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Chapter 4: A Violent Wrath

Sasuke had passed out after his match, a subtle snore coming from his nose as he slept. As for Ino, because her injuries were minor as well, her teammates managed to drag her back up to the stands, and laid her against the wall, out of the way. Everyone then waited for the next contestants to be called, and as they waited for the screen on the board call out the two next combatants, many thoughts were running through their heads.

'Call me next, call me next!' Lee thought to himself, eager to fight.

'Knowing my luck, it will call me next… troublesome…' Shikamaru thought to himself, a dour expression on his face.

'Please don't pair me and my teammates against that psycho Suna Shinobi…' Kiba thought to himself nervously.

'As long as I finally get picked, I don't care who I have to face…!' Naruto thought to himself, determination in his eyes.

Everyone looked up to the screen, watching as the names blinked by in random order, until finally, it settled on two contestants.

Kiba Inuzuka


Naruto Uzumaki

"Alright! Finally! I get to fight!" Naruto yelled out excitedly.

"Yes! We get to fight the idiot! What a lucky break!" Kiba exclaimed.

Kakashi then walked up to Naruto, placing his hand on his student's shoulder. "Show them what you can do…" He stated, attempting to encourage Naruto.

Naruto smirked, and was about to run down, when Sakura stepped in front of him, a weird expression on her face, as if she was admiring him. "Do your best..." She stated.

Naruto, slightly confused, wrote it off, and continued down the stairs anyway. "Uh… thanks Sakura…" he called back.

Sakura didn't know why, but for some reason, she felt her perception on things around had changed. She was seeing the world differently, and was able to spot the beauty in everything, as well as the ugliness as well. When she saw Naruto again, she began to notice of things she couldn't but admire about him. Granted, she still saw some things to admire about Sasuke, however, her eyes were truly opened to things around her, and she was feeling a bit high on it.

"Alright Akamaru! You ready for an easy win!" Kiba yelled out. *Bark* was the canine's response. "Alright then, let's go kick his ass!"

Both contestants then stood facing each other on the stage, both with cocky grins plastering their faces.

"This is the third match of the preliminary rounds, are both combatants ready?" Hayate received a nod and a cocky smirk from both contestants. "Then let the match begin!" He stated, jumping back out of the combatant's ways again.

Naruto then took a fighting stance. "Prepare to get whooped Kiba!"

"Dream on, brat… like I'm going to get beat down by the class idiot…" Kiba stated.

"Well, this class idiot has learned a few new tricks… let me show you!" Naruto then closed his eyes, and began on focusing on bringing the power from earlier to the forefront, calling upon it again, wanting to start this fight with it right on the bat. He continued to focus and strain, Kiba watching and waiting to see what the 'idiot' was going to pull off.

"I'm waiting…" Kiba stated.

Naruto kept focusing, harder and harder, until…


Naruto's face contorted in surprised embarrassment, and everyone who knew Naruto in the room couldn't help but sweat drop from the embarrassing sound his body had just made.

'That is embarrassingly disgusting…' Sakura thought, her face contorted in embarrassment.

"Is that it? Gross man…" Kiba stated in monotone with a dour look on his face.

"S-Shut up! That isn't what I was trying to do jerk!" Naruto yelled out, his face becoming red.

"Whatever… You know what, Akamaru and I ain't going to hold back… Let's go Akamaru!"Kiba yelled to his partner, tossing him a round pill, which Akamaru consumed, his fur turning red, Kiba also consuming a pill himself. "Man-Beast Mimicry!"

Then, in a puff of smoke, Akamaru turned into an exact duplicate of Kiba, both standing symmetrical to each other.

"What the…?" Naruto stated, caught off guard by Kiba's technique.

Kiba and Akamaru then charged forward, both maneuvering in different patterns, throwing Naruto off. Kiba then came in with a swipe to Naruto's face, Naruto barely dodging it by backing off. This was soon followed by a swiping kick from Akamaru, Naruto barely responding in time to jump, however, Kiba took advantage of Naruto's jump to punch him straight in the face, sending Naruto sprawling back, Akamaru jumping into the air to finish with a heel drop kick to Naruto's gut. Akamaru then moved away from Naruto's prone form, walking back to Kiba.

"Well, that was easier than I thought it would be… I had hoped he would have at least put up some kind of effort though…"Kiba stated, looking somewhat disappointed.

"Grr… I'm not done yet asshole…" Naruto groaned, standing back up to his feet.

"Well alright then…" Kiba feral smirked. "Bring it on!"

"Multi-Shadow Clone Jutsu!" Naruto yelled out, holding his hands in the ram seal. Suddenly, the room filled up with 150 clones, all of them either forming a circle around Kiba and Akamaru or standing on the walls and ceiling with chakra, both Kiba and his partner surprised by this move. They were not the only ones surprised as many people in the room were equally surprised by Naruto's feat.

