1. Pan is Goku and Chi-Chi's daughter in this story, NOT Gohan and Videl's.

2. There will be parts in this story where Mirai Trunks and Pan will be mentioned. This story goes along with my other story, 'Strong Bonds', which is a Mirai story based on the Android and Cell sagas.

3. At first, this story is some-what cannon to Dragon Ball Z, but as the story continues, MY ideas come into view. It will be fewer cannon, and not everything that happens in this story happened or could happen in the DBZ world. Just remember that this is MY story.

4. I have not seen DBS, but the transformations to Super Saiyan God, Super Saiyan Blue and Super Saiyan Rose will be used in this fic! Just not in the same way it was in the show.

5. I am only saying this once! I own nothing Dragon Ball / Dragon Ball Z / Dragon Ball GT / Dragon Ball Super. Only the ideas, characters and other things I have created with my own mind.

Also... a few things you might want to know before the story:
Eomma- Mom in Korean
Appa- Dad in Korean
Oppa- Big brother in Korean (a girl's big brother)

In this story, I am viewing Korean as the original Saiyan language and the Briefs will use these words often because of Vegeta.

Chapter One- A Love Is Born

Chi-Chi sighed as she held her steaming cuppa in front of her face. The February air was frightfully chilly, but she bore through it as she shivered in her coat. The trees surrounding her humble home in the East District near the mountains of Paozu were naked as their limbs danced in the wind. Despite the temperature, something was calming about enjoying her drink with nature. Over the last three years, it had become a habit of Chi-Chi's to go out every morning and enjoy the serenity of it all. Perhaps it was because when she was out there, she felt close to her husband, who had loved the outdoors so much.

From inside, Chi-Chi could hear the soft sound of the TV coming from her living room where her two sons sat, watching it. Several years ago, she probably wouldn't have allowed it, thinking it would turn their brains into mush if they watched too much of it. Nowadays, she was much more relaxed. Nothing bad would come from letting her children enjoy watching a cartoon or two. They deserved to enjoy the little things, and Chi-Chi wanted to let them do just that.

Taking the last sip of her cuppa, Chi-Chi frowned. It was time for her to go back inside and put on that big smile she always showed her boys. Although she was hurting so deeply inside, she couldn't let them know. She had to be strong for them.

There was a shift in the air and Chi-Chi gasped as her back straightened. It was a familiar shift, one that she had felt many times before. Her eyes began to dart around, searching for him. She didn't have to search long, for he found her, just like he always had.

Strong arms wrapped around her middle, pulling her against a muscled chest. Her mug fell from her shaking hands and rolled on the ground. Her cold hands reached down, holding his as she felt his nose touch her temple and his lips her cheek.

"Goku-sa," she whispered.

"I've missed ya, Chi," his voice was just as low and soft as she remembered.

Slowly, she turned in his arms, her eyes full of tears. "I was so scared that you wouldn't be able to come back this time."

He leaned down, his lips finding hers for just a few short seconds. "The circumstances are different in this timeline than they were before. There was a tournament in the Other World, and King Ki trained me. I won it," he grinned. "The prize was a wish, and my wish was to come home for as long as I could. I have four days."

Four days. Chi-Chi's heart felt so heavy. That wasn't nearly enough time to have with him.

"Hey," one of his hands reached out and held her chin gently. "It's okay," he assured her with a small smile. "Let's enjoy it, yeah?"

Chi-Chi smiled then. Leave it to her Goku to always make things better. She would enjoy the four days she had with him, and she would cherish them forever.

"Come," she grabbed his hand. "I want you to meet someone," she led him inside their home, and she let out a sigh as the warm air hit them. It was refreshing.

"Gohan, will you boys come here please?" She called.

"Coming Mom!" Gohan replied.

Goku gave her a beaming smile, which she couldn't help but return. She was so eager for her son to see his father again, and for Goten to finally meet him!

Gohan came into the kitchen, holding the small hand of Goten, who was walking beside him. The older boy came to a sudden stop when he saw the man standing beside his mother. He wasn't the ten-year-old boy that had watched his father die anymore; it had been three years since then. He was thirteen now, a teenager and the man of the house, as he helped his mother raise his little brother the best to his ability. And yet, seeing his father there reduced him to that ten-year-old again.

