The Memorial
Martin Guiterrez

The four years of lobbying had paid off in full. Many returned veterans, and many grateful civilians lobbied SICON to build a memorial to the deceased veterans of the Bug War.

The dedication was that day and many troopers and thier families were there to commemorate their deceased friends and loved ones.

For Joe Starles, the names of the dead were still fresh on his head. Sergeant Welsh, Heinrich Wenzl, Anthony Mazzola, Corporal Farley, and Leonard Barton. He was with his twenty six year old daughter, wife, and his daughter's fiance.

Edgar Schultz walked by the wall of names that surrounded a pedestal with the bronze statues of an MI trooper, a Fleet pilot, and a Skinnie. He walked past a group of several Skinnies that were clustered around the wall. He saw Anthony Mazzola's name among the many on the wall. 'So long Mazzola.' he thought.

Trigger, the youngest boy of Saber Squad, who had joined at seventeen, bumped into Lieutenant Rico, who was walking along with his wife, Isabelle Flores, six months pregnant.

"Sorry sir." Trigger said.

"It's alright." Rico said, as Trigger walked off to find his former squad mates. He saw Arturo, Fife, DiStefano, and Krul clustered near Starles.

Rico left behind a wreath with the name Jean Razak on it, with the signatures of the entire squad on it.

Dizzy ran into Melissa, who was carrying a three year old son. "Here for Leonard?" said Dizzy.

"I understand." said Rico, "You're here to say your last goodbye."

"How's the baby coming along?" Melissa asked.

"She's kicking again." Dizzy said. Melissa's little boy touched Flores' midsection.

"It's kicking Mommy." said the boy, "Let's name her Pearl."

"That's a nice name, sweety," said Melissa, transferring the child to his father's arms, "But maybe we should let Mr. and Mrs. Rico decide."

"Why?" said the little boy.

Alan Reinmann took the child as Melissa said, "I named you Leonard out of care for a man very close to me. Names should be given out of love."

The Sky Marshall gave a speech, "Today we are here to honor those men and women, no longer with us, who helped to ensure that human civilization would long continue. Those men and women, with their bravery, ensured the survival of the human race. This monument is but a token of our gratitude to they who are no longer with us. Ladies and gentlemen, as you walk to places they no longer can go, be not afraid to say you loved them. To the surviving veterans, I salute you all."

The speech concluded and the people continued their solemn vigil into the night...

The end.