'Impossible! A Genin knowing such an advanced Jutsu… and not only that, but to be able to make so many clones? That's even more than what a Jonin can make!' Kurenai thought to herself.

"What the…? When could you make so many clones?" Kiba yelled out.

"That's none of your business!" One clone yelled out. "You should be more concerned that we're about to kick your ass!" Another yelled out. And then, the mass fighting began.

One clone charged for Kiba, managing to punch him in the face, but Kiba retaliated by grabbing that clone's head and kneeing him in the face, causing it to puff into smoke. Akamaru ducked away from one clone's jump kick, and then sweep kicked him to the ground, following up with a heel drop, dispersing the clone. Another clone tried to drop onto Kiba from the roof, but Kiba spotted him, and grabbed him, slamming the head of that clone into another oncoming clone, dispersing them both. Two more clones jumped down from the ceiling, aiming for Akamaru, but the dog turned human jumped to meet them mid flight, and grabbed the two clones by the shoulders, climbing up their bodies, and grabbing them by the legs, holding them like this the rest of the way down until they hit the ground, crashing into three more clones, dispersing all of them. One clone managed to try and tackle Kiba from the front, but Kiba slammed his elbow into the clone's head, dispersing it just before another clone tried to take a swipe at him, avoiding the punch to his face. Another clone tried to grab Akamaru from behind, holding him in a headlock, but Akamaru, as a dog, did what was natural, and bit the arm holding him with such force that the clone dispersed.

Two more clones managed to catch Kiba off guard, one managing to kick him in the face, the other to managing to tackle Kiba to the ground from behind. Akamaru went to try and help his partner out, but another clone managed to kick him in the back of the leg while another body slammed into him, and then a few more clones began to pile on top of him and Kiba, restraining both Kiba and Akamaru's movements. Soon, all the rest of the Naruto clones began to dog pile on top of Kiba and Akamaru, creating a huge pile of Clones over top of the two canine fighters.

"Do you give now dog breath?" A Naruto clone close to Kiba yelled out.

"*Snort*… I have to admit… not bad brat…" Kiba stated with a strained smirk. "However… Akamaru and I have yet to really pull out all the stops... NOW AKAMARU!" Kiba yelled out.

Suddenly, the clone pile up began to bulge a bit, and in an instant, all the clones were sent flying from the huge pile as a spinning mass came from Kiba and Akamaru's positions. "Fang over Fang!" The two spinning masses then began to encircle each other, moving across the stadium, hitting many of the Naruto clones along the way, causing them to disperse.

Kiba and Akamaru stopped spinning, and landed on the ground, seeing there were now only 3/4s of the Naruto clone's there were before.

"Charge!" One Naruto clone yelled, and the huge army jumped forward toward Kiba and his partner, like a tidal wave of Ninja coming down onto Kiba and Akamaru's position. Both Kiba and Akamaru shifted their stances, standing symmetrical to each other, and like a switch, bounded off each other, and began to spin wildly, like a controlled tornado toward the wave of Shinobi clones, piercing right into the wave, breaking it apart, many Clones dispersing, and the rest falling down like rain toward the ground, dispersing many of them, while others managed to catch themselves before they landed.

The army of clones grouped back together, and charged forward toward the two canine partners together, this time making random maneuvers to avoid all of them getting hit this time. A large group of clones began to charge at Kiba and Akamaru, grabbing onto them at different points, grabbing their legs, arms, and torsos. The pile up began to increase again, trying to overwhelm both Kiba and Akamaru with sheer numbers; however, both Kiba and Akamaru were trained for close range combat.

"Fang over FANG!" Kiba yelled out, and both Kiba and Akamaru spun around again, causing the pile of clones to explode outward, clones flying in different directions again as the twin tornados tore through a large mass of the clone army.

Many people observed the situation with similar reactions.

'Well… he sure pulled a surprise with the clones… but I should have known he couldn't make it last…' Tenten thought to herself, slightly disappointed.

'It doesn't matter what futile efforts he makes, he will still fail…' Neji thought with superiority.

'Well… I guess the old man was putting too much hopes in that kid… shame…' Asuma, the Sensei of Team 10, thought to himself, puffing out on his cigarette.

"While it's impressive he can summon that many clones… it's pointless if he doesn't know what to do with them in the first place…" The Suna Kunoichi, Temari, stated out loud, her brother Kankuro and her Sensei agreeing with her.

Many of the opinions of the audience fell along these lines, much disappointment and underestimating in Naruto's abilities.

When Kiba and Akamaru finished their spin around, they managed to reduce all the clones down to just the real Naruto, and they ended up landing a critical blow to him, Kiba first striking Naruto in the stomach with his attack, and then followed up by Akamaru striking Naruto from behind. Naruto landed on the ground with a heavy thud, his body battered and beaten. But despite his injuries, Naruto began to shakily get back up, wobbly on his feet but refusing to back down.

