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Summary:Sequel from'It's been a while'.This fanfic is going to be about the Countdown when Onodera Ritsu falls completely in love with Takano Masamune !The falling in the Love Countdown with Takano beginns in the second chapter!

Title: Onodera Ritsu's Love Countdown

A/N:Hey guys this is the sequel from 'It's been a while'. If you guys didn't read it you should read it. So I hope I will do better in the sequel than the last one. So in this fanfic there are going to be some new characters and there would be maybe a little drama but not too much so hope you enjoy :D !

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Two days before Ritsu's birthday

As always it was nearly in the middle of Hell week again but not as catastrophic this time.

"Oh Ricchan?" Kisa asked Onodera.

"Yes" answered Onodera.

"When is your Birthday?"

"Oh ahm it's on the 27th of March"

"Oh on the 27th of March okay I will remember it. Wait isn't it in two Days!"

"Yes it is"
"Uwaahhhh why didn't you told me that earlier! Then we could had a surprise Birthday party for you!"

"Hahaha,"laughed Onodera awkwardly, "Well I am pretty old for Birthday parties now"

"Well that's true but at least we should celebrate!"

"Well …"

"Please Ricchan!"

"Oh fine put just the people from our department "

"Yay! But what's then with Hina-chan?"

"Well I think she might be really busy"

"Busy with what?" At that moment Hinako then came in with a bunch of papers on are hands.

"Oh about that you are maybe too busy to celebrate with us for Ricchans Birthday"

"What are you guys talking about, sure I will come I won't be that busy! But well but on which date will it be?"

"Well maybe right on Ricchan's Birthday in two days?"

"Well I gave Onodera a free day on his Birthday for his Birthday gift so that he can relax for a while" said Takano san all of a sudden.

"Ha?" Onodera was confused that Takano san didn't even told him that he got a free day on his Birthday.

"Hah? Really you should give me a free day too when my Birthday comes!"Kisa san says.

"Maybe or maybe not well first tell your Author do finished her DAMN MANUSCRIPT!"

"Hai! But we still can go somewhere else to celebrate his Birthday after work"

"Well actually Riichan already has plans unfortunately" Hinako says.

"What do you mean by that Hina?" Onodera asks.

"What do you mean by that? You already have a Birthday party on your Birthday!"

"What?" said Onodera and Hinako then slammed the papers she had on Onodera's table.

"What do you mean by what? Didn't you know that your mom always make plans for a Birthday Party for you!" she yelled.

"Yes but ..."

"She already told me about your Birthday party since last week I thought you knew that already!"

"Well …"

"Wait she told you that or not?"


"Did she even called you?"


"Did you even had your Phone on last week?"

"Well it was vibrating and ringing for a while last week but I just ignored it."

Hina then sighed and says "Give me your iPhone"

"Ahm okay" Onodera says and reached for his Bag where his iPhone is.

When Onodera found his iPhone he then handed it to Hina.

"OMG! You had over 30 CALLS FROM YOUR MOTHER! I bet she is angry that you won't pick up you know how your mom is when she is angry!"

"I am sorry"

"Don't apologize to me! I am not your mom even though I am sounding like your mom right now*sigh*" Hinako said and sighed.

While Akita was somehow yelling at Onodera for not knowing that he has a Birthday Party on his Birthday, even though he knew that there would be one and that he just ignored the Phone calls from his mother, everybody in the Emerald Department and some from the other Departments where looking at them.

"Ach well pick up your Phone next time okay Ricchan!"

"Yeah okay"

"But I don't get it "

"Get what?" asks Ritsu.

"Like when she couldn't contact you she could at least have called me to tell you?"

"Well I have no idea" said Ritsu.

"Ohh well…"after that there was a bit silence between them.

"Ahmm" Kisa then broke the silence.

"So how would it sound if we will celebrate two days after Riichan's Birthday like in a restaurant somewhere?"

"Well for me it sounds great" answered Hina.

"I find it good "said Mino smiling.

"I find it good too" Hatori then said the same thing as Mino.

"And you Takano san?" asked Kisa san and eyed Takano.

"Well I am fine with that"

"And what's with you Ricchan?" said Kisa and now eyeing Ritsu.

"W-Well okay"

"YAY! Then it's settled in four days we are going to celebrate Ritsu's Birthday!" said Kisa and gave Onodera a hug. Hina smiled and Mino too like always. Hatori gave a small little smile and Takano was getting a little bit angry or maybe jealous because Kisa is hugging his Ritsu. You could already see a little bit of a dark aura around him.

"Ahem" Hinako said and coughed because she saw the dark aura around Takano.

