A/N For those of you unfamiliar with my AU and are wondering who Corray Ly-pah is the short story is that she had terrifying visions of the Jedi Purge about a thousand years before it happened. They were so bad that she lost sleep and meditated to avoid the visions. About twenty years after the believed destruction of the Sith she asked to be frozen in carbonite for a mission. Her ship was attacked and she was taken as a trophy. Four years after Return of the Jedi she was given to Luke by Prince Isolder and unfrozen.

In this AU Leia secretly married Han about two years after RotJ and had a son that they named Bail Ruwee. See The Attempted Courtship of Leia Skywalker for details.

Temple Guardians are Force Ghosts of Jedi. Mace, Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan, Cin Drallig and Shaak Ti are just naming a few of the Ghosts that protect the Temple and those inside.

Am I missing anything? If I am let me know.


Corray Ly-pah sat in a Mess Hall in the Jedi Temple. It was strange to see things so familiar but so different. She felt silly to expect things to stay the same for so long but if there was one thing that she knew made her fellow Jedi uneasy was change; unless it was for the greater good.

She watched as some Temple Guardians walked in and scanned the room before leaving. The Temple Guardians were a mystery to her. She had never seen any of them eat or anything.

Bored, she pulled out her datapad and started to look at some of these supposed rules

Number Twenty-Three: Rex and the 501st know lots of war stories. They will talk your ear off just recounting the Clone Wars.

Number Twenty-Four: Don't set up GalVid accounts for the Masters and Senior Knights and then post videos of them doing embarrassing things. At least one of them will kill you.

Number Twenty-Five: Do not suggest camping trips to Eras: it's haunted.

Number Twenty-Six: Do not do Darth Vader's breathing around certain people. Some of them will freak, others will not react, and others will glare at you.

Number Twenty-Seven: Even though it is fun to prank Mace don't; he can kick your butt in a lightsaber duel.

Number Twenty-Eight: If someone is having strange dreams of suffering, death and destruction don't say that dreams pass in time because the odds are that those dreams will come to pass in some form.

Twenty-Nine: Skywalkers know their ships, Mara Kryze and Jix know their weapons so don't insinuate that they don't.

Thirty: Han Solo usually shots first and asks questions later. However there was this one time where he apparently either shot a bounty hunter first, shot shortly after him or just a half a second later.

Thirty-One: Do not threaten to call Ghost Hunters or the Ghost Busters on the Temple Guardians when they get on your nerves.

Thirty-Two: Don't tease Leia Skywalker Solo about how she made her husband jealous on Hoth; it won't be pretty.

Corray couldn't stop smiling even though she understood so few of them.

She was beginning to get to know the Jedi of this time and found herself enjoying it.

She hoped that the rest would help her smile.


And that's it; unless I can think of some more that are amusing or something like that.