Kiba stared at Naruto with a disappointed look. "I will admit… that clone ability was fun to deal with… and it really caught me by surprise… but if that is the only trick you got up your sleeves, then you should just throw in the towel right now…"

Naruto set his foot down on the ground, and glared at Kiba, not wanting to back down in the slightest. Kiba's response was to start to spin his body again, along with Akamaru, and while Naruto managed to avoid the first spiraling Tornado by side stepping, he got hit by the second, sending him into the air again, and hitting the ground with another thud. Kiba then stopped spinning to look at his downed opponent, his scowl deepening.

"Seriously… after all this time out of the academy… and aside from that clone Jutsu, you haven't changed one bit…" Kiba stated. Naruto then began to get back up to his feet again.

"Shut… up…" Naruto breathed out, his eyes narrowing with anger.

Again, Kiba responded by using his Taijutsu technique, spinning at Naruto with Akamaru, this time both attacks managing to hit Naruto, sending him not just once in the air, but twice, rocketing him into a wall.

"I know I have been training ever since we graduated from the academy, perfecting my techniques and partnership with Akamaru… as for you… what have you been doing all this time? Nothing but D-Ranks or something? You're still the same idiot brat that would pull pranks in order to get attention…" Kiba growled out. Naruto started to get back up again. Kiba looked at him with annoyance. "I had at least thought you would have gotten a bit stronger with all the time we had… but you're still pathetic!" Kiba then charged forward, this time running up to Naruto, punching him in the gut, then in the face, pushing him against the wall. "Akamaru and I worked our tails off… trying to be the best! And you! You're still the brat from the academy! You have Clones to work with, yet you don't even utilize them right! Akamaru and I know that quantity doesn't equal Quality, and so, we both utilized our team work to work for us! You! You just try to overwhelm you opponent with numbers!" Kiba then grabbed Naruto's head, slammed his face into his knee, and then tossed him over his shoulder to the center of the stage. "Grow Up!"

Naruto laid on the ground a bit, having a harder time still trying to get up again, leaning on his knees and his forehead as well has his hands to get up.

"Back in the academy, you claimed you were going to become Hokage! How do you hope to accomplish that if you haven't even made a big difference in yourself?" Kiba yelled out.

Naruto managed to get up again, but as soon as he got up, Akamaru came from behind with the Fang over Fang, and knocked him back down again.

'You're always saying you're going to become Hokage… like that will ever happen Fox Brat!' a voice from the past rang in Naruto's head, showing the image of Mizuki taunting him. Naruto struggled to get back up again, but Kiba and Akamaru came back at him with their attack, being relentless.
'Can you imagine the disaster if he became a Ninja…?' another degrading voice this time the woman from when he failed his exam for the third time in a row. Naruto tried to get to his knees, but again Kiba and Akamaru did not let up, sending him into the air, blood beginning to fall to the ground.
'What's wrong, afraid? Scaredy cat!' Sasuke's voice rang out in his head, egging him on.
"Shut… Up…" Naruto growled out as he stood up, but was sent flying again via Kiba and Akamaru.
'You have no idea what it means to be a Shinobi brat' The voice of Zabuza rang out, his face glaring down on him like he was a child.
"I said… shut… UP!" Naruto snarled this time, refusing to stay down, his temper flaring.

"You're so weak, you should just stay down and give up… it will save you a lot of pain…" Kiba stated.

'You're wrong Kiba… Naruto would never give up…'Hinata thought to herself, watching with sorrowful eyes upon the match. 'Naruto just doesn't know the meaning of the word quit… no matter what you do… he'll just keep getting back up…'

"You think… you know me… asshole?" Naruto stated, raising himself back up. "You don't know a thing about ME!"

"Just roll over and give up! I've won this match! Admit defeat!"Kiba yelled out, charging toward Naruto, already starting his technique again, Akamaru on the other side of Naruto, following Kiba's example. As they spun forward, planning on delivering the finishing blow to Naruto, Naruto stood there, teeth gritted, and his body suddenly beginning to erupt with red energy, black markings appearing on his flesh again, his arms getting covered in the metallic silver substance up to his elbows again. Naruto took a horse stance, planting his feet into the ground, Kiba and Akamaru coming at him from both his sides.

"THIS WILL END IT!" Kiba yelled out as they got closer to impacting Naruto. Suddenly, the twin tornadoes were caught in Naruto's metallic hands, instantly stopping the rotation of Kiba and Akamaru, both of them being held by their hands.

Naruto opened his eyes, revealing them to be blood red slits, his face contorted into a snarling primal anger.

"Grr… I said…" Naruto lifted both Kiba and Akamaru by their arms into the air with ease. "SHUT… UP!" He then slammed them both into the ground, cracking the tiled floor with the impact.

