrifices…"

Well, to be honest, the real mythology got so jumbled up that this is the remaining stuff salvaged from old scripts and from ancient stories I heard from my elders...sorry.

"In other words, the author's saying, 'just roll with it, readers'…" Louise interjected,


Scratching my head uncomfortably, looking sheepishly at the readers.

"This guy really is one half-assed dude…" Dante comments,

Well, excuse me for being half-assed… I'm not paid to do this, For Your Information.

"Anyway, let's get on with the demo…"

Dante then lightly bangs the drum with his hand...


An explosion rocks the Court as the sound waves from the drum continued to emanate from the said weapon demolishing a boulder nearby...


"Yeah, yeah. We'll be done in a moment."

"As you can see, this thing can wreak havoc in its usual form…" Dante said as he wills the Demonic drum to change form into a Boom Box.

"The Devil Arm can change its shape as long as the said shape can convey sound. The Devil Arm's power itself has the capability to bring inspiration, fear or despair to those who hear its beat depending on the user's intent."

As you might remember that impromptu rock concert during Mission 7….

Then a sound could be heard from the darkness. A stomp and clap.

*Boom Boom Clap

*Boom Boom Clap




"Don't slip into flashback while I'm doing a demo here…" Dante declares as he pressed Ebony's barrel against a certain someone's temple…

Oops, Sorry…

Since we're done with this one, could we now start with the next one?

"You're speaking my language"


I look to where the sound came, and get's a close range look with a familiar Rocket Launcher...

Kalina Ann...

Why am I here anyway?



Searing pain assaults my body, as my entire vision explodes into an inferno of hellish destruction.

I find myself slipping into the darkness...

/人◕ . ◕人\

Cobalt's Skill and Arms Interview:

I wake up to see myself lying on one of the pillars of the some gothic building.

Looking around, it seemed like the place is lighted in torchlight.

Seeing no other person around, I walk around and find a passageway leading up...


I'm a horror fan, so I'm basically used to some scary stuff. But the atmosphere in the place is frightening even for me...

Though the place empty of anything living, I could feel that someone is staring at me...

How on earth did I end up here?

Just as I'm about to go up...

"Ah, I see that you are awake," a voice spoke behind me, startling my already on the edge nerves.

In front of me is a figure in a voluminous dark blue cloak.


Oh, that's why...

Time to get a cracking

"I guess you're the interviewer?"

As always, this guy is sharp...

Hey, how did he know of that?

I was kind of wondering myself who this guy is...

Here goes...

Well, I was supposed to be asking you a couple of things which occurred in the course of the story...

"I don't mind, you can ask,"

How about your real identity for starters?

All of the sudden, an large array of ethereal swords appeared.

All aimed at my throat.

Uh, forget I asked that...

"My kind of guy."

With a small gesture, Cobalt dismissed the blades, allowing them to disappear into thin air.

At least allow me to ask about your weapons, Dainsleif?

"Ah, you mean this one?"

He holds up wields an ethereal Cleaver like sword. This one however looks like it's alive as it stared at me with intelligent eyes.

'Hello, there.'

And it talks.

That was new…

"This is a demonic sword based from the Nibelungen, a cursed Zweihander that contains a powerful curse used on its target to lose more than half of his power, but with the side-effect that also drives its possessor to ruin. It is a demonic sword handed down the family that killed the the ancient hero Ivaldi, and is originally one of the weapons hoarded by the dragon Ymir. While most demonic and holy swords carry both glory and destruction." Cobalt said,

"The sword enables me create numerous amount of ethereal swords at my command at any given time."

I see...

A much as I wanted to ask further...

"Well that's what I could share to you, next question ..."

He said in a chilling voice as his hooded head faced me in a manner that it seemed that I'm staring at an abyss...

Behind him are silhouettes of what appears to be a pair of gigantic war machines not of this world...

"I said, NEXT QUESTION." Cobalt's voice changed into a more gravelly sound, causing me to flinch a bit.

Uh, right. What happened to that chick featured in one chapter?

Suddenly Cobalt relaxed, and I had the feeling that he's got something up his cloak.

"Oh, that? Come and see."

The cloaked figure leads me into the lower levels of the building, to a large gothic designed double-door.

I looked at my mysterious companion as I stared at the door with apprehension.

Cobalt's hooded head tilted itself towards me in a manner that seems to convey query...

The longer we stand at the brink of the closed portal; I notice a number of things...

The putrid, acidic smell worse than one could smell in a slaughterhouse emanated from the room,

As if it wasn't enough, a series of jumbled sounds, cries that no creature on earth could make reached my ears...

Suddenly, I'm not interested to know firsthand anymore.

"Nonsense, you're the chronicler of this story, right? You have to see this."

Yeah, as long as I don't get to experience this stuff personally, I don't mind.

