Black Flame

Bella's POV

It was a long ride home after the fight but I couldn't say it wasn't fun. The wolves and the Cullen's, I never thought I'd see the day they would actually get along, and actually have fun.

Paul, and Link were the only ones that didn't seem to even try to get along with the others, I guess they didn't quite trust the Cullen's yet, but I'm sure they will come around sooner or later.

"So Alida, did you lose any one from your pack?" Embry asked from his seat across from me.

Alida had been standing with Edward at the front of the jet, talking with him in a low voice, but as she turned to face Embry I could tell what ever they were talking about had her somewhere on "cloud 9"

"No, all of my packs have made it through," She smiled proudly at her pack.

"Hey they don't call us the best of the best for nothing." A young boy smirked, who must have been from Alida's pack.

"Watch it pipsqueak we are all still bigger then you." Jared teased.

The kid just snickered.

"You La Push wolves have a lot to learn," A girl who I didn't notice till now said, sitting with another girl beside her.

They both looked like twins I would have to say. They didn't smile, and joke around like the others, they seemed very mature and serious all the time, and kept to themselves.

"We can handle anything," Quil said with a wink at them both.

The one who spoke rolled her big brown eyes, and went back to whispering to the girl beside her.

"Love are you ok," Edward's voice got my attention.

I fought the urge to look over to him, and keep my head resting on Paul's shoulder, but I slowed glanced to Edward's new love, Alida.

"I'm fine, but I was just thinking, some of the wolves fighting with us did die in battle," Alida spoke looking up at Edward then to the others.

I sighed sadly.

Sam and Leah..

Paul's hand gently stroked my cheek, watching me with concerned eyes.

"It's alright babe," He muttered giving me a tender kiss.

I relaxed to him, feeling much better, just by him being there for me.

"Sam... God, how are we going to tell Emily," Quil said looking utterly depressed.

"And Leah, none of us really liked her.. but she was part of the pack.." Embry said quietly.

I glanced to the back of the jet, were Seth sat alone, tears still in his eyes, his expression broken. Leah was his sister, I couldn't even image how hard he was taking this, now only his mother was left.

He let out quiet cries the whole time we have been up in the air, and the only one that seemed to pay attention to him was one of the girl's from Alida's pack who watched him constantly.

"Someone needs to talk to him," I said looking around to the others.

"I'll do it, I kind of know what he is going through, I've felt that kind of sadness before," Jacob muttered holding onto Jinx tightly.

Some of the others nodded watching Jacob.

Not everyone completely trusts Jacob yet, but he was doing really well so far. I had hope that maybe Jacob and I could be friends again, but every time I look at him I see my father, lying dead on the ground. Jacob has done so many things to me, to ruin me; I just couldn't forgive him right now. Maybe not ever.

I watched as Jacob let got of Jinx for the first time since the battle, and went back to talk with Seth.

Jinx sighed watching him go before looking back to me with a smile.

"How is your leg doing Bells?" She wondered looking at my leg that was all wrapped up in a cast.

Truthfully it wasn't as bad as I had thought, it barely hurt.

"Its fine, I can barely feel it," I said with a smile.

Paul looked down at my leg sadly, shaking his head.

"I should have been there to protect you," He said wrapping his arm around my shoulder.

I smiled at him, hoping to relieve his guilt.

"It's not your fault, you can't always protect me." I said gently.

Paul's eyes went hard watching me; then looking to Edward.

"I'm not like the leech, I can and will protect you all the time, I'll never leave your side," he promised looking more to Edward then to me, as if that was more of a threat to him then a promise to me.

Edward rolled his eyes, wrapping his arm around Alida's waist.

"I'm not interesting in stealing your girlfriend, I have my own wolf girl," Edward spoke smiling down at Alida.

I felt a slight pinch at that, I was still getting over Edward, I didn't know why it was taking me so long to come into terms that Edward really did move on, just like me.

What had I expected? That he would fall me around like a love-sick puppy for the rest of our existence.

No, I had Paul now and I was happy.

Alida watched between all of us, a hint of a threat forming in her eyes, something told me that when it would come to Edward you don't want on her bad side.

"Just making sure it was clear," Paul said rudely.

Alida's eyes darkened watching Paul.

"Watch your tone," She said, her voice sounding icy cold.

At her words all of her pack went completely straight, going silent, and serious. I looked nervously at all of them, wondering what kind of spell she had under all these people, she had to be the most powerful alpha I have ever met.

Paul looked a bit taken aback, but did as she said.

"I'm sorry," He muttered, holding back his growls as best h could.

Edward gently kissed Alida's cheek, which seemed to calm her enough to pull her back to their seat in the front.

I looked to some of Alida's pack with slight fear.

"Its alright Bella, remember when Alida said she trained her pack differently.." One boy said hovering over the place Alida had stood.

"I nodded a bit at him, resting on Paul.

"Our training is based on brother-ship, and respect, along with listening, we have to do what ever she says no matter what, without complaining," He went on slowly.

Another boy spoke up as well, "And just a heads up, Alida got a temper, you piss her off, and you will wish god never gave you legs," He laughed along with the other wolves from her pack.

All the others looked at each other with slight fear.

Well this was going to be interesting to say the least...

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