"So then Hatori you got a letter from Yoshikawa Chiharu sensei!" said Akita and handed the letter to Hatori. As Hina then handed the letter to Hatori he already knew that the letter would be saying that Chiaki won't make it in time again.

"So Mino san, one girl in the Sapphire department wants to speak with you! She said she wants to meet you at 3 pm so well it's nearly 3 pm now, but I don't know where you guys should meet? She didn't told me that!"

"Oh it's fine I know the place already "said Mino san and stood up from his chair and made his way where he would meet the girl from Sapphire department.

"Oh Takano san just for reminder your Meeting starts at 3:15 and here are some papers for you to fill out "said Akita.

"Yeah I know and thanks" said Takano and took the papers Akita gave to him.

Suddenly Hatori then stood up and looking pissed.

"I am terribly sorry, but I need to go now and need to see Yoshikawa Chiharu immediately now!"

"It's fine, bye but make sure she doesn't miss the deadline again!" said Takano san

"Yeah let's hope" said Yoshiyuki Hatori and took all his belongings and made his way to Yoshikawa Chiharu's aka Yoshino Chiaki's home.

"So well sorry I have nothing for you Kisa san and Ritsu" said Hina with a little smile.

"It's okay Hina" Onodera said.

"Na it's okay then I will have less to do today" Kisa said smiled happily.

"Oh really ? Then I will give you more work to do Kisa and you to Onodera!" said Takano san. As Takano san said that, Kisa and Ritsu shivered and went straight back to work immediately not wanting to get more work from Takano.

"Okay so then I will take my leave then oh and Ritsu when you get any calls answer them okay!"

"Yes I will"

"Good so Ja-ne!" said Hinako and went.

As then Akita left Onodera sighed and thought

I can't believe it I thought Mother wouldn't do a Birthday Party again this Year, even though I knew she would do one *Sigh*Oh well when my Phones rings I will answer it. I hope Oka san won't yell at me when I answer it …


After work Takano and Ritsu went together back home to their apartments even though Onodera wanted to go home alone but Takano then dragged him to the train station with him so that they both go home together. When they arrived to their apartment building Onodera asks Takano san in the elavator

"O-Oh a-ahm Takano san?"


"Why did you say that I get a day off on my Birthday you didn't do that to anyone from our department before right?"

"That's true but it's your Birthday after all and I see that you are really working hard so I decided to give you a day off." As Takano said that Onodera was hard working Onodera blushed.

Oh Takano san never said that to me before that I am really hard working it's the really first time that I ever heard that from him. He would always scowl me at work and tell me that I should stop doing a half assed job but why is he telling me this right now? ...

"Let's go out on a date on your Birthday"


"I said lets go on a date on your Birthday"

"B-but I already have a Party on my Birthday so no"

"Then after your Birthday then"

"N-No I don't need a date with y- hmph!"Suddenly Takano then kissed Onodera. Onodera tried to push away but Takano held him firmly and kissed him harder. They broke up the kiss right before the elevator door opened.

"What the hell do you think you are doing!" said Onodera and pushed Takano san away from him.

"Well I was kissing you of course"

"YOU! - "


As Onodera wanted to yell at Takano san for kissing him on the elevator, the elevator door then opened and they both saw a woman in her 50s with short brown hair and dark green eyes standing in front of Onodera's apartment. She then turned her head when she heard the elevator door open and saw Onodera.

"Ritsu!" the woman said.

"Oka-san!" said Ritsu and was running towards his Mother ,"W-Why are you he-" he wanted to asked why she was here but then he got cut off by his Mother who yelled now at him.


"Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, Sorry, Sorry Oka-san!" I was really busy and I just had so much to do!"

"But that still doesn't mean that you…."

"That I?" asked Ritsu curiously as his Mother stopped yelling at him.

"Who's your handsome friend there" said Ritsu's mom.


"I think your Mother meant me by 'handsome friend' "said Takano san to Onodera.

"So is he your friend when yes what's his name?"

"Oh a-ahm h-his name is Takano Masamune, my Boss and my Neighbor as well"

"Oh is that so? It's nice to meet you Takano"

"It's nice to meet you too Onodera sama"

"No need to be so formal call me just call me Onodera san"

"Okay Onodera san"

"So are you both good friends?" asks Onodera san.

"Ha?" said Ritsu.

"Yes we are" said Takano simply and smirked at Onodera who was blushing.

"Oh really then would you like to come to his Birthday Party in 2 days at the Teito Hotel at 3pm"

As Onodera wanted to protest Takano said "Sure I would love to"

"Wonderful" said Onodera's Mother and turned around to Onodera,"Well Ritsu"

"I am really sorry that I didn't answer your calls Oka-san" said Ritsu his head hanging down.

