Alex: Hey guys, sorry but there's no chapter for this story just yet. Rather it's a note to all my beloved readers who stuck with me and were wondering where the hell did you go!?

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I will continue this story and if you readers want more Seymour and Zoey I will happily give you a sequel. But, first since the end is very near to this wonderful heartfelt story I need to know do you readers want a sequel?

I'm also happy to announce I will be writing an Auron x OC story, the first book will be where my OC Hikari ends up in Spira and becomes a guardian. But, not to Yuna to her father Braska. So, it'll be my take on what his journey was like and she'll need to uncover why the Fayth wants her there.

So any who, since you guys have been waiting for ever for a chapter I will only give a little things at to what will happen with the rest of Zoey's journey, hehehe as always enjoy!


People take many chances.


I took this chance for my friends, for the people, but most of all I took this chance for you.

Blood flowed down from my stomach as Jaden held tighter, an evil gleam in his eyes as he snarled at me. All I could do was let loose a happy smile and a light laugh as the crimson stained the innocent white of my attire.

"Go to hell" I whispered.

Ieyui, Nobomeno.

Renmiri, Yojuyogo, Hasatekanae.


"Let's sing a song!" Alice smiled at me. I giggled and nodded as I picked a favorite one of mine.

The people and the friends that we have lost, and the dreams that have faded... never forget them.

"We can beat Sin if we really put our heart and soul into it, don't you think so Seymour?"

"Come on, you're not alone anymore so quit moping around Seymour!"

"Seymour...I-I love you"

"Seymour, don't ever forget no matter what happens will be together now and forever. Our hearts will bring us together again"

"Zoey! Fight! You cannot leave, leave me not now not ever!"

"Don't do this to me!"


In the end I guess it doesn't matter who you are, you can always change the fates design and save those you love.

All you need is the strength and will power to do it.

This is the beginning of the end.


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