~Bella's Point of view~

The ride back home wasn't as horrible as I had thought it would be. Although, I would have felt much better if Paul and I wouldn't have had to sit right across from Elijah. I just couldn't feel comfortable when he was around me. But to our luck, he just slept the whole time, or at least he was probably pretending to.

Curling into Paul's side, I let my eyes close, listening to his heart beat steadily, and his gentle breath blowing past the top of my head.

He had looked so tired, it had been such a long day, the fighting, the tension within the pack, then finding Embry; it had taken its toll on all of us. But I was pleased that no matter what, the pack stuck together, they would never leave someone behind.

This turned my thoughts back in the direction of Jacob however, and I sighed.

Where was the actual Jacob?

Alida hasn't suggested anything yet about him, I'm not sure if it's just because we have some many other things to worry about, or that fact that she just never did trust Jacob, and didn't want him in the pack anyway.

I didn't know, but I had to be reasonable, Alida was a good leader, and she put up with a lot of crap, so I knew it wasn't because she didn't want Jacob with us. It was probably because of the whole Jared and Kim incident was demanding her full attention.

"Bella," A tinkling voice called out to me, and I quickly opened my eyes, glancing over to see Amber's big cheerful smile. "Come over here,"

I was reluctant to leave Paul's arms, but slowly I slide from him, and snuck my way over to where most of the pack's girls were sitting together, talking animatedly. But they all had stopped as I came over.

"We heard about the whole engagement thing," Ariella spoke playing with her tight blonde curls.

"And we were just wondering if we could help you plan the wedding," Amber grinned hugely, looking pleadingly at me.

My face warmed, and a smiled at them in surprise. "You guys actually would want to?"

"Of course Bella, why wouldn't we?" Danity wondered, giving me a funny look.

I shrugged, not really sure what to say, but incredibly grateful for all of them.

"Silly girl, your part of the pack to," Alisha chimed in, watching between all of us with a warm motherly smile.

"Don't ever think any differently," Amber said patting my shoulder.

And as if like magic, her touch alone made me feel like I was included, it was the most comforting touch I had ever experienced in my entire life. Now I understood what Alida meant when she had explained Amber's place in the pack.

"Ok, well thank you, everyone, that means a lot,"

Of course, not all of the girls sitting here where to happy, or friendly, or showed any attempts to even want to accept me into this little family.

There was still Summer, the 'Ice princess' as Elijah had referred to her. She sat there, as still as a statue, looking out the window, coldly ignoring everyone around here.

I just couldn't understand how Summer and Alisha was so different, well, their personalities were completely opposite, yet it was like seeing two when looking at them. You couldn't tell them apart if your life depended on it.

And then there was Vanessa, sitting completely isolated from the others, a self-centered look was always across her gorgeous features, and rarely she spoke to anyone other the Alida, and Xavier. When Jacob had been around you always saw that blonde hair, sprinkled with spirals of blood red following quietly behind. She followed him around like it had been her job to stalk him for eternity.

This was the only thing that Jinx had ever complained about to me, it was the only thing that ever upset her, or made her feel bad. It was the attention that Vanessa always seemed to be giving Jacob, and only Jacob.

I could completely understand Jinx's complaints, and I could say I would have felt the same way.

Those two where the only girls that wouldn't be bothered to talk with me, or make friends with me, and I was alright with that. I didn't care; they probably just weren't the types to be friendly.

"Ok, well what where your plans, when is the wedding going to be?" Ariella wondered her bright green eyes searching my expression.

"I'm not sure actually,"

"Well, do you want it to be soon, or like months from now?" Bonnie asked, watching my with a ready expression, her pencil paused on her paper, as if ready to begin to take notes on every detail of my wedding.

"Soon, I don't think I can wait for months,"

A murmur of excitement bounced between all the girls at my words, and I felt my face getting warmer once again.

"How does, August 19th sound to you?" Bonnie wondered, chewing on her pencil a bit, only keeping her chocolate brown eyes down on the clipboard.

Today was August 2nd, leaving just 17 days, could we really get a whole wedding planned? And… without Alice's help…

Sadness stirred within me at this thought, but I pushed it away, and forced a smile on my face. "That sounds perfect,"

Bonnie now began to writing like crazy, seeming to mutter statistics under her breath, and glancing up at the ceilings as she began to whisper numbers, seeming to be counting.

"Excellent, so all that needs to be done is, arrange a priest to the church, which we can do tomorrow, to set the date with him. Create a good amount of invitations, having them mailed out before the end of this week. This weekend coming, we shall rent a lot for the reception; hire a designer to decorate the reception hall the night before the wedding. Hire some chief's, about five, with our gentleman's appetites, I'm sure we will need enough food to feed 2 armies." Bonnie began explaining, at the same time writing.

"And don't forget the most important part," Amber smiled, looking at me eagerly. "Picking out a wedding dress,"

My eyes brightened at this, and I laughed lightly, amazed at the buzz of conversation that had begun just at those words.

"Ahh, yes, that to, there is much planning to do, don't worry Isabella, I assure you, your wedding night will be perfect," Bonnie said with an honest smile.

"She's right, we got everything under control," Alisha said throwing me a eager smile.

"Thank you guys so much," I couldn't help but smile, and I jumped as two arms came around me, a groggy Paul resting his chin on my shoulder.

"I wondered where my bride to be went," Paul smirked, his lips just inches from my ear, making me shiver.

A few of the girls giggled at this, noticing.

"Sorry we stole her from you Paul, we were just making sure she knew she got a whole pack of crazy girls ready to make her dream wedding," Amber beamed, watching between the two of us brightly.

"We'll let you to have some privacy," Ariella said with a comforting smile.

Paul nodded, and I let out a squeak as he lifted me up in his arms, carrying my bridal style back to our seats.

My heart squeezed at this contact, and I found myself melting to him.

I knew as bad as things were right now, it didn't matter, Paul and I was together, and that's all that matter. I was happy. And soon I would be marrying the man of my dreams.

The End

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