"You realize that you're the only living human outside of the organization to have made it this far. Don't make me add you to my list…"

I don't like the cheery voice conveyed by Cobalt.

As if laughing at me...

A snicker came from the cloaked figure as it watched me.

He IS laughing at me...

Seriously, who is this guy supposed to be?

"Since we were told that you're planning to stop chronicling this. I was planning to kind of 'inspire' you to continue when I was told that you'll be coming to do an interview makes sure that you finish this,"

As he stated so, he suddenly throws the doors open, revealing a grotesque scene...so inexplicably horrible that I can't even describe it for now.

Note to self, the scene will be described sometime in the next season, after I get my mind put together for a less jarring description...

Oh yeah, I'm inspired alright... to quit eating heavily before sleeping.

"As much as I would like to bully...er talk with you further, it would seem that you're losing your wits at the moment."

The cloaked figure sighed.

"A pity, we don't get to chat as to what happened exactly 6,000 years ago that it ended as such..."

My vision fades to black once more...

/人◕ . ◕人\

Dog's Introduction and a Tease:

I opened my eyes and find myself in bed.

Unfortunately, it's not my bed.

The scene out the window indicates that it's still night time, as the soft light of the twin moons of Halkeginia shone down on the area.

After witnessing such a nightmarish scene, I tried to get that thing out of my head, and turns my head to rest my thoughts,

Only to meet with a sleeping dog-faced man, whose fangs are bared in a silent growl.



My voice rang out, as I leaped out of bed, and scrambles back till my back slams into a wall.

"Is it morning already?" a human voice asked drowsily.

A musical chiming was heard, it came from a long slightly curved object covered in cloth.

"The interviewer is here? Is that so?"

More musical chiming.

The dog-faced figure rose up in bed, wearing a light sleeveless shirt and pants, comes up to me and extends a friendly hand...

"Sorry to scare you like that."

This is "Dog" a last minute character to this season, a man in a dog mask.

Nah, It was stupid of me...,I reply.

Wait a second...where am I now?

When Dog saw me looking around, he said,

"You're currently in the city of Tristain, a few miles from the Tristain Academy."

Sorry for disturbing you like this,

"I believe you just went through a lot, and that you're supposed to ask questions, regarding stuff?"

Well, that's what I'm here for...


The two of us had an impromptu late night tea at a certain place where a lot of sexy girls have us serve some light wine.

If we were supposed to have tea, then why are we drinking alcoholic beverages?

As I remember when I read the sign earlier, this is called the Charming F's or something...

More like, the Middle Age's version of the 'Hooters',

"Sorry to bother you, Nee-san but could you get us two mugs of beer?"

Dog cheerily orders from a rather well endowed girl, who looks Japanese...

Not too sure of this, as I began the interview.

Well, what's the deal with you here?

"Even if you ask me about it, I'm not at liberty to say the details..."

I see...

"Well, all I can say is that I'm here on a mission..."

That's just too vague...

"If I say anything further...I would have to kill you..."


/人◕ . ◕人\

We spent the rest of the time ogling at girls and drinking.

Later, as we wandered through the streets, singing a bunch of songs too lewd to be published...

As we turn to a certain street…

Dog suddenly stops,

I also stop as my body began to feel strange...

Not that strange, you dirty minded fools...

"Hey Z-chan, seems like we've been followed,"

It's not Z-chan, It's Z.

Opening my eyes on alert, I begin to scan the surrounding street.

Not a soul in sight.

"And this was supposed to be a busy street at this hour."

But there's something afoot, as I could feel more than squad of killing intent hidden in the shadows...

Gripping hard on my wooden sword, I steel myself to a fight.

Wait. That line sounded so wrong.

Besides, how can I fight with a just a wooden sword?

"Brace yourself," Dog warns as he uncovers the long package, revealing an Okatana, and proceeds to take a sword draw stance.


The silence was instantly broken as more than two dozens of cloaked figures bursts from the shadows, all coming from all directions.

"Let's Party!" Dog declares as he makes a makes a movement of sheathing the sword, as six cloaked assailants, wielding blades bore down upon him.

OI, why are you sheathing when you're supposed to draw?

"Why not? They're already dead." Dog replied indifferently.

As the sheathing ends with a click, the attacking six suddenly falls down, as their bodies broke into tiny pieces.

I gape in astonishment...

Um, did I miss something?

He's fast.

"Never mind that, concentrate on the battle."

But, I'm a peace loving person...

A dozen thrown daggers nearly pierce me, as I twist my body out of their trajectory.


At that moment in my anger, my vision focused into a tiny pinpoint of light...

Battle cries and clashing of blades filled the wee hour.

Minutes later...


Whew, that was kind of fun…

I rest myself, sitting with my back against someone else's house, as I looked at the pile of disappearing corpses.

