A/N: Hi, reader.
This is a KWMS fic, but it has elements from the book Harry Potter. I'm a big fan of both fandoms. I didn't classify it as a crossover since it has a different setting.
The setting is in Japan, in a wizarding school called Mahoutokoro, a year after the Battle of Hogwarts.
All the characters are from KWMS, and all have the same background stories.
The main pairing is Misaki x Usui, of course!

The first chapter is basically describing the setting, so it's rather short.

Oh and, I'm not Japanese (I wish I were), so I think I got most of the name suffixes wrong... I had to do a little research on it, but do correct me if I'm still mistaken.

Originally, I wrote that the houses in Mahoutokoro are the same as the ones in Hogwarts but a friend of mine (Hello, one in blue) suggested that I use the four legendary creatures of Japan instead. I went with it because it sounds much more interesting. Thank you for the idea, Al-Ba!

Suzaku (Phoenix) - Gryffindor
Byakko (Tiger) - Hufflepuff
Seiryu (Dragon) - Ravenclaw
Genbu (Turtle) - Slytherin


~ Misaki's POV ~

I would never get tired of seeing Mahoutokoro. It's almost like a dream scene- the surreal atmosphere, the beautiful blue sky, the bright, flourishing flora, and of course, the large temple-like structure flanked by two smaller ones amidst everything. Somewhere to the right of the structures sits a mountain that helps keep Mahoutokoro away from sight. A river divides the main temple from the other two, so a bridge was made for easy crossing. Nothing really changed from the last time I saw it, but then again, that's as far as I know.

The Main Hall is located in the largest temple. It is a vast, square room with unadorned mahogany walls. The floor is covered with tatami mats and four long tables neatly organized. My sister Suzuna had already gone to the second table from my left where she joined her fellow Seiryu friends. I, as a Suzaku, headed for the rightmost table. I was scouting the room for familiar faces when a grinning, violet-haired girl from the Byakko house tackled me.

"Misaki!" the girl exclaimed, claiming me in a tight embrace.

"Hi, Satsuki!" I greeted. "How are you?"

She flashed a bright smile. "I'm well, as usual, but I'm really glad the war in Scotland had already ended... I was really worried, you know? But everything's better now!" Satsuki giggled. "And you, Misa-chan? How are you doing?"

"I'm, uh, alright." I replied with an assuring smile. Her eyes suddenly widened when she noticed the glinting object pinned to my chest.

"Ah, Misaki, you're a prefect too!" Satsuki exclaimed. (A/N: There are 6 prefects per house; 2 from the fifth year, 2 from the sixth year, and 2 from the seventh year. Misaki and Satsuki are both from the fifth year.) She then showed me her badge that was hidden in the folds of her robes.

"That's wonderful!" I remarked. Before she could say anything more, our headmaster then appeared in front, making all the students take their seats and the murmuring subside.

"I'll talk to you later!" Satsuki whispered before heading to her table.

"Welcome to a new year in Mahoutokoro!" Our headmaster, Satoshi Miyagi, said as I took my seat.

"With all the tension in Europe gone, we can now begin a new year with no hurdles or burdens." He said. Miyagi seemed to be a middle-aged man. He was rather stout but he was tall. He had dark hair similar to mine, but his had several strands of silver. He had a friendly face and a calm aura around him that made him very charismatic.

"Before we sort the first years," Miyagi continued, "I would like to introduce the only new member of our staff." He paused, scanning the room with his eyes. "Our former Potions master died in the battle of Hogwarts last year. Take a moment to remember him, and give thanks." Another pause. "Now, I introduce to you Hisoka-san, our new Potions professor."

Everyone clapped in acknowledgement as a dark-haired man- Hisoka- stood up from the staff table and nodded. He had undecipherable amber eyes that seemed to be peering into the souls of the people they land on. He sat right after, without any word.

"After the sorting and the feast, you will all be brought to your respective quarters where you will unpack and, for the first years, be briefed on the basic rules to be followed. During then, we will also gather the prefects in their own quarters where we will discuss to them their duties and responsibilities." He said. "Now, let us commence with the sorting!"

Another professor from the staff table approached the center, bringing the famous Sorting Hat. The professor gathered all 43 first years and called each to be sorted. The Suzaku house only got 7 new members; Seiryu received the most this year. What a smart bunch. Right after the sorting, the headmaster announced the beginning of the feast, and food magically appeared on our tables.

"Itadakimasu!" We all said in unison before joyfully digging in.