This transformation in Naruto caught a lot of people's attention, even Kakashi. So much so, Kakashi took off his head band, and revealed his Sharingan to see the finer details of this energy that his student Sakura displayed for a brief time, and what Ino had shown as well. That which Kakashi saw shocked him. 'What's going on? Naruto's never displayed this kind of power! Whatever it is, it isn't chakra! What the hell is it?' He thought to himself.

The Suna Shinobi were also surprised, having never seen anything like this power before.

'The hell? Where did that runt get this strength?' Temari thought to herself.

'Man… I hope not all of Konoha can use this ability… or else the plan is sunk…' Kankuro thought to himself.

'This boy… he is someone I must kill to prove my existence… his blood will certainly please mother…' Gaara thought to himself, smirking devilishly at Naruto's power.

Hinata stared with surprise and worry, surprise for her crush, and worry for her teammate. 'I knew Naruto-kun had an ace up his sleeve… but this…? I hope Kiba and Akamaru will be okay…' she thought to herself, happy that Naruto had gained the upper hand.

Kiba and Akamaru both moaned from the spot on the ground. Without even glancing at them, Naruto grabbed them by the back of their heads, slammed their heads together, and then slammed them into the ground again, and began to drag them both along the tiles by their faces, creating a small trench along the tiled floor. He then stopped, pulled them both back, their face showing blood and agony, and then with brutal strength, tossed them both toward the Shinobi statue, imprinting them both into the stone shoulders. Both Kiba and Akamaru dislodged from their imprints, falling forward toward the ground.

'I… I lost…' Kiba thought as he fell, slowly beginning to lose consciousness. Time seemed to slow down for Kiba, and as he fell, he looked around to see an almost unconscious Akamaru, who puffed back into his regular dog form the moment he crashed into the statue. He then spared a glance toward his teammates, looking to him in worry… well, Hinata and Kurenai looking in worry, Shino was as stoic as ever. Finally, he looked toward Naruto, who just looked very pissed at him. 'I underestimated him… it didn't occur to me he had something in the reserves… I held back, and he got the upper hand… I should have given all I had… I'm such an idiot!'

"No argument there…" A voice stated.

(Play song: The Golden Spider … from the Asura's Wrath OST)

Kiba's eyes widened in shock, and he looked up to see that time had halted around him, Akamaru the only other thing responsive at the moment. Akamaru then began to snarl, and so Kiba look toward where Akamaru was growling to see a Golden Spider hanging by a golden thread.

"I see even your dog lacks respect… well, they do say that a pet resembles the owner…" the spider stated.

Kiba growled at that. "Akamaru is my partner! Not my pet!"

"Indeed… you know, that's your problem… you never really learned to truly appreciate moments in life… you take everything so seriously…"

"Shut up! What do you know?" Kiba yelled out.

"I know enough to see a fool when one is hanging around… by the way things look, you still have some fight left in you… if only your body could keep with your spirit…"

"It doesn't matter now… I've lost… no way can I beat Naruto now… I've tried everything I got…" Kiba stated.

"Really? Is that everything you got?"

Kiba narrows his eyes. "What are you getting at?"

"You're still alive, aren't you? As long as you keep breathing, you shouldn't give up… you want to continue… I see it in your eyes! Even your companion wants to continue with you!" The spider indicates Akamaru. "If you still have the will, then keep fighting… Fight with every ounce of force you have…"


"Force is violence… the supreme authority from which all authorities derive… Pure force and violence have resolved more issues in human history than anything else… that is a fact… you want to be respected… Naruto wishes to be respected… show him your respect by giving him you're all in this fight, and he and everyone else will show you theirs…"

Kiba didn't know why, but what this freaky spider was saying made a lot of sense. Not only that, but most of what he said was pretty much stuff Kiba already knew.

"To obtain respect… then use any amount of excessive Violence you can muster! But of course… I don't need to tell you that…" Suddenly, shot a thread of golden silk toward Kiba's right arm, and then linked it to the growling Akamaru. "This should also provide you with an added boost… use it well..." The thread then vanished, leaving only a gold mark on Kiba's wrist, the same mark on Akamaru's belly, which soon faded to silver.

The spider then vanished from sight, leaving Kiba with Akamaru, who were both hanging in the air. Suddenly, time seemed to begin to speed up again, catching both Kiba and Akamaru off guard, and causing them both to land flat on their faces. Kiba began to strain back to his feet, Akamaru also getting up on all fours. He looked toward Naruto, who was ready to charge at him again to finish the fight.

Then Kiba spoke out with a solemn expression. "Naruto!" This caught Naruto's attention. "I take it back… you have improved… sorry I have been underestimating you…" then Kiba's expression became feral. "I won't be making that mistake again!"

Naruto stared at Kiba, slightly confused, but then gave off his own feral smirk. "Is that so? Then prove it!" Naruto then took a fighting stance, his arms spread out.

