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Well this one is an improved version of Abyssmal Innocence which means I'll be erasing that one. But don't worry, this one will have a similar concept but some major changes in the plot and the names. Specially the names. -w-,

In any case this, in my opinion, is a rather improved plot of what I was trying to do in AI. The subject I had in mind for the whole concept was good but the beginning of that story seemed rather slow and the Innocence shape repetative. So instead I'm doing this and with this more condensed intro. It'll be brief and mystery giving leaving loophole to think about.

My readers know I love OC pairings. This is therefore no exception. This OC will be paired with...Ta~da! Kanda Yu! Finally one of the two I've wanted to do as a main couple (the other being Tyki). This is going to be hard since I have no idea how to write a semi-romantic and semi-adventure story with a guy who's an asshole half of the time and a major angst the other half (coughalmakarmacough). ANYWAY, this is will be a challenging one since I might accidentally give him a bit of an OOC-ness atmosphere. If I do, PLEASE tell me so I can find a way to fix it fast.

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Summary: When a tragedy occurred one sought a miracle out of it. From that 'miracle' these two were born with exemplary expectations. When the Order attempts to extract these miracles from the creator's hands he liberates them to a full on attack towards them. One survived while the other was lost to darkness. The surviving one escapes persecution for years until one fateful night the strangest Father picks the child from the streets. But when this miracle cannot do what she was born to accomplish, pressure is put for her to act according to their bidding. Will the help of Allen and the others beat the overwhelming noise of the soldier that the miracle was suppose to be? Or will the noise take over her and crush her will.

Retrace Zero: Abominations

Footsteps ran fast through the halls the North American Branch of the Black Order. The man entered the room almost throwing the door off it's hinges. His short bleached hair seemingly white was disheveled and his amethyst eyes were wide at seeing the empty room. Only one of his brother-in-law's subordinates remained cleaning.

"Where's she?" he asked straight forth in a very menacing tone.

"Dr. Marcus took her to the operating room." The scared pawn only gulped in fear of one of the top Exorcists of the North American Branch. "He couldn't wait any longer."

The man didn't wait for any other word and headed straight for hospital wing. He was panting and mad but couldn't stop. Wouldn't stop until seeing with his two eyes that she was well. She and the one to arrive. He reached the O.R. but only to arrive with his brother-in-law yelling out orders to his assistants.

"Place them in the warm box! We have to transport them as fast as possible to the Asian Branch! Contact Branch Chief Chan and inform her of the delivery." All trampled over eachother following his orders. "I need one pint of O negative, ASAP!"

"Yes, Dr.," one nurse called getting the blood. The man only watched in shock.

An assistant caught the sight of him and came over. "Mr. Everlott, we need you to remain outside until the procedure is over."

"But she's-"

"Get out Kingsley," Dr. Marcus called calmly without raising his view from the patient before her. "You'll contaminate my operating room."

"Please Mr. Everlott," another nurse came and took him out.

"Hang in there for me," Marcus kept mumbling as the procedure kept going.

Kingsley waited outside pacing about the hall unable to sit. What seemed like days to him were only hours before one of the nurses came out. Kingsley turned hopeful but immediately saw the saddened gaze of the woman. He sprinted into the room, coming to see Marcus first with the same saddened face. "Alexander, is she-"

"I managed to extract the fetuses before they could drown but-" Kingsley didn't wait for Marcus to finish and headed for the operating table where a woman laid semiconscious.

She was fairly beautiful but in the maze of blood and post op, it was hard to see the woman for which many of the branch fell for. Her dark chocolate hair was about stained in crimson. Her once fair skin was defailed with cuts, bruises, and blood. The most vile injury the one on her chest that although close had caused too much damage for her human body to sustain. Her eyes were closed and her peach lips slightly parted. Kingsley grabbed her hand, leaned on her chest and began to weep.

"I'm sorry King," Marcus said with a hand on his shoulder watching over the body of his dead sister.

Kingsley didn't replay until a few minutes later without raising his head. "What happened to them?"