I once again take a look at the bokken, which remained untarnished, despite the intensity of the attacks I did with it.

I never expected that a wooden sword like this could do this much damage...

I then turn towards Dog, only to see something else,

A black armored man, though it had its back turned away from me, I could feel the power it unconsciously project...

It turned to face me, regarding me with glowing white eyepieces.


Then I realize that I'm quite tired, as my body loses strength. And my vision once again turns into dark.

Let me take a breather at the moment, then I'll ask more questions...

/人◕ . ◕人\

Dante and Louise's Devil arm Demo Part 2:



A hard slap lands on my face, as I was once again roused from unconsciousness.

For some reason, the sharp sting of pain left me in a surprising speed.

I then find myself back to the Austri Court with Dante scowling over the lying corpse that was me...

And I'm now covered with a rich, white cloth, which feels like its producing large amounts of energy that appears to be healing my previously damaged body.

"Whoo...I thought were going to lose you at that time. If it wasn't for the Golden Fleece, you would have been a goner."

It was your fault I nearly died, you…


Alright, so the Golden Fleece is?

"The cloth that is currently healing you," Louise said, who is at the moment enjoying an extra large helping of strawberry sundae. Sighing really cutely as she takes scoop after scoop.

Basically ignoring what happened to me earlier…

Allow me to fill in the details, this item is based on the Legendary Item told in the Story of Jason and the Argonauts, another Greek Myth.

It is a powerful artefact capable of healing any maladies and injuries. It was even said to be able to revive the dead. Thus, this item is one of the most wanted treasures in the mythological world.

Though I am kind of curious where Dante had procured this one.

"This one came from a Demonic Golden Ram…"

That was kind of boring…

"It's Devil that could rival a god in term of its power…"

So that means…

"More of a magical item than a Devil Arm, this Item contains a lot of that Devil's incomprehensible power, it was an item capable of near limitless abilities. But as of now, all I can use it is for additional dimensional storage and healing. Even I have no idea of the extent of its healing powers."

You mean to say that this is basically an untested item?

Dante just shrugs.


This is getting nowhere, so I guess the rest will be revealed in the next instalment.

Never mind, the next item on the list is that vehicle of yours. The motorbike.

"Oh, that would be Sleipnir" Dante smirked as he summons the said Devil Arm.

Allow me to describe,

Sleipnir's current form is a red Dual Seat Ducati Testastretta Evolucion 1098 with desmodromic, liquid cooled, 90 degree v-twin cylinder 4 valve cylinder, or so it looked...

It's Usual Specs:

-1099 cc to 1198.4cc engine

-6 geared

-Usual Speed when driven by Dante : 290 km/h - 180 mph, on any road surface. Which is why Louise holds on to Dante for dear life when riding with him,

-Max Speed: I have no idea... o.O

-Acceleration: 0-60 mph in 3 seconds.

This Devil Arm is named after the Asgardian eight-legged superfast Warhorse used by the Norse god Odin in his battles.

Go look it up.

Is there anything you can say about this vehicle?

I ask Dante,

"You haven't seen anything yet." he grins, as he dismissed the said weapon.


How about that Devil Arm you used during the failed invasion of Albion?

As I turn around, A flight of blades near missed me.

OI! What the heck is that supposed to be!

"Well, You wanted to see that right so here it is," Dante smirked, as he wore that Devil Arm mentioned,

Allow me to explain a bit,

This is the Icarus, the Devil Arm of Flight.

Otherwise known in Tarbes as the Dragon's raiment, this was said to be one of Sparda's Devil Arm, a Devil Arm that allows its user to rule the skies.

Able to transform from a simple wings on the back to a full blown air vehicle that uses a variety of weapons.

Its basic form is the Winged Warrior form, a breast plate with gigantic wings attached at the back, all made of organic metal. This form grants the user of flight, and could use its 'feathers' as deadly projectiles

One of its forms is…

The Karnival; a form granted through Dante's memories of a certain aircraft he once flown, slower than the Wing form as this mainly serves as a passenger vehilcle. It has two mounted light weight, 50 .cal machine guns. With Infinite Ammo, granted that it is a Devil Arm.

Basically, a magical weapon posing as a mechanical one.

A hand clasps my shoulder,


"Well, that's all for the little demo, guys. Till then, you might see this baby in action the next time you see this one," Dante waves at the readers, with the gun still pressed towards that certain someone,

"Bye now,"

Louise waves as well at the readers,

Umm, a little help here?


Oi, are you trying to kill me here?

"Tch, missed."

As such, my vision once more fades to black…

By the time I woke up, I was terribly late for work...

then realized,

Oh, right. Today is Sunday...

/人◕ . ◕人\

Thus, ends my stated dream…

The Current FNC World in general:

"Just How Big is this Story?"

Even I have no idea…

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