Title: The First Day
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I do not own the Once Upon a Time characters

Summary: Regina wakes up in Storybrooke after she enacts the curse.

Enacting the curse had been more physically painful then she'd imagined. Emotion overwhelmed her as she burst in on Snow White attempting to tend to the fallen Charming. Nervousness, excitement, fear, and accomplishment all coursed through her simultaneously as she announced with glee that they were going someplace horrible. The curse ripped them all apart and put them back together, essentially themselves, but wholly changed.

When Regina opened her eyes in her new world, she was in her bed: everything familiar, yet foreign. She remembered every detail of every moment that had passed, and smirked in confidence that it had worked. She clutched at the blankets covering her, gone were the warm animal pelts she was so fond of and in place was a fabric, the likes of which she had never felt.

Curiously, she took in her own form. Her hair had been shorn and coiffed, she was wearing a silken garment and pants. After exploring the floors, the ceiling, and the walls- she came to the closet- her beautiful ornately decorated gowns had been transformed into sharp black and grey outfits. She knew the rules of this new land were far different from the old. She had sacrificed her magic and power, but even her own dwelling had its own new forms of magic. Hot water ran from the pipes right in the wash room, no need to haul in and heat water from outside. Learning how to use the oven, coffee pot, washing machine, and dryer for her clothing was awe inspiring. In the palace she had never laundered her own clothes, but here it was a pleasure, (except when she learned what 'dry clean only' meant).

After exploring the expansive house, she went outside and found her car. She didn't know what it was at first, but when she saw one go past her street she figured it was her carriage transformed. No horses in sight: what a strange and wonderful magic. Regina felt pleased with the turnout, and was curious to see her subjects; those she had afflicted with the curse and how they would regard her.