Tears welled up in Gohan's eyes and he sniffed several times. "Dad!" He let go of Goten's hand, running into his father's arms.

"Hi Son," Goku smiled, his arms wrapping around Gohan and holding him tightly.

"Are you back?" Gohan glanced up at him, tears rolling down his cheeks.

Goku reached up and wiped his tears. "I am for a few days," he nodded. "And I'm going to spend as much time with you all as possible," he promised.

Chi-Chi walked over to Goten and picked him up. With a warm smile, she walked over to Goku, who was staring at the toddler with wide eyes full of amazement.

"Chi, is this?" He began.

Chi-Chi smiled brightly. "This is Goten," she said. "He's going to be three in June."

Goku grinned brightly. "Hi little guy," he slowly reached out a hand to Goten. He waited patiently, hoping the boy would respond nicely. To his pleasant surprise, Goten grinned, and let out a laugh as he reached out for Goku.

"Oh, Goku-sa," Chi-Chi sighed, taking in the sight. He had both of his arms wrapped around their sons as he held them tightly. It made her heart swell with love. "Are you hungry?" She asked her husband. "I'll fix you a hearty breakfast!"

"Oh, Chi, I would love that!" Goku beamed happily.

Chi-Chi woke up with a small gasp. For a moment, she thought that maybe it was another dream, but the weight of an arm wrapped around her waist securely and the faint breath against her neck told her otherwise. Her Goku was back. Only for a few short days, but he was back.

He had already been back for two days. The first day they had spent all day together, just talking. Gohan told his father all about what he had been up to, and Goku got to learn all about Goten. Later that night, they all cuddled together on the couch. Chi-Chi on one side of Goku, with Goten in her arms, and Gohan on the other side of his father. They listened as he told them all about the Other World and how he won his tournament. They all ended up falling asleep listening to him.

The next day, the weather was gorgeous. It felt more like spring than winter and it was as if the Ki's had granted them a wish. They had spent the day outside, nearby a river that ran close to their home. Goku and Gohan fished and played. Goten joined in too, with Goku throwing him up in the air and they all enjoyed a delicious lunch.

After they had gotten home, Chi-Chi had cooked all of the fish that they had caught, which looked like enough to feed a small army. They had spent the rest of the night talking and telling even more stories. By the time Goku had tucked the boys into bed and joined Chi-Chi, she had been so worn out that she was already sound asleep.

Now she was awake and her husband was holding her closely again, just like how she always dreamed he would. This wasn't the first time that he had left them, but she had missed him so much. It was easier all those years ago when it was just Gohan and she could pretend to be okay and strong for him. Now she had two boys and it was harder to keep pretending that she was fine when she simply wasn't.

Chi-Chi glanced at the clock on the nightstand. It was just a little after midnight and the house was calm and peaceful. The curtains to the window behind the bed hadn't been shut properly and so a small sliver of moonlight cast across the room, making it just light enough that she could see without straining her eyes.

Slowly, she turned so she could see her husband. She let out a small gasp when she turned and saw that he was awake and looking at her with those gentle eyes of his.

"Goku-sa," she whispered gently. "What are you doing still awake?"

"It's the full moon," he answered, his voice just as soft.

Chi-Chi should have known that. The full moons kept Saiyans up late and usually bumped up their libido too. She remembered all too well the last part and her cheeks felt warm as she thought back on memories.

Her mind drifted to three years ago, to an image of a beautiful young woman from the future. Pan- her daughter from another time. She had only gotten the chance to meet her for a short time, but within that small time frame, Chi-Chi had loved her dearly. Since she had been a little girl she had always wanted a daughter of her own, and many times after Goku had left she wondered if she would somehow get her chance in this timeline to have a little girl as well. Now the chance was right in front of her.

Goku's lips twitched in the faint moonlight as if he sensed her thoughts. Perhaps he was thinking the same thing as well, for he had loved Pan just as much.

"Goku-sa," she whispered his name lovingly as she smiled.