"Alright… but just so you know… YOU ASKED FOR IT!" Suddenly, Akamaru jumped up onto Kiba's head, and a yellow colored energy began to flare out of both of them.

(Play song: Retaliation… from the Asura's Wrath OST)

Then, a puff of smoke went off, and when it cleared, standing in Kiba and Akamaru's place was a taller young man with wild brown hair. The young man was shirtless, showing a well toned chest, and had patches of brown fur covering his body in certain patterns and markings, and he had a feral looking face with elongated canines and red markings on his cheeks. He wore a pair of red embroidered slacks with a blue sash wrapped around his waist. The most prominent feature of this young man was that his right arm was completely covered in white fur with silver markings and designs running through the fur and at where the forearm would have been was a large dog's head, the hand coming out of the fanged mouth, the right arm being longer and larger than the left, the left being covered in brown fur markings, a clawed hand at the end.

"Woah… this is different…" Kiba stated, staring down at his new body. "Is that you Akamaru?" Kiba asked, looking down at his arm. He received a bark as his response. "I get it… this is kind of like that two headed wolf technique I've heard about… sweet…" He then looked to his opponent with a feral smirk.

This new development now had many caught for a loop.

'Okay… this is getting ridiculous… first the two Kunoichi, then the Uzumaki boy… Now the Inuzuka? What kind of monsters are they?' Tenten frantically thought to herself.

'I kind of figured Naruto would have this power since both Sakura and Sasuke have it… but to see Kiba and Ino have it...' Shikamaru thought to himself. 'Eh… I'm probably over thinking this… after all, Ino does know Sakura, and Kiba and Naruto used to hang out… best not to get worried over nothing…'

"Alright… time for round 2!" Kiba yelled out, taking a stance with his huge arm extended.

Naruto couldn't help but smirk in excitement. Not only was his new power working, but also, he was facing another person who also had this power. He couldn't wait for this fight now. "Let's see what you got Dog breath!" Naruto yelled out, taking a stance as well, his fists clenched.

Naruto then slammed his fist into the ground, causing pieces to dislodge and stick out from the impact. He then kicked off those upturned pieces of debris, and sent them flying toward Kiba at a high speed like projectiles. Kiba, reacting quickly on instinct, raised his large arm in front of him, Akamaru's mouth closing over his hand, the fur beginning to bristle, expanding the width of the arm, barely shielding Kiba's body. Suddenly, the bristled fur changed into a silver substance, hardening the fur on the arm, and the arm managed to block and repel the large shrapnel pieces, the debris shattering upon impact with his silver furred arm.

"Wow… I didn't even feel that! You okay boy?" Kiba asked his partner. Akamaru gave a jovial bark as a response. "Alright… this thing is stronger than I thought… let's see how it hits though boy!" Kiba then charged forward, his arm pulled back, Akamaru's jaw opening to reveal Kiba's clawed clenched fist, the fur changing back to the its white coloring.

Naruto watched Kiba charged, Kiba's movements seeming slowed by the hulking arm, and so, Naruto charged forward as well, his own fist cocked back to meet Kiba's fist. "Bring it on!"

Both Kiba and Naruto's fist collided, a powerful boom sounding from the impact, both arms in a near deadlock.

This in turn caused Sasuke to awaken from his sleep with a start, wondering what was going on. He dragged himself up to the railing to see both Naruto and Kiba in their current state, and he started to look with interest now.

'Hmm… so the Inuzuka has the power now… why I am not surprised anymore… still… this should prove interesting to see two users of this power going at it… I just wish I knew how Naruto was able to activate it again…' Sasuke thought to himself.

Suddenly, Naruto's arm began to give way, being pushed back by Kiba's mighty arm, and Naruto was suddenly sent flying back, his body twirling in the air until he hit the wall, creating an imprint of himself.

"Yeah! That's what I'm talking about!" Kiba yelled, pumping his oversized arm.

Naruto managed to scrape himself from the wall, an annoyed look on his face. "Ouch…" Naruto stated, getting himself back to his feet, and taking his stance again. 'Okay… he packs a lot more punch this time around. Avoid that arm, got it…'

Naruto then got back up, and charged forward again. Kiba went to slam down his giant arm, but Naruto sidestepped the attack, and managed to punch Kiba in the face. Kiba stumbled back a bit, dazed from the hit, but then recovered in time to move the oversized arm to catch Naruto's followed up spin kick to the face. Kiba then lifted Naruto into the air, and began to slam him continuously down into the ground multiple times, flailing Naruto about like a rag doll. When Kiba was finished flailing Naruto about, he tossed him toward the same spot in the wall Naruto was imprinted into earlier.