He then felt a hand on his cheeks and looked up to see his Mother smiling a little.

"It's okay but make sure you answer it okay are else I will be really angry with you Ritsu" her tone serious.

"Yes Oka-san"

"Good then I will then make take my leave" she said and made her way to the elevator.

"Oh and Ritsu make sure to go home for time to time me and your Father would be really happy if you would"

"Yes Oka- san"

"So then I will see you both then in two days at Teito hotel and you both don't need to wear formal clothes just wear something semi-formal okay and Ritsu make sure you come on time!"

They both then said "Hai" Before the elevator door closed Ritsu's Mother bowed a little to Takano san and Takano san did the same to her. As the elevator door finally closed Ritsu sighed in relief that his mother didn't yell at him so much right now.

"Well I will pick you up at 2pm in two days Onodera so that we can both get to your Party with my car, make sure you get ready" said Takano san and made his way to his apartment door.

"What? Wait! You don't need to do that I will go by myself"

"No I will drive you since it's your Birthday and since your mother expect us to show up together since I said we were both 'friends'" said Takano san smirking and unlocked his apartment door.

"But you still need to work!"

"Yes I will still work but I will get back early so that I can pick you up"


"No but's I will drive you no excuses" said Takano and went in his apartment and closed his apartment door behind him.

*Sigh* I have no option to go with Takano san to my Birthday Party even though I still can't believe it that my mother called him my handsome friend even though he is … Thought Onodera and blushed what he was thinking.

But what he said to my Mother that we are…'friends' that was stupid from him we are actually just Supervisor and Employe that's all...


Onodera sighed again and went to his apartment taking off his shoes and jacket. Then he goes to his living room where his clothes and books are scattered everywhere on the floor. He then takes a pile of clothes, whether they are clean or dirty, which Onodera doesn't care because he was tired and brought it to his head and used it as a pillow where he then fell asleep on the floor again.


Two days later on Ritsu's Birthday

"So are you ready?" asks Takano san.

"W-well of course I am ready and why do you wear something so formal!"

"This is not formal clothing idiot this is semi-formal clothing" said Takano san.

"But why does it look formal to me?"

"Why maybe because I look handsome in this clothing for you maybe" said Takano san and smirked which made Onodera blush. Takano really did look handsome with his semi-formal clothing. He is wearing normal jeans, a white T-shirt inside and a nice dark jacket which are unbuttoned. While Onodera was wearing jeans with a light blue blouse and with a dark blue jacket buttoned.

"So then let's go"

"Hai…" said Onodera and followed Takano.

They then both then went in Takano's black Nissan 370 z car and drove to Teito Hotel.

There was a really awkward silence between them during the ride. They finally arrived at Teito Hotel in 15 minutes and luckily they could find a place to park the car or else they would take an hour to find one. When they went inside the Teito hotel they saw Ritsu's mom.

"Ritsu," said Onodera's mother and went to Ritsu and hugged him tightly," Happy Birthday darling! Oh my baby is now 26 years old"

"Oka-san! I am not a baby anymore!"

"I know but you are still are going to be my baby to me forever!" she then gave Ritsu and hug again which Ritsu wanted to protest. Takano san chuckled when Onodera's mother was calling him baby and he found it really cute how Onodera was blushing now.

"Oka-san you are squeezing me to dead!" said Ritsu out of breath.

"Sorry darling and hello Takano it's nice to see you again!"

"You too Onodera san"

"Oh Ritsu, Why don't you two go in the hall and greet the guest and family members"

"Okay Oka-san" As they both went in they saw many people. Most people where from Onodera's Father side and from his Mother's side and rest where friends. Onodera then saw Hinako waving at him.

"Happy Birthday Ricchan!" said Hinako and gave Ritsu a big hug even though Onodera was already squeezed to dead from his Mothers hug.

"Thank you! You look pretty with that dress!"

"Awww your welcome! You know I don't really like wearing dresses I only wear them in parties or for special occasions, "smiled Hina but then she realized that Takano was there too and asks," Takano san? What are you doing here?"

"Well Onodera's mom invited me here"

"Oh Really? Great so hope you will enjoy!" smiled Hinako saying that.

"Yeah and nice dress"

"Oh ahm thanks! Ricchan you still need to meet the other people you know"

"Yes I will so will you excuse me for a second"

"Yes, sure" Onodera then took his leave Takano following behind him.

Onodera was walking around greeting the guest and his family members. He then realized that Takano san isn't behind him anymore and was searching for him.