"My Chi," his hand found her hip and gave it a gentle squeeze. He leaned up slightly and hovered over her as she turned to lie down on her back.

He stared at her for a few short moments and it was always moments like these that Chi-Chi loved the most. She never felt prettier when he looked at her like she was the most precious gem in the world. She couldn't help her small giggle as she reached up and cupped his cheeks. He grinned at her and her heart raced. She felt as if they were teenagers again, on their honeymoon. That had been a most wonderful night, and so had every other night since then.

Goku leaned down, his forehead resting against Chi-Chi's as he let out a small sigh. "I love you," he whispered.

She couldn't help the hammering of her heart. "I love you too."

With that, his lips were on hers, and her arms were wrapped around his neck, bringing him closer. Her body was screaming for him, and as she wrapped a leg around his waist she could feel that his body was doing the same. She felt a chill run down her spine in excitement. She and Goku had a lot of catching up to do that night.

Chi-Chi woke slowly. Her mind and body wanting nothing more than to just close her eyes and continue dreaming. She let out a small sigh and she felt it instantly. The empty space in the bed beside her.

Four days had come and gone so fast. Too fast! Now her husband was once again, gone.

He had said his goodbyes to his family the night before. Goten was too young to properly understand the situation, but picking up on everyone else's emotions, he had been very fussy and clingy, especially to Goku. Gohan broke her heart more than anything. Again, he had to say goodbye to his father, and it just wasn't right. It wasn't fair. Then came her turn to say goodbye, in the confinement of their bedroom as he embraced her gently. She knew he was yet again leaving her with something to remember him by.

Goku had left sometime in the early hours of the morning. The sun was rising on the horizon now and Chi-Chi knew that soon, both of her boys would be up and wanting breakfast. It was time for her to get up and put on that brave face again, no matter how hard it would be. She had her children to think about and they would need their mom to be strong and supportive.

Moving slowly, Chi-Chi sat up and rubbed her tired eyes. She let out a small slow breath as she glanced around her room, memories of the past few nights drifting through her mind. They would be memories that she would never forget and always hold dear. She lifted her left hand and looked at her wedding ring. It was just a simple, golden band but to her, it could have been a priceless diamond.

Chi-Chi smiled gently, her heart feeling so warm because despite him not being there anymore, she still felt as if she could feel Goku's love. "I love you, Goku-sa." She raised her hand and gently kissed her ring before she threw the covers off of herself. It was time for her to start the day.

Bulma glanced around her backyard proudly before nodding to herself. Most of the Z-Fighters were present and having a great time. She loved having everyone gathered together.


Bulma beamed down at her three-year-old son. "Yes, Trunks?"

"When is she gonna be here?" He asked the question for what felt like the hundredth time.

Bulma let out a very long sigh. "Trunks, Goten is a boy. It's, 'when is he going to be here?'" She corrected.

Trunks simply let out a huff and rolled his blue eyes. "When is she gonna be here?" He said, asking the same question, yet again.

Bulma didn't even try to correct him this time and glanced at her watch. "Any minute now," she answered instead.

"Hey everyone!" Came a cheerful voice.

"Look Trunks!" Bulma grinned, her eyes darting over to the Sons, who had just arrived.

Her eyes lingered on Chi-Chi, who was glowing! Of course, nothing was confirmed yet, but Bulma was sure that her friend was indeed pregnant and only a few weeks along. Bulma had found out about everything when Chi-Chi had called her the morning after Goku left. Bulma had to admit, she was a little hurt that Goku hadn't come to see her or anyone else for that matter, but her hurt soon vanished. Chi-Chi, Gohan, and Goten were his family. They needed that time with him a lot more than anyone else did.

"Goten is finally here," Bulma told Trunks with a smile.

Trunks let out another huff and glanced up at his mother, unamused. He stomped over to the Sons, his lavender eyebrows knitted together. Bulma raised a curious eyebrow, thinking that maybe he was mad at Goten for some reason. The boys did like to play together a lot. To Bulma's surprise, Trunks didn't go up to Goten, but rather Chi-Chi.