"They were but ten weeks old," Marcus answered.

"They're dead," Kingsley concluded getting up and hiding his face. A nurse gently placed a cover over the woman's face and began filing papers for the death of one of their Exorcists had passed away in battle.

Marcus followed behind him and stopped him once outside the O.R. "Not quite." This caught his attention. "I have been in contact with Epstein since he went to the Asian Branch. Those artificial apostles, they are incubated in womb-like atmospheres. If we were to place them in those there is the chance that they could survive."

Kingsley only glanced over his shoulder at Marcus, "Is it possble?"

Marcus nodded, "Epstein says one subject has already surfaced. We could let her children mature in the wombs until the nine months are over. However-"

"What?" Kingsley asked hoping not to hear anymore bad news.

"Their cell structure won't produce without a stem to grow from." His face was down staring at the floor until now, "Let me reconstruct the loss with a new stem to create cells. Stronger ones that will most likely ensure their survival during these nine months."

"Do what you must to save them," Kingsley said overwhelmed and turning to leave. "They're all I have left from her."

He left Marcust alone in the dark hallway. An assistant came out, "They are on their way to the Asian Branch. Branch Chief Chan and Professor Epstein are already preparing a womb."

Marcus turned to him, "Contact them and tell them I'm on my way there. I'll see my promise through."

The Asian Branch. Sixth laboratory. Fifty-six hours later.

"Gently now," Alexander said as he slowly implanting the pieces inside each of the fetuses before placing them in the wombs. The fetuses were being kept in a warm box until placement which would be as soon as Epstein and Chan were ready with a warm womb. Neither Epstein nor Chan would know about this. He promised Kingsley he would keep these two alive whatever it took.

And whatever it took to keep them alive he would do.

He finished successfully with the implantation. All that was left was to hope that their genes would fuse with the piece and produce strong enough cells to keep them alive.

Epstein came in a rush, "It's ready."

In the womb shrine there in the far end was a pit that was filled with water that glimmered with the warm temperature making the water seemed a white color. Gently and carefully Sarinz and Edgar placed the ten week old fetuses inside the specially-made womb. They plunged in remaining together. Once the watter turned a bluish color informing them that the oxygen was properly getting absorbed by the fetuses.

Edgar sighed in relief. Sarinz however was not glad at all. He turned to Alexander, "Why did you tell Everlott that these wombs could save his children?"

"They were suppose to be alive living inside their mother," Alexander fought back. "It was the Order who commanded her to embark in the mission that got her killed. I found it relevant that it would be the Order who took over nurturing this motherless children."

"It's guilt that drove you to this Alexander. Not duty," Sarinz called glancing at the womb.

"They're safe and sound. I think that's what matters. If we can safe these two then maybe there's hope to more than creating life. We could safe it as well," Edgar said sheepishly.

"Will you remain here?" Twi asked Alexander.

He nodded. "It's likely that Kingsley will ignore me for now until I tell him the well being of his children. I must remain here until they are born."

Only bubbles rose from the pit of water. Alma leaned over the edge to see. It had only been two weeks since they had been there but what the Professor had called 'fetuses' had already grown to children possibly a head shorter than him. He was very much intrigued about those two. They weren't there like the others, they had been placed there.

Renny had told him that they had been put there for them to grow like the other apostles but that they weren't apostles. This only confused him more. If they weren't apostles then how were they growing so fast?

A sudden ripple in the water made him focus back on the pit. One had opened it's eyes. He stared and blinked twice at the dark amethyst orbs that blinked back to him.

"Are you awake?" he called to it. The child only nodded making the water ripple more. That was when the second's eyes' slowly fluttered open as well. Once opened, those intense red orbs glanced up at him as well. "Both of you are!" He reached into the water with his hand extended to the amethyst-eyed one. "C'mon, get out of there! It's fun being out here!" The first born child reached out a delicate small hand and caught Alma's and sprung out with it's twin.