Naruto scraped himself out of the wall again, an even more aggravated expression on his face. "Again… ouch…"

Unfortunately, Naruto didn't catch sight of Kiba's charge in time, as Kiba had appeared in front of him, his giant fist cocked back again; ready to deliver another devastating hit. "Come on Idiot! You can do better than that!" His fist then went flying toward Naruto. Naruto looked up to see the fist coming, and suddenly, the fist was moving as if in slow motion, and reacting quickly in time, Naruto brought his hands up to attempt to catch the fist, a huge explosion of dust and debris erupting outward as a result.

When the dust cleared, it revealed Naruto was holding Kiba's massive fist back by the wrist, both combatant's arms audibly straining, Naruto's body implanted even deeper into the wall.

Many formerly composed competitors began to nervously sweat, even the most coolheaded starting to become nervous.

'What is this? They were both down and out… but now… this power… whatever it is, it's dangerous…' Neji thought nervously. He then quickly composed himself. 'Of course… it is not like they will win against me… fate has decreed once a failure, always a failure… the same will go for them…'

"Much better idiot… I'm starting to have some fun…" Kiba stated with a strained feral grin, as he continued to push forward his attack, Naruto resisting.

"Shut up jerk… grr…" Naruto growled as he pushed on Kiba's arm, soon shifting his legs to help push the heavy arm off his body. Kiba seeing this, opened his fist and grabbed Naruto by his shirt, and pulled him out, tossing Naruto into the air.

"My Fang over Fang was strong before… but let's see how it does in this form! FANG OVER FA…" Kiba attempted to spin his body, but he soon tripped over his massive arm, rolling over head over heels. "Damn… my body's not used to this heavy thing yet… Guess I'll have to just do it the old fashioned way!" Kiba yelled out, cocking his fist again, and charging for Naruto's falling form.

"Like I'm going to give you that chance!" Naruto then put his hands together, forming a familiar hand sign. "Shadow Clone Jutsu!" Naruto yelled out. However, nothing happened. "Eh? What the hell? Shadow Clone Jutsu!" He tried again, but still, nothing happened. It was like he could feel the chakra in his system, but it was buried underneath the power he was using, and he couldn't bring it to the surface without as much effort as before.

Sasuke stared down in interest at that moment. 'So you can't use Jutsu in this form… I better keep that in mind for the future…' Sasuke thought to himself.

Before Naruto could rethink his strategy, Kiba's fist came into his peripheral view, and reacting quickly, Naruto brought his silver coated arms up in time to take the full brunt of the attack, sending him flying back again, his feet skidding across the ground a few feet until he stopped. Naruto looked toward Kiba, and then looked down at the upturned flooring. Naruto then slammed both his hands into the ground, and with a great heave, managed to pull two huge chunks of stone out, his fists buried in the boulders like a pair of boxing gloves. Naruto then charged forward, his left arm cocked back, ready to slam the piece of debris into Kiba.

Kiba, seeing the large chunk of rock coming at him, quickly put his arm up, the fur bristling again and turning silver again. The rock fist slammed into the Akamaru arm shield, breaking into chunks upon the initial hit. Naruto then cocked back the right arm, and swung it horizontally, slamming the large rock into Kiba's left side, smashing the rock apart, and knocking Kiba over. Kiba shook his head, feeling slightly dazed, but managed to bring his arm shield up in time to block Naruto fist, the blow pushing Kiba back a bit. Naruto then began to unleash a torrent of fists upon the shield, his mind thinking he would be able to break Kiba's guard, Kiba's feet entrenching into the ground. Kiba then took his left hand, and managed to punch Naruto into the side of his head, dazing Naruto a bit.

While Naruto was dazed, Kiba then switched the arm shield into the furry fist again, and taking aim, struck Naruto in his jaw with an uppercut. Naruto was sent flying straight into the air, and right through the ceiling, his body getting half stuck through the structure, his legs left dangling. Suddenly, large cracks began to appear throughout the roofing surrounding Naruto, and in the blink of the eye, a large portion exploded outward, Naruto's arm extended, and he let off a roar of frustration. Naruto then managed to grab a hold of the ceiling with his fingers embedding into the rock, holding himself upside down facing Kiba. Naruto tried to use chakra to hold himself on the ceiling, but again, it just wouldn't come to the surface past his new power. Forgetting it, he positioned his feet underneath himself on the ceiling, and then, tensing his leg muscles, he explosively launched himself downward toward Kiba, both of his arms cocked back to strike when in position, his body propelling downward as fast as a thrown shuriken.

Kiba watched as Naruto propelled down, and so, he reared his own huge fist back, and with a mighty heave, both Naruto and Kiba's fist collided, a shockwave emitting from the impact, knocking every Genin that was standing onto their rear, and shaking the legs of any standing Chuunin or higher to their knees.

'What Power!' Was the thought of many in the room.