"When is she gonna be here?" He demanded loudly, causing everyone to glance at him.

"Trunks," Bulma began. "Don't talk to Chi-Chi that way!"

Chi-Chi just blinked, obviously surprised. "Who?" She asked Trunks.

Trunks looked as if he was on the verge of slapping his face. "Her!" He pointed straight to Chi-Chi's stomach, causing everyone to let out a small, surprised gasp. "The baby," Trunks continued. "When is she gonna be here?"

"Oh," Chi-Chi let out a small breath.

Bulma's eyes widened. That confirmed it. Chi-Chi was indeed pregnant, but how was it that Trunks knew that already? She thought back to Mirai Trunks and Mirai Pan. They had shared such a remarkable bond that had caused her and Chi-Chi to stay up many nights just talking about it. It seemed as if even in this time, they would have a bond just like that.

"Right now, she's growing," Chi-Chi explained, placing a hand on her stomach with a gentle smile. "But once she gets big enough, she'll come out."

Trunks' lips twitched, seemingly satisfied with the answer.

"Wait," Krillin was the first out of the Z-Fighters to speak up. "Chi-Chi, you're pregnant?"

Chi-Chi smiled brightly, "I am. Goku returned about a month ago," she spoke softly.

"Yeah," Gohan smiled. "He couldn't stay very long though."

"That's amazing that you all got to see him again, though," Bulma said with a bright smile. "And look, now we have a little girl on the way!"

"Gee, I wonder what her name will be," Yamcha teased with a fond smile, causing everyone to laugh.

"Panna," Trunks answered, silencing the light laughter.

"What?" Bulma whispered. That name was so familiar. It was the same name that Mirai Trunks had called Mirai Pan.

"Her name is Panna," Trunks said. "My Panna," he told them, already making it clear that it was a name just for him to use.

Bulma's eyes found Vegeta. He was a little way off from the group, making him there at the gathering, but unsociable. She saw that he looked rather surprised as well. Slowly, he walked over to her and Trunks and bent down so he could see his son.

"Trunks, can you talk to Pan?" Vegeta asked the question everyone was thinking.

"No," Trunks answered simply. "But I can feel her," he said.

"How long have you been able to feel her?" Vegeta asked curiously.

Trunks shrugged his shoulders. "A while."

"I'm only a few weeks along though," Chi-Chi said gently. "You don't think he's been able to feel her for that long, do you?"

"It could be possible," Gohan spoke up gently. "I don't know much about how this Trunks and Pan's bond will be like the other two's but if it is; I would say it's possible. It was like they always knew where each other were, no matter how far apart. I'm certain they could talk telepathically too."

"They could," Piccolo confirmed it. "Their link was heavily guarded, but there were a few moments when it slipped and I could hear them."

"But Trunks said that he didn't hear her," Chi-Chi said, glancing down at the boy who was still staring at her stomach.

Piccolo shrugged a shoulder. "They're still young at the moment. It could be something that develops as they do."

"Hey Trunks," Gohan kneeled to look at the young boy. "How did you know Pan's name?" He asked curiously.

"I just did," Trunks said with a shrug. He didn't know how to explain it. It was just something that had come to him.

"Hm..." Gohan mused, an amused smile on his face. "Looks like they're going to be just as close as the other ones."

Bulma smiled softly as she saw Chi-Chi resting a hand on her stomach. She had a feeling that this was just the beginning when it came to Trunks and Pan's relationship.

Bulma felt miserable. She was currently five months along, and it was right in the heat of August, which made her extra uncomfortable. She glanced beside her, seeing that Chi-Chi looked just about as drained as she felt. Her eyes cast down to her friend's stomach, which was bigger than hers, and prodding proudly too. Chi-Chi hadn't been pregnant all that long when Bulma found out that she was expecting too. It was just a few weeks ago that she found out that she would be having a little girl as well. Both women were ecstatic to finally be having little girls.

"I wish Trunks were here," Chi-Chi muttered.

Bulma felt herself frowning slightly. Chi-Chi had told her that Pan had been unbearably restless the last few days; she said it was something that happened often when Trunks hadn't been around for a few days. It still amazed both Bulma and Chi-Chi sometimes how simply being in Trunks' presence could calm down the baby in Chi-Chi's stomach.