"Professor Edgar! Dr. Marcus!" Alma yelled loudly. "Come hurry! They got out! They're awake!" In a matter of minutes both were there plus a medical team.

"They're here months before their due date but seem to be perfectly healthy otherwise," Edgar said inspecting their vitals.

Now that the fish where out of the water, Alexander noticed their aspects from their parents. The second born had his father's looks. Pale skin and bleached hair that on Kingsley seemed slightly blonde but on the second born seemed a platinum color. It's eyes were dark red; the color of blood, the color of their mother's. The first born however was more alike their mother appearance-wise. Dark chocolate hair and fair skin. What was his father's was only the dark amethyst eyes that seemed to be as cold as dry ice. The thing that both shared was that they were born with female bodies.

Edgar covered them and picked the second born, "Help me with the other."

Alexander turned and was about to pick the first born up but noticed that the child was attempting to stand up. With buckling knees, she managed to stand on her two feet.

Alma surprised, gasped. He'd been right. The girl reached no further than his chin. Impulsively, he drew his hand out before Marcus could and grinned at the oblivious girl. "Come on. There's this really nice and warm place that you can be at. It's too cold here."

She reached out and slowly grabbed his hand and gripped, "Cold."

"Yeah, cold," Alma agreed as he went ahead of the two.

The second born was urging to follow, stretching her arms out and grasping at thin air towards her sister. Edgar smiled, "Yes, yes. I'm going."

They got to a room where Edgar dressed both girls in little dresses. Cutting their hair it was left in a length long enough to their shoulders and small plaits made on either side and brought back in a half ponytail. Both sat side by side on the bed that was besides Alma's. Alma only stared at the younger children before him curiously.

"You'll tell Kinglsey that they were born six months too early yet healthy?" Edgar asked.

"I will," Marcus said. "Once I find him. His gone MIA since his last mission. There has been no contact with him whatsoever."

"What about the girls?" Twi asked. "Will you take them back to the North American Branch?"

"I was hoping you'd let me raise them here," Marcus said hopefully.

"You'll raise your own nieces?" Renny asked.

"I'm the closest family they have. I'm their mother's older brother," Marcus said. "Cecilia would've wanted for me take care of them if Kingsley of her weren't in this world anymore."

"Professor Edgar! Professor Edgar!" Alma came running with a smile on his face.

"What's the matter Alma?" Edgar asked the boy.

"They said their names!" Alma called pulling on his coat. "Hurry, look!" All there followed the boy close as he stood before the two girls again. "Okay. Hi, my name's Alma. What's yours?"

"Celia," the first born said.

"Alice," the second born said.

"Were they given names before all of this?" Twi asked.

Marcus shook his head. "But both names are the same letters rearranged. And Celia is two letters less than Cecilia."

Edgar smiled at the two who fidgeted back. "So you're Celia and Alice. What cute name's. I'm sure your pretty hungry too. How about going for something to eat?"

"Food?" both said a little shy. Edgar nodded to their question.

Alma perked right up, "And there's this nice stuff called mayonaise too! It's awesome."

The first born jumped over the bed and landed on her two feet. The second stretched her arms out for Edgar to carry her. The four left to dinning hall leaving the others.

Marcus scoffed, "Celia and Alice, huh?" He began laughing while Lenny and Twi watched him shocked. "They're here yet it looks like it's her split in two. I wonder if Cecilia would've approved of this."

"You saved her daughters Alexander," Twi said a hand on his shoulder. "You couldn't save her but you gave the chance of her flesh and blood to be on earth."

"Would you still be saying that...if you knew what I have done to them. What I have brought to this world. These...these..."


Could one have imagined that the two miracles would cause such tragedy upon him and the ones who knew them. The names of those two born out of the Second Exorcists Project were recorded by the researchers.

Celia and Alice.

After the massive tragedy, no one knew were either ended. What was once together was ripped apart with the might of the titans. What remained was the sadness of one and hatred of the other.

I know that the last part was a little confusing but I didn't want to give their backgrounds in just one chapter.

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