"Taka- *THUD*"As Onodera wanted to say Takano's name he then bumped into someone. He actually bumped into two girls who were playing around. They both spun around to see Ritsu and then they both hugged him.

"Happy Birthday!" said the two young girls who were hugging Ritsu. Their names are Tamara and Kimara ,short for Tama and Kima who are Ritsu's two twins niece from his mother's side.

"Oh thank you! How are my two little twins doing? Ritsu said.

"Aw Uncle Ritsu! We are not little anymore!" The two twins replied and pouted.

"Hai Hai was just joking you both really grew into two beautiful girls"

"Hihihihihi," Both giggled, "Thank you Uncle Ritsu!"

"Your welcome" said Ritsu and patted both their heads again. As suddenly someone spoke into the microphone.

May I have the attention of all the guests please!

It was Onodera's father who spoke into the microphone and everybody went quiet and paid attention.

I am really grateful for all the family members and guests to be here for my Sons Birthday Party would you all please give applause to him.

Clap Clap Clap

Thank you so Ritsu please come to the stage please and give a short speech.

When his Father said he should give a short speech he was speechless he didn't knew what to say since he didn't prepare about that. So he went up to the stage and took the microphone. When he took the microphone and looked at the guest even though half of them where his family he thought his heart stopped. He was nervous and nearly wanted to faint but finally after a time he spoke

Ahmm Ahmm T-Thanks t-too all the g-guest for coming to my Birthday Party even though it wasn't necessary but still thank you for coming.

Clap Clap Clap

So then Onodera's mom then took over the microphone and said

So then it's time to open the presents and after the presents we are going to cut the Birthday cake! So Ritsu dear please go to the table where the presents are and open the biggest present.

Onodera then went to the table where the presents are and opened the biggest present as his mom told him to. When he looked at the tag and it said it's a present to him from his parents.

As he open the biggest present there were books from Ritsu's favorite authors. The books didn't even come out in the bookstores yet. One of the books was from Usami Akihiko called 'Aqua Sky' and the other book was from Sumi Ryouichi called 'Spring Breeze'. When Onodera saw the books he was really happy his eyes sparked when he saw these new books. He then went to his parents and thanked them and both his Parents hugged him even though his Dad wasn't that affectionate as his Mom but the still hugged his son and everybody who saw that scene said " Awwwww". Ritsu was embarrassed he was always embarrassed when it comes to his Birthday Parties. He always gets all the attention because it's his birthday. So he then gets back to the table were the presents are and open the rest of them.

During opening the presents suddenly the people began to sing the Birthday song

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday Dear Ritsu

Happy Birthday to You!

While they were singing the song the Birthday cake came in. It was a really big chocolate cake in the outside there was glazing all over the cake and there was a text written too and it stood 'Happy Birthday Ritsu' and there were some hearts on the text. Everybody was stunned by the wonderful cake the children where drooling when they saw the cake. Ritsu then cutted the cake into pieces and everybody then went to get one piece.

After they finished cutting the cake and opening the presents people where talking with each other well all the adults where talking, all the children were playing around. Onodera was really happy that he got really many presents but mostly all of them where books, clothing's, sweets and some Herbs for making Tea. He talked with his Aunts and Uncles and with his also then played a little with his nieces and nephews but the only thing he want to do now is find Takano. He hasn't seen him around for some hours ago.

Where is Takano san? I was searching for him for an hour and still I haven't found him …

"Ahh Rit chan!"As Ritsu heard that familiar voice he turned around to see Kohinata An.

"Oh An-chan how are you?"

"I am fine and you? And Happy Birthday!"

"I am fine and thank you"



"I told my parents and your parents to break the engagement officially off "

"An-chan thank you but I hope you didn't-"

"No I was fine but you know after a few days after your Mothers incident I met another guy and well he's is just now standing next to the punch and is talking with someone right now" Ritsu then turned around to see who the guy was and then he saw him. He was sure handsome thought Ritsu he had nice blonde hair which was shining under the lights and had big dark brown eyes.

"Is that him?" Onodera asked and pointed at An-chans new boyfriend.

"Y-yes this is my Boyfriend well I finally found somebody that I love more than you Ricchan" she said and blushed a bit.

"Oh my An-chan! I am happy for you!" said Onodera and took An-chan's hand.

"Thanks Ricchan! I hope you will be happy too with your Neighbor as well your High school love"

"Ohh ahmm yeah..."

"Gome Ricchan I didn't want to-"

"No, No it's ok so I need to go now okay"

"Okay… see you later!..."

The Party was nearly over and he still hasn't found Takano san. At that moment his mother then suddenly came to him and told him

"Ritsu, dear, me and your Father decided that you should go to the literature department"


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