"You're in luck. He should be back any minute," she told her friend.

For the last several days, Trunks had been at an amusement park with Vegeta. Originally, Bulma was going to go with them, and it would be a mini family vacation, but she had started cramping and her doctor told her to take it easy. So the boys left without her, which she didn't mind. Trunks and Vegeta needed that bonding time, although they already had a close relationship. Bulma still found it hard to believe sometimes just how much Vegeta had changed in a matter of a few short years, but Mirai Trunks and their Trunks had changed him. He was a father, and he acted like one now.

Bulma giggled to herself as she thought about all the pictures Vegeta had sent her over the last several days. He wasn't tech-savvy at all, at least, not when it came to cell phones. She was sure that Trunks knew how to operate Vegeta's phone better than Vegeta did. Yet, he had tried his best to keep her updated. He had sent her several blurry pictures of Trunks, which she found more adorable than anything else. There was even one that he had taken with Trunks and sent to her, and Bulma was sure she would treasure that picture forever. Not many people knew of the soft side Vegeta had, especially when it came to his family, but she was okay with keeping that information to herself.

"Appa! Faster! She's waiting for me!"

"He's here," Bulma told Chi-Chi in amusement as she heard her son's energetic voice.

"I'm going," Vegeta huffed.

Just a few seconds later, the boys had entered the kitchen, Trunks on Vegeta's shoulders as his hands wrapped around his father's forehead to keep him secure.

"Okay," Vegeta said. "You can-"

He hadn't even finished the sentence and Trunks was already flying down from his shoulders. He rushed over to Chi-Chi instantly, his hands going to her belly.

"It's okay," he said, resting his cheek against the belly as well. "I'm here now."

Chi-Chi let out a small sigh. "Finally, she's calmed down from the tantrum she was having. She missed you," she told Trunks.

Trunks giggled, hugging the belly as much as he could. "I missed her more."

"Trunks," Bulma groaned as she wobbled into the kitchen. She was now seven months along, and although she loved being pregnant, her back, however, did not. "If you want to go trick-or-treating then you have to go put on your costume. And you," she glanced at Vegeta who was sitting at the table beside Trunks, "will have to take him."

Vegeta let out a loud snort, "why do I have to take him?"

"Because I am hugely pregnant with your child and my feet are killing me!" Bulma huffed. "Plus, Trunks' birthday is in just two days. His birthday party will be this weekend and I still have so much to prepare for," she was rambling. "Trunks," she glanced at her son who hadn't moved from his spot. "Go put on your costume-"

"Don't want to go," Trunks grumbled, his arms crossing over his chest stubbornly.

"What?" Bulma asked, genuinely surprised. Trunks had been talking about going trick-or-treating on Halloween nonstop for weeks now! "Why not?"

"I just don't wanna," he huffed, his eyebrows furrowing together. "I wanna see Panna."

"Trunks," his mother let out a small sigh. "We're going to see her this weekend."

"No, I wanna see her now," he replied, glancing up at his mother, a slight whine in his voice.

"Trunks," Vegeta spoke up this time. "Is something wrong?" He asked curiously.

Bulma frowned as she watched her son worriedly. It wasn't out of the ordinary for Trunks to want to see Pan, but he was just acting rather strange about it.

Trunks let out a small sigh. "Feels different," he shrugged. "She's scared and tight."

"Oh," Bulma gasped. "Trunks, I bet Chi-Chi is getting ready to go into labor. Isn't the exciting?" She smiled brightly.

"No!" Trunks' eyes widened with misunderstood horror. "She's scared!"

"Trunks, she has to be born," Vegeta told him. "It's what babies do. For you to be able to see her, she has to be born. Don't you want to see her?"

Trunks' mouth slowly opened as he pieced together what his father had said. "For me to see her... She has to come out?"

"Yes," Bulma nodded. "It's okay; it's what happens when it's time for a baby to come out."