Sakura though didn't look too surprised, and in fact looked enthralled in this fight. 'Hmm… while this fight could be better… it is very… exhilarating…' Sakura thought, putting her hand over her heart. 'Oh… to see these two clash with such a lovely display!' Sakura actually shuddered with pleasure. 'Beautiful!'

When the cloud cleared, it showed both Kiba and Naruto standing, facing each other, both with a look of steely resolve, but also both looking quite worn out.

'This power is starting to run out… I have to end this now!' Kiba thought to himself. Kiba then charged forward, his fist pulled back again, and aimed his fist toward Naruto's face. Naruto saw the attack coming, but his body was not responding, and so, he ended up getting punched square in the face, causing him to roll backward until he hit the wall again, and then fell to the ground. Kiba sighed in relief, thinking that may have ended it as Naruto wasn't moving yet. But, Naruto's body began to shift from the ground, Naruto's mouth snarling.

(Play song: Asura Unleashed… from the Asura's Wrath OST)

"No… way…" Naruto began to say, slowly managing to push himself back up to his knees. "will… I…" Naruto then began to rise up to his feet. "QUIT!" Naruto then fully stood up erect, his eyes blazing with rage filled resolve.

Within a sewer like location, behind a golden ornate cage that towered leagues high, two blazing red eyes began to shift open, taking notice of Naruto's response.

"GAAAAHHH!" Naruto cried out as suddenly his body began to erupt with the red energy, flaring out of his body like a bon fire, and soon, the markings on his flesh began to light up, turning a shade of neon red, and the silver gauntlets took on a shine, as if they were glowing. Naruto stared at Kiba, and Kiba stared back at him, both with looks of defiance.

At that moment, both Naruto and Kiba charged at each other, both not even bothering with a strategic plan of attack.

"You're going down Jerk!" Naruto yelled out.

"Bring it brat!" Kiba also yelled. 'I don't have enough time to go on the defensive… I can feel the power fading… time to go all out on the attack!' He thought to himself.

Naruto then managed to punch Kiba in the face, who stumbled back from the hit. Kiba recovered and punched back with his own giant fist, hitting Naruto in the gut, however, Naruto didn't go flying back this time, and Naruto countered with a kick to the side of Kiba's head. Kiba gritted his teeth, and managed to catch himself before hitting the ground, and then retaliated with another punch from his huge arm, hitting Naruto in the gut while Naruto was in midair. Naruto recovered quickly though, and grabbed the arm that just punched him, and managed to twist his body in midair and pull Kiba over his shoulder, slamming his head into the ground.

Before Kiba could pull himself up off the ground, Naruto ran toward him, jumped into the air, grabbed Kiba's upturned legs, lifted him into the air, flipped him over Naruto's head, and then finally slammed Kiba full force face first into the ground. Kiba then managed to pull himself up, and as Naruto charged him again, Kiba then swung his fist around, striking Naruto back a ways.

Naruto and Kiba locked eyes on each other, and suddenly, energy exploded out of both combatants, Naruto flaring with red energy, and Kiba flaring with yellow.

"Time we end this brat…" Kiba growled out.

"Something we can both agree on!" Naruto growled back.

Kiba then shifted his stance, tensing his legs and cocking his fist back. Naruto also tenses his legs and cocks his fists back, both preparing to charge at each other. With explosive power, both fighters charged each other, and in that instant before Naruto's fist collided with Kiba's big one, they both stared each other down, both with looks showing neither one is going to back down.

Naruto slammed his fist into Kiba's, the impact causing a loud percussion. Naruto's arm then was being pushed back again, Kiba not relenting or giving up. So, thinking quickly, Naruto slammed his other fist into Kiba's fist, causing Kiba's advance to slow down. Naruto then slammed his other fist into the hand again, and again with the other, switching back and forth in rapid succession, roaring out as he did, starting to push Kiba's arm back. Suddenly, as Naruto's fist began to impact Kiba's, cracks were beginning to form on Naruto's silver coated arms, but Naruto continued his onslaught, not giving in. As for Kiba's arm, bloody gouges began to form on his knuckles and fingers, Kiba not giving in either though.

Naruto then slammed his left hand one last time into Kiba's fist, and held it there, keeping Kiba's arm held back with great difficulty. Naruto then held up his right opened hand, and slowly began to cock it back, and in an instant, he closed his silver fist, and sent it flying toward Kiba's fist, the attack causing an explosive shockwave that shook the entire tower, knocking everyone standing up down this time, even the Anbu who were in hiding, the explosion covering the arena floor in dust and smoke.

Everyone instantly tried to regain their composure to see the result of the fight, the dust starting clear up. When the dust finally settled, it revealed Naruto; his arm extended outward, the silver part of his arm cracking all over. Naruto looked on the edge of passing out, as his body was constantly struggling to stay up. When the dust cleared, it revealed on the opposite end of the arena, right up against the wall was both Kiba and Akamaru, both bloody and unconscious, back to normal save Kiba without his shirt on now.

