Alex: This story is dedicated to all Final Fantasy X lovers, so enjoy please^^



Some people say what's done is done and you can't change the past. That you can't change what has happened, or the fate that falls on someone.

Though I never got the attention and love I wanted from my family, I know I can change that. I know I can change someone's fate, this is his story and my story, along with my friends as well.

Again I will be told that I simply cannot do anything, be it that I'm weak or I just don't understand. One things for sure, is that things are supposed to happen for a reason, and my story was for a reason. I'm not weak and I will prove you wrong I would normally say. But, now standing here I find myself weak and unprepared for what's to come, yes I know what happens.

This is my reality now, and I have to fight to survive, fight to see my friend, and fight to change someone's fate.

I will not give up, not now, not ever. So, please hear me out. I calmly put my hand over my hear and take a deep breath. Having a bad day, nothing's going right. I feel my heart beat and smile.

Feel that?

That's your heart, it's there for a reason, you're here for a reason, so don't give up. Don't be sad. Smile.

The Fayth told me that, now I tell you this. My story starts here, let the lies come to reality and know your not alone.


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