Trunks eyebrows furrowed together. "'Come out.'" he said, and Bulma knew that somehow he was talking to Pan. "'Please, come out'!"

It was just a moment later when the phone began to ring and Bulma jumped. She answered it quickly and listened as a panicked Gohan began to explain that his mother's water had just broken in the middle of their living room floor!

"Gohan, calm down," Bulma told him gently. "Listen to me; this is not your mom's first child, okay? Try to keep her as calm as possible and get her to the hospital. I will be there to meet you guys."

"Well Trunks, it looks like you're getting to meet Pan today," Vegeta told his son with an amused expression.

Trunks' eyes lit up. "Really?!"

"Yes, really," Bulma smiled. "Let's hurry up and get ready to go to the hospital. Little Pan just might be here by the end of the night."

"Wow, it's already past seven," Bulma said as she glanced at her watch. Holding her hand was Trunks, as she led him down the hospital hallways so he could see Pan, who had been born just an hour before. "Looks like you won't be able to go trick-or-treating."

"It's okay," Trunks told her simply. He was getting to see Pan and that's all he cared about at the moment.

Bulma's lips twitched and as she reached Chi-Chi's door she gave it a gentle tap before opening it. "Hello. Down for a guest who has been driving me crazy to see her?" She raised a blue eyebrow.

"Of course!" Chi-Chi giggled softly as she held a small pink bundle in her arms. "Come on in."

Bulma opened the door even more and Trunks let go of her hand instantly and rushed past her.

"Trunks, look!" Goten said, his eyes wide with excitement as he sat beside his mother on the hospital bed. "My sister!"

Trunks quickly climbed up to the bed and Chi-Chi held Pan down slightly. Trunks' eyes widened, his mouth gaped slightly. Pan, who had her eyes lazily open, suddenly widened for a brief moment, her dark eyes met with Trunks' arctic ones.

"Panna," he whispered and the baby closed her eyes as if content. "I want to hold her!" He told Chi-Chi.

"Okay," she smiled and carefully placed her daughter in his arms. He was beaming, and Chi-Chi couldn't help but giggle. Already he was so smitten with her; she couldn't wait to see how things would go as they got older.

"She's pretty, isn't she?" Bulma asked, walking up behind her son and petting his hair gently.

"She's beautiful!" Trunks agreed with a vigorous nod. "Is she my birthday present?" He asked his mom excitedly.

Bulma chuckled, "no. She just happened to be born pretty close to your birthday. Only two days apart, that's pretty exciting, huh?"

Trunks nodded happily, "My Panna."

"Hey!" Goten gasped as if what Trunks said offended him in some way. "That's my sister!"

Trunks' eyebrows furrowed together. "My Panna!" He snapped right back. Goten gasped again and started to bristle.

Gohan let out a very long sigh, "I have a feeling this is going to happen a lot."

Months flew by, and Pan grew and grew. Soon Bulma had given birth to her little girl, which she named Bulla. The boys were wrapped around the girls' little fingers, but none more so than Trunks around Pan's. He constantly doted on her, making sure she was content, and if she wasn't happy then neither was he.

"We're here!" Trunks said, walking into the Son's house with his mother, who was carrying a seven-month-old Bulla on her hip.

"Hiya!" Goten came rushing into the room holding Pan. She was ten-months-old and had a headful of black hair that was into a cute ponytail. She grinned excitedly as she saw Trunks, her bottom two teeth showing proudly as she reached for him.

Instantly Trunks grabbed her and she was giggling in his arms. Goten let out a loud huff and crossed his arms. "Mom! Trunks is stealing my sister again!"

"I didn't steal her!" Trunks defended with a pout. "She likes me!"

Chi-Chi chuckled as she walked into the room. "It's okay, Goten," she told her youngest son. "You know how much Panny loves Trunks," she said, watching as her daughter placed her palms on Trunks' cheeks as she grinned.

"But why can't she love me more!" Goten whined.

"Why don't you see if Bulla will let you hold her?" Gohan asked his brother.

Goten glanced at Bulla, who was sucking on a pacifier in her mother's arms. Once she saw Goten was looking at her she instantly laid her head down on her mother's chest and grabbed a hold of her shirt.

"None of the babies like me!" Goten said dramatically.

"Oooo," Pan said, patting her brother's hair.

He gasped, "She said my name!"

"Did not," Trunks said with a frown. "She said 'oooo'. It's baby talk."

"Nu-uh!" Goten huffed. He glanced at Pan, "say Goten!"

Pan simply blinked at him before giggling.

"Has she been trying to say a few words?" Bulma asked Chi-Chi curiously.

Chi-Chi shrugged with a half-amused smile. "We've been trying to get her to say Mama and the boys' names, but she just gurgles a lot."

"Say Goten!" The boy was still trying to make her say his name. "You can do it, Panny!"

Trunks huffed, "Panna," he said, and instantly she was looking at him. "Say Trunks."





Everyone gasped and looked at Pan, who was giggling happily. "Tuns!" She said again, her palms back on a grinning Trunks' cheek. She wasn't saying it correctly, but there was no denying it what she was trying to say. He couldn't be happier!

"Oh, my stars," Bulma gasped.

"Why am I so surprised?" Chi-Chi muttered, her mouth gaped open.

"Tuns! Tuns! Tuns!" Pan was chanting. Trunks was giggling like mad, while Goten was yanking in his mother's pants leg in protest.

"I have a feeling that we're going to be hearing 'Tuns' nonstop for days," Gohan mumbled, and Chi-Chi nodded in agreement.

Years flew by, and the kids were growing like weeds. Each day, Chi-Chi saw her daughter become more and more beautiful, not just physically but on the inside as well. She reminded her so much of Goku. Her kind heart and her love for the outdoors and all its animals. Before she knew it, Pan was six, Goten was nine, and Gohan was nineteen!

"This is so exciting," Gohan was telling Chi-Chi and Bulma with a beaming grin. "There hadn't been a world tournament like this since before Cell! And dad even said that he would be able to join it for the day too!"

"It does sound exciting," Bulma nodded. She remembered the old days of the tournaments, how Goku and Krillin would train for months and months for it. It had been a while since there was a good tournament around. "And there's a kid's division too, Trunks begged me to let him join."

"So did Goten," Chi-Chi chuckled. She couldn't help but feel excited as well, because her Goku would be coming back! Even if it was just for a day and he would just be there to fight in a tournament, she would still be getting to see him and the thought made her heart race.

"Will you be joining the tournament?" Gohan asked Vegeta who had just walked inside the kitchen from the Gravity room.

"Of course I am," he huffed. "If Kakarot is entering then so must I since I will be the one to defeat him."

"Oh please," Bulma rolled her eyes dramatically.

"Eomma!" Five-year-old Bulla rushed inside and yanked on her mother's shirt frantically.

"Bulla, honey what is it? What's wrong?" Bulma knitted her blue brows together.

"Oppa is doing something!" Bulla huffed.

"And just what is Trunks doing?" Bulma asked, confused.

"He's-Pan-Chan's in the air!" Bulla threw her hands up.

"What?!" Chi-Chi gasped, jumping up and rushing outside with everyone following behind her quickly. As she ran outside, she stopped quickly at the sight.

Trunks stood on the ground, holding his hand was Pan... who was floating several inches above Trunks' head, giggling as she zoomed around in circles around him, making him spin and laugh. Goten, sat on the grass a foot away, laughing.

"She did it!" Goten was clapping.

"Panny!" Gohan was the first to speak, a huge grin breaking out on his face. Pan stopped zooming and floated above Trunks, who was still holding her hand. "Look at you!"

"I taught Panna how to fly!" Ten-year-old Trunks stated proudly.

"C'mon Trunks!" Pan pulled on his hand and she floated up a little higher. "Fly with me!"

"Okay!" He grinned, holding onto her hand tighter as he jumped up into the air.

"Hey!" Goten was jumping up next and took the spot on the other side of Pan in the air. "Don't forget me!" He said as the three of them dashed off into the sky.

Chi-Chi let out a very long sigh. All three of her children could now fly. She had a feeling that her stressful days, were just beginning but honestly, she wouldn't have wanted it any other way.