"The winner by Knockout is Naruto Uzumaki…" Hayate yelled out.

The moment Naruto heard that he won, the silver pieces on his extended right arm suddenly shattered, revealing flesh under the metallic material, and soon following was the sound of bones breaking, all coming from Naruto's right arm, which soon went limp after all the markings and silver material vanished. Naruto then fell backwards and sprawled out onto the ground, exhaustion, fatigue, as well as pain finally kicking in as he slowly drifted to sleep.

Kiba's teammates went down to him to check to see if he and his partner were okay, only to find that both he and Akamaru were completely unconscious, and in need of medical care. Medical Shinobi came at that moment and checked Kiba's body, and then began to cart him away to the ER, keeping him stable, two more coming in to check on Naruto. Sakura and Kakashi had managed to come down to the floor to check to see Naruto's condition, and found he was very battered up, but okay. So, after the medics gave Naruto a quick patch repair job and a sling for his arm, Kakashi managed to carry the sleeping Naruto back up the stairs to their spot in the audience. When Sakura went to follow her Sensei back up the stairs, she was suddenly approached by Kiba's teammate, Hinata, who was looking nervous about something.

"Hinata? What is it?" Sakura asked.

"Umm… I… I was wondering if… you could… please give this to Naruto-kun… when he wakes up…" Hinata asked, stuttering and near mumbling in her speech pattern, holding up a small jar of herbal medical cream that could be used to heal both exterior laceration wounds and ease muscle pains.

'Naruto-kun?' Sakura thought bewildered. Sakura stared at Hinata for a second, then at the medical cream, then to Naruto, and then a smile formed on her face at a realization. "Ah! I get it… so that's it… how sweet…" Sakura stated out loud to herself, starting to make Hinata blush. "Sure… I'll give Naruto the cream… however, when he wakes up, I'm going to have to tell him who it's from. Don't want to take credit where credit is due…" Sakura stated with a wink toward Hinata… causing the flustered girl to blush even more. "Aw… you're blushing… so cute…" Sakura finished with a Cheshire smile followed by her ruffling Hinata's hair, and soon followed after her Sensei, a near skip in her step at this new revelation. She then called back to Hinata for a finish statement, her voice more serious in tone. "Just keep in mind… he's a nice guy… a diamond in the rough. People will start to notice him… including me eventually… and he won't be single for long… especially as he gets older… try and make your move before you lose this great catch to someone less appreciative or deserving of him!" She finished with a sing song voice, near twirling about as she did so.

Hinata was slightly bewildered by Sakura's attitude, never remembering her to be so… bubbly. She then thought about what Sakura had said, and she knew that what Sakura said was true. However, Hinata still couldn't bring herself to tell him her feelings yet, due to the fact she was still insecure. Only time would tell if she'd ever open her heart to him. She just hoped it would be sooner more than later, and before his heart ends up belonging to another, or worse, Sakura actually went through with her threat.

Kakashi carried the young Naruto up the stairs, his mind thinking on the events that just unfolded. 'I don't know what this power is… or what it could mean… but I have a feeling that something is going on… and I am going to make sure this power, whatever it is or its origin, will not bring any harm to any of my students…' Kakashi thought.

To be continued…

On the next Naruto's Wrath:

A great mind trapped within a prison of lacked motivation. What can the mind truly accomplish when push comes to shove, and the greatest weapon one has is their own line of thinking? Can a strategic mind overcome one's own flaws and weakness, and bring about an unseen victory, even from certain despair?

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Gohma Index:

Gohma Howler: Small Gohma that run rampant throughout the land. They resemble monkeys, and commonly appear in packs. Each pack is made up of a primary Howler and lesser Howlers.

Height (At full Height):

Lesser Howler: Approx. 2m
Primary Howler: Approx. 2.5m


Lesser Howler: Approx. 2m

Primary Howler: Approx. 2.5m

Impurity Level: 32

Alright… first off… for those who don't know… Toonami is coming back! On May 26th! On adultswim! So for those of you who were fans of Toonami, and weep from its death, weep no more, for it is back baby! With even the original voice actor of Tom…

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Challenge Title: Asura vs the World

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Plot Suggestions (optional): My best suggestions… try God of War vs. Asura's Wrath, or some kind of situation where Asura has to face beings of godly power and might, or something of that sort… you decide. Just make sure the beat down is entertaining to both you and the audience…

2nd challenge…

Challenge Title: The Great Journey of Augus

X-over: Misc./Asura's Wrath

Summary: After death, Augus' spirit, while sated, still desired for more combat… his soul, pushing his way through Naraka and dimensions, has crossed the borders into a new world, where he will take on a new apprentice all for the purpose of one day battling this potential warrior.

Plot Suggestions (optional): Basically, Augus in another world or story, raising a character, whether main or side, to